Here’s 17+ things to do in Montréal as the temperature rises this summer!

You’ve started checking the humidity index instead of the windchill factor. Your favourite part of the day is hopping on your bike. You’ve invested in some super-low ankle socks. You’ve even attended a BBQ or two… only one thing is possible: IT’S SUMMER!! Montrealers are a little bonkers for their 3 months of sun, which means the schedule is full of so many festivals, events, and activities. Where do you even begin? Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll want to take advantage of this summer madness. Check out our list of the best things to do in Montreal this summer

17. Check out Montreal’s wine bar scene

With a love of wine bars sweeping the city, locals’ palettes have become as refined as a sommelier’s… and here’s the intel: natural wines are the hot new thing. Check out these amazing bars and restaurants for plentiful wine options, including chemical-free indulgences, and delicious dinners to boot.

vin mon lapin montreal wine bar
Photo credit: Eater Montreal
Mon Lapin

First of all, a new venture from the team behind Joe Beef, but without the attitude. The menu is modest and focuses on flavour instead of presentation, but the wine list, full of delicious natural wines, is really what has people’s hearts. The don’t take reservations so come early in the evening, and you’ll have the best chance of skipping the line.

Rouge Gorge

This wine bar is located in the heart of the Plateau, Montreal’s most party-friendly area. They have an expansive list of international wines as well as, beer, cocktails, and delicious food. There’s something for everyone at this vibrant joint.


Alma is a fresh new Outremont wine bar that’s destined to be a go-to for any occasion. Serving expertly selected Catalonian wines, seafood, local vegetables and fresh pasta, Alma’s terrace will surely be a hot spot this summer.

bar st denis things to do this summer in montreal
Photo credit: Tastet
Bar St-Denis

Immaculately designed and stylish, Bar St-Denis is a brand new venture that’s made its home in Petite Patrie. By combining the culinary finesse of a fine dining restaurant and the vibrant ambiance of a neighbourhood bar, it’s sure to be a staple of the wine scene for years to come.


This vibrant and eclectic space is also located in the heart of the Plateau, right on its main artery – Saint Laurent Boulevard. Majestique is known for its seafood dishes, oysters, and a specialty hot dog that’s a foot long. Stop by any night of the week for a festive atmosphere and great wines.

16. Discover the city and amuse your tastebuds on a food tour 

People gathered and eating ice cream on a food tour in montreal

Food tours are an increasingly popular way to get to know a city, and no one’s wondering why. In only 3 hours, a food tour goes all out, taking you to a variety of food stops and many historical landmarks, satisfying not only the foodies in your group but also the culture buffs. Discover the iconic neighbourhoods of Mile End and Old Montreal in the most delicious way, all while you meet new people. Food tours make a great day out in the summer for locals and tourists alike.

Mile End Food & Drink Tour

Have a quick look at our “Vlog” about Mile-End’s Best Restaurants and Montreal Things to do! 

15. Embark upon a NASA mission at Phi Centre’s THE INFINITE

phi centre things to do this summer montreal
Credit: William Arcand (Productions L’Éloi) via

Summer 2021 has been a time of famous billionaires rocketing themselves up into space. You know, just for fun. In a timely but unrelated fashion, PHI Studio and Felix & Paul Studios team up to make it possible for anyone, billionaire or not, to do the same. The first of its kind, THE INFINITE experience uses 2 years of outer space footage (by NASA themselves!) and delivers it through a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and projections to rocket you up into space. This 60 minutes experience must be booked in advance and ends November 7th 2021.

14. Montreal things to do : Take it easy on a beautiful terrace

Terrasse Nelligan Montreal things to do summer
Credit: Gaelle Leroyer

Summer in Montreal is not complete without a nice cold beer on a terrace. These are our top picks for summer 2023!

La SAT Terrasse

La Société des Arts Technologiques is always hosting innovative and exciting events and workshops on art and technology. Their in-house restaurant Foodlab also boasts unique food, great music and a rooftop terrace near the Quartier des Specacles.

Saint-Bock Bar

A great place if you like craft beer and good food, they import a wide selection of bottled beers that you can’t find anywhere else in the city that you can order from their incredibly extensive Beer Bible, or pick from one of the 40+ beers they have on

Terrasse Nelligan

This place is a classic! The rooftop terrace offers the best view of the Old Montreal, putting you eye-to-eye with architectural icons such as the Notre-Dame Basilica as well as some delicious summery drinks and dishes.


For the younger crowd who enjoy “off the beaten path” venues, Alexandraplatz is a summer exclusive. It’s a backyard beer garden in Mile-Ex, named after a Berlin experiment in socialist urban aesthetics – and that’s all you need to know.

13. Celebrate your Sunday morning with brunch

Sure, you can brunch during winter. But can you head to the park after to spend your food coma in the grass? Can you request a seat on the terrace? Nope and nope. Enjoy your summer Sundays brunching with your favourite people at one (or all?) of these brunch spots.

Things to do Montreal summer brunch
Photo credit: @Ondejeune
Le Réservoir

Everyone is raving about the brewpub, restaurant, and hot weekend brunch spot, all in one. You can chill on their patio, or escape the busy streets in their newly renovated interior, while sampling some delicious creations.

Un Po’ Di Piu

Somewhere between a cafe and a fine dining restaurant, Un Po’ Di Piu crafts Italian bistro-inspired fare with an attention to detail that is carried throughout the entire immaculately styled space. As a place to slow down and savour, it’s the perfect new compliment to its Old Port waterfront location.


Another stunning space adorning the streets of Old Montreal, Dandy is a restaurant with and old-school name that is undeniably of the moment. Operated by industry insiders behind other famed Montreal restaurants, this daytime-oriented spot expertly delivers on flavour, style, and above all, experience.

12. See the world in a new way at Montreal’s art galleries

Montreal is known for it’s vibrant arts scene, so these internationally renowned museums at the top of their game are a true feast for the eyes.

Photo credit: Cult MTL
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

For a fact, the museum’s a stunning permanent collection of classic and modern visual art is free for everyone under 30, but their temporary exhibitions are also a spectacle to behold. Open this summer, Riopelle: The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures celebrates the life and work of Quebecois modern artist Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002). Featuring never before seen pieces, major works, and restored works, this important collection of intercultural Canadian art is a must-see.

Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal

11. Discover Montreal’s craft beer scene

Photo credit: Montreal Craft Beer Tours

What better way to get to know a neighbourhood and taste the city’s amazing brews, than to take a beer tour? You’ll get to try a selection of some of the most creative and delicious beers out there, sample food pairings at 3 unique brewpubs, and laugh heartily with both old friends and new acquaintances. Let the tour be your guide to the ins and outs of local beer on a walking tour of the area. As you discover the Quartier Latin’s best brews, which you’ll find it’s much more fun than it is Latin.

Learn more about the Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour

10. Grab lunch at the new Crew Café inside a former 1920’s bank

old montreal restaurant crew collective and cafe coworking space
Photo credit: Jeff On The Road

When Crew was looking for a new office space, they probably didn’t plan on A) opening up one of the city’s most stunning cafés, and B) taking over an old 1920’s bank. But they did, and Old Montreal now has a force to be reckoned with. Not only is its design haunting and antique, but the minds behind the menu are ex-Pied de Cochon chefs, making for some seriously delicious nosh. Come take advantage of this freelancer’s haven (coffee, wifi, and outlets) or make it your next impress-a-date-spot. Pro tip: meeting rooms and various seating options are available with a coworking space membership.

9. Take a Very Cool Montreal Bike Tour with Fitz Montreal

things to do montreal summer : montreal bike tour

Montreal has become a magical place to visit by bike. The Plateau, Mile-End & Jean-Talon Market Montreal Bike Tour invites participants to explore the neighbourhoods vibrant scene by learning about the multicultural history of the area and digging into the hidden gems it has to offer. Go off the beaten path as you will ride quiet residential streets and green lanes and get a good dose of the local lifestyle. Check out these Fitz Montreal Bike Tours

8. Tourist it up at these outdoor attractions

Being a tourist might not be the coolest thing, but there’s a reason visitors flock to these destinations, so whether you’re really a visitor doing a “best-of” tour of the city, a local trying to get out of your bubble, or looking for a fun summer activity for the whole family, these spots won’t let you down. For more recommendations here are Amazing Montreal Tourist Attractions

aerial view of park on island with sphere and pool
Photo credit: Parc Jean-Drapeau
Montreal Botanical Garden

Besides the mountain, which you should definitely climb for a stunning view over the city, the Botanical Garden is one of the biggest parks on the island, full of specialty gardens and greenhouses. Make sure you don’t miss the enchanting Bonsai garden and come face-to-face with some creepy-crawlies at the

Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is so much more than a park – spanning two islands it’s packed full of adventure at every turn. Jean-Drapeau is home to La Ronde amusement park, an abundance of water sports, a large aquatic complex and swimming pool, the Biosphere (not to be confused with the Biodome), and Montreal’s notorious Osheaga music festival, which runs from Aug 2nd to 4th this summer.

7. Things to do during Summer in Montreal: Make the most of festival season

Montreal is known for its vast and varied festival scene, and in the summer it practically feels a new one is popping up every weekend. No matter what kind of programming you’re interested in, there’s sure to be a festival in town that inspires you.

Photo credit: Tourisme Montréal
Francos de Montreal

Running in June, The Francos de Montreal are here to help us close the summer. During usual times, the festival features over 1,000 French-language musicians from all over the world who perform a wide variety of musical genres such as rock, pop, hip-hop, folk, punk, and many others.

International Jazz Festival

Every summer, Montreal becomes a jazz lover’s paradise as it hosts a huge range of Jazz artists from popular veterans to budding musicians.

Photo credit: Renald Laurin
Montreal Complètement Cirque

A completely unique festival experience, Montreal Complètement Cirque is a North American first. The festival takes the city’s streets, parks and venues, infusing them with striking circus performances for 11 mind-bending days.

Just for Laughs

Each summer, Montreal hosts the largest international comedy festival in the world. Founded in 1983, the Just For Laughs lineup always showcases the who’s who of stand-up. Now, while tickets to the major galas can be more expensive, there are many more affordable shows that are sure to make you laugh about even the edgiest of subjects.

6. Get moving on a bike ride along the canal

cycling along the lachine canal - things to do montreal summer
Photo credit:

With Bixi bike stands all over, it’s never been easier to tour the city on two wheels. Montreal has a good network of bike lanes running through downtown and plenty of cyclists to use them. A favourite route for a casual cycle, away from cars, is the boardwalk along the water down by the Lachine Canal.

The route runs from Old Port to the Atwater Market and beyond all the way to Parc René-Lévesque. Along the way it passes some public art and of the city’s iconic industrial architecture.

5. Rock out to some local musical talent

The indie music scene in this city is insane! From college kids experimenting with their sound to established artists with an international reputation, from jazz to punk, you’ll be sure to find some local talent to fall in love with at these venues any night of the week.

band performing at venue casa del popolo
Photo credit: IX Daily
Bar Le “Ritz” PDB

PDB stands for “punks don’t bend,” and they don’t settle for sub par venues either. After taking over from another business, the space was re-done a few years back and is now a go-to venue for both local and visiting acts of all genres. Although there’s almost always a show at the Mile-Ex romp, if there isn’t one it functions as a regular bar any night of the

Casa del Popolo

A cafe, gallery, bar and venue all in one. With the front room dedicated to chilling and drinking, a door in the back takes you through a wavy black and white striped hallway to the concert space, equipped with it own bar. It features some of the coolest bands Montreal has to offer along with its sister venues La Salla Rossa and La Vitrola.

L’Escogriffe Bar

Recently renovated, l’Esco is a Saint Denis hotspot to catch an underground show and see musical acts beyond the pop culture radar. It’s a go-to destination for any lover of eclectic sounds, oldies that blast from the past and rock n’ roll. This cozy venue will keep the drinks flowing and your feet swinging as you dance all night long.

4. Make the most of these pop up coworking spaces

things to do montreal summer
Photo credit: Loic Romer

Over the last few summers, Aire Commune has made a splash in the Mile End community. During the day, the carefully designed pop up space is the perfect place to get some work done or network in the fresh air, complete with outlets, free wi-fi, coffee and food. As soon as 5 p.m. hits, though, it’s all about the festive atmosphere of post-work drinks. Now, from the team behind Aire Commune is Nouvelle Vague, Old Montreal’s very own fresh air coworking space with its own unique atmosphere and schedule of programming and events.

3. Explore all the facets of Mount Royal

Photo credit: Tourisme Montréal

Take a hike up wooded paths, enjoy a picnic next to Beaver Lake, and take in the views from the top, Mount Royal is the perfect place to explore on a warm summer day. If you’re looking to just chill out instead, Tams Tams might be the thing. Also, the free drumming festival that pops up every Sunday at Jeanne-Mance Park has become a bit of a Montreal cliché, but it makes for a nice sunny day spent in the grass. If you really want to see something new, check out the Medieval (foam) sword fighting going on in the forest just behind the pasture.

2. Savour some Ice Cream : a very summer thing to do in Montreal

ice cream shop full of people. things to do montreal summer
Photo credit: Eater
Kem CoBa

You’ll recognize Kem CoBa by the long lineup that wraps the corner around Fairmont and St-Laurent. Trust me and pencil in an extra 15 minutes to your ice cream excursion – it will be worth the trip to this artisanal ice cream shop. You can the sit and indulge on the colourful benches right out front, along with other ice cream lovers. Unique flavours are chosen seasonally, making sure your experience is always fresh. What combination will you choose?


A brand new ice cream spot is opening this June on Rachel… and it’s Swirl! The shop is sure to beckon in many visitors with its stylish, minimalist design, dairy-free soft serve ice cream, and cookies and tea that are made in house. Sweet!

1. Summer thing to do in Montreal: Explore all the culture of Mile-Ex

crowd of people at outdoor bar alxandraplatz
Photo credit: Eater

For a fact, everyone’s been talking about the growth of Mile-Ex, what could’ve been a casualty of urban sprawl, is now a creative hub. It’s just sprouting with fun new experiences… Firstly, Depanneur le Pick Up doubles as a restaurant and a modern but cozy fine food experience awaits at Le Mile Ex Restaurant (which the area is named after). In addition, there’s always fun at backyard-party style ‘biergarten’ Alexandraplatz, and something for third wave coffee fanatics at Dispatch Coffee. Full of artists that were priced out of mile end, even the streets are something to behold, and the area is speckled with hidden treasures behind garage doors. Take a look at our article on the neighbourhood to find out why a walk around the Mile Ex is a surefire way to impress a date, a new friend, or a someone from out of town.