A List of the Top 12 Team Building Fun Activities

Here’s a list of the top 10 team building activities to participate in. Communication, and good morale: the virtues of a good team. When it comes to business, a team is often like a family: teams spend a lot of time together, they don’t always get to choose one another, and often need to adjust for the betterment of the whole. That’s why team building events are more and more popular and are becoming a staple component of corporate culture.

Here is a list of the most notable team building activities available here in Montreal!

1. Share a meal and some memories on the Old Montreal Evening Food & Drink Tour

Socialize, network with different colleagues and discover essential landmarks of Old Montreal! The Old Montreal Evening Food & Drink Tour is a private experience available only by request. Walk your team through the cobblestone streets of the European-style, Old Montreal. Together, you’ll experience the historical sites with your knowledgeable local guide and taste some of the best food Montreal has to offer. This tour visits 3 delicious restaurants, adding up to 3 alcohol tastings and 3 food spots. A communal food experience is the best way to build team spirit! Create lasting memories and later reminisce over the delectable food you had on the Old Montreal Evening Food & Drink Tour. For custom & private food experiences, contact us here!

2. Discover Montreal by Bike and socialize with your colleagues

Strengthen your team through discovering Montreal’s beautiful landmarks, secret alleys and colorful neighborhoods. Fitz Montreal offers bike tours in Downtown & Old Montreal or on the Plateau and Jean-Talon Market. Go off the beaten path as you will ride quiet residential streets and green lanes and get a good dose of the local lifestyle or bike through historic areas, visit must-see sights, and learn why Montréal is considered North America’s most European city. Makes for an instant connection! Book a private group, or have the Fitz Montreal team set up the ultimate networking event customized for your team, any time, any day. Check out fitzmontreal.com

3. Strengthen your team by making a difference

Philanthropic “giving-back” activities are very popular among team building events, simply because you feel so good after completing one. And if you feel good, you’ll do good, right? Santropol Roulant is an influential community organization that uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation and as a way of bringing people together. They hold numerous events and present many opportunities for volunteering. These are excellent for building community awareness, inspiring positivity, and connecting people with one another. They provide a variety of services to the community that teams can help with including meal preparation, meals on wheels and gardening. Group sizes vary between 3-6 participants per shift.

Moreover, Moisson Montreal does a similar task by providing food to those less fortunate. They receive the majority of the food products from donations. Volunteers help with the organization and preparation of the products for distribution. There’s no better way to motivate a team than by coming together to do something for the greater good.  

4. Get your adrenaline pumping with these outdoor activities

Zenith Team Building offers a variety of activities for the group to enjoy. Their crazy olympics, which can accommodate 20 to 500 people, is a competition that builds team spirit and encourages the team to work together. Through a series of wacky challenges, discover your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and build loyalty all while having fun.

If coordination is important for your team, then H2O Dragon Boat can help with that. In Parc Jean Drapeau, teams will have to synchronize their paddling and compete against other groups in the race. This event can accommodate 12 to 1000 people!

Team Building Montreal is a company that offers fun and unique ways to build your team. Their BBQ Challenge has has the groups compete to win cash which they’ll then spend at the food market. The team that creates the tastiest meal wins, and participants can feast on their creations. The company also offers an opportunity to participate in an Amazing Race as seen on TV! The Amazing Race challenge equips each group with maps and cash, then each group must quickly travel the city to various destinations in an attempt to win.

5. Laugh with these good-humoured activities

Montreal Improv is an organization dedicated to promoting the art of improvised theatre. Currently offering a handful of classes that range from beginner to advanced, even without acting experience, you can flourish here. If your company has anything to do with public speaking, this is the perfect way to refresh their technique! Montreal Improv leads specialized workshops designed to improve group dynamics and public speaking.

Get everyone moving to the same beat at Samajam. This beat making, musical experience gets the team dancing and jiving. When everyone’s given a drum and creating music together, Samajam is the ultimate teamwork experience. Samajam also donates additional proceeds to social and humanitarian charities.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted way to build team spirit, then Sumo Soccer is right for you. Each member wears a huge, inflatable balloon and teams compete against each other in a soccer game. Sumo Soccer is guaranteed to get the team laughing and exercising together.

6. Get creative with these food-making workshops

Académie Culinaire offers a ‘battle of the chefs’ competition where the best meal wins. This activity encourages teams to think quickly, communicate with each other and work together in order to win. Let the games being for your 8-40 participants.

You can also expand your team’s culinary skills at Chef en Vous. This company offers a few different opportunities, one of which is to prepare a four course meal with your own chef in small groups. Once completed, you’ll then be able to feast on your creations together!

7. Build a home together!

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Quebec. This activity will have participants working and caring together to build a home for those less fortunate. Their current goal is to build 40 homes in 5 years for families in need. As a volunteer, you’ll help with everything from construction to helping families settle into their new homes. Building a home together is a great and tangible way for your team to make a difference in their community while fostering a relationship with each other.

8. Work together to escape!

In a race against the clock, your team must escape a room by solving problem, puzzles and observing. This experience makes people put their heads together and work as efficiently as possible. Companies like A/MAZE offer this experience and can accommodate up to 50 people.

There’s also Find The Key that has a variety of rooms, one for crime solving, another for finding treasure, and many more.

9. Participate in a scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere challenges you to a series of questions that you must answer correctly and in time in order to win! This is a great way to focus on skills related to communications, problem solving, strategy and the need to be creative. This event also covers the history of Old Montreal and can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

10. Paint a masterpiece with your team

The Latulippe team building company organizes a variety of activities, including learning a choreographed dance, composing a musical piece, and a group painting project. The painting project is a collaborative art project that showcases everyone’s individual talents. It’s an opportunity to network with each other all while creating something beautiful. This activity can accommodate 10 to 200 people. You’ll also have a wonderful piece of artwork to hang in the office at the end!

Bonus: Take a food or beer tour to build camaraderie!

Team building Montreal
Photo credit: Local Montreal Food Tours

Nothing brings people together like having a few cold ones. Montreal Craft Beer Tours is an exciting opportunity to get to know your coworkers in a relaxed and informative environment. You’ll be able to expand your beer-knowledge, learn about the dark history of Montreal’s Red Light District and sample some delicious food that pairs great with your brewski. Book a private tour from Monday to Saturday if there’s more than 12 of you, or join in with other joyful folks on the weekends. Either way you’re sure to learn, drink, and eat during your team building excursion.