Discover the foodiest neighbourhood in Montreal at 69$+.

Mile End – Montreal’s #1 Food Tour Neighbourhood

6+ food stops including the #1 classic St. Viateur bagel and Delight in some treats at Montreal's most popular bakery. Offered Tue-Sun at 11:00 AM and more. 3h food walking tour.
The Mile End Montreal Food Tour departs everyday at 11:00 AM. -★★★★★- Five Stars ratings with over 2000+ reviews on Tripadvisor 

Things to do in Montreal

summer things to do in montreal

By Frédérik Nissen

We’ve compiled many lists recently about our top picks of “Things to do in Montreal.” Well, to save you some time, here’s neat little list of our lists! You just might find the perfect one for your needs.

Shopping in Montreal: 12 Unique Clothing Boutiques

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect souvenir or bored of your usual shopping destinations, this article will help you discover spots where you can shop like nowhere else! Fashion people, brace yourselves.

Bed and Breakfast Montreal: 12 Romantic Nests for your 2016 Trip

Airbnb Montreal: Top 10 Places to Stay in Montreal for Less than 50$

Visiting Montreal with your love bird? On your honey moon? Celebrating an anniversary? We don’t blame you for picking Montreal as your destination, French is so romantic! So are many of our bed and breakfasts. Check out our top picks in this article.

Top 13 Montreal Bachelor Party Activities

montreal bachelor party activities montrealStuck with the task of organizing your best friend’s bachelor party? We’ve got your back! This list is your new best friend, containing the best of the best bachelor party activities this party city has to offer.

Top 13 Things to do in Montreal this Summer

Crédit photo: Danielle Levy, Nutrition Practitioner & Photographer
Crédit photo: Danielle Levy,

For all you summer fanatics out there: here are 13 summer-centric things and activities you’ll want to check out this summer!

16 Montreal Tourist Attractions that Aren’t Just for Tourists!

massive-hordicultural-sculptures-in-montreal-designboom-20So you’ve got a three day weekend, or are planning a staycation in this beautiful city? Check out our guide of things that impresses both tourists and locals alike.

Underground City Montreal: Top Destinations and Secrets

So you’ve heard about our underground city… now what? Read this article for the lowdown on what to check out while you travel around underneath the city streets.

Montreal Attractions to Visit This Year: 18 Not to Miss!

Source: la S.A.T.
Source: la S.A.T.

With such an overload of things going on on this island we call Montreal, you may need a few pointers. This list covers everything from public pianos, to festivals. Take a look and get inspired!

15 New Places to Eat in Montreal This Summer

Credit: Manitoba
Credit: Manitoba

Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants… they can truly make or break your evening. Here’s a list of the new spots in Montreal, pre-screened for you so that you can relax!

Montreal Food Trucks: 12 Trucks to Try this Summer

Photo: La Panthere Verte
Photo: La Panthere Verte

Food trucks: Montreal’s gourmet food on the go. Admittedly, this novel new food option comes at a price. That’s why you’re best off checking out our top picks before dishing out the bucks!

Gay Montreal: 16 Magical Activities

Source: Cabaret Chez Mado
Source: Cabaret Chez Mado

Looking to explore Montreal’s LGBQT scene? We’ve scoped out a bunch of spots and activities you can do, and be part of the city’s most colourful fun.

Mile Ex Montreal: 15 Reasons Why You Should Go… Now!

AlexandraplatzWe made our way to this budding new neighbourhood and put together a list of must-sees. Take a read, take a trip, and be part of what’s hot in the city right now. This is a day trip that comes in highly recommended!

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Montreal in Spring and Summer

People relaxing on colourful chairs on beach
Photo credit:
Les Petites Manies

Spring, summer… You know, those seasons we live for? Check out what you should keep busy with while they’re here. Click here for the full article


10 things to do in the Mile End Montreal

things to see in montreal and in the mile end

As we say here, the Mile End Montreal district is the best place to be in Montreal. Here are few reasons why


Top 10 Romantic things to do in Montreal

back alleys

Back alleys, secret spots, great restaurants…. All you need to know to have a great romantic experience in Montreal beach. If you’re in need of Cupid’s help, click here! 

Top 10 Holidays and Christmas Activities in Montreal

bota bota winter christmas activities in montreal

Winter can be good in Montreal, especially during the holidays. Here are the top 10 christmas activities. 

Top 10 things to do in Montreal this Winter

top 10 things to do in montreal winter

Probably our most popular article so far. Don’t know why! Some days we are more inspired I guess! Look at it here

13 Things to Do With Kids this Winter Season

Things to do montreal winter olympic
Source: Parc Olympique

It’s not always easy finding things to do for the whole family. Winter might get in the way of picnics, but it opens up a whole world of chilled (or warmed up) wonder. Take a look at our 13 top picks for you and your little ones.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal: 20 Excellent Places

juicy lotus
credit photo: veganmtl

With the mainstreaming of vegetarianism and alternative diets, vegetarian hot spots have been opening all over the place over the past few years. Take a peak at our article for none less than 20 delicious options we love.

Top 10 Team Building Montreal Activities for Groups

montreal craft beer tours

It’s no secret that a healthy morale in the workplace is absolutely crucial to a successful business. We brainstormed and came up with this awesome list of 10 things you and your team can to together. Check it out in this article.

10 Cool Things to Do in Montreal 

TRH Bar/ Source: Sylvain Granier
TRH Bar; Source: Sylvain Granier

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t escape the term “cool” when comes to describing the things we like. In this article, you’ll find 10 things Montreal likes… a lot.

Top 10 Montreal Bachelor Party Hotels & Party Itinerary

Photo: Bar Waverly
Photo: Bar Waverly

Montreal is a top destination for bachelor parties. As locals, we’ve been able to compile a few awesome suggestions to make your bachelor party even more awesome. Check out our article here.

Top 10 Old Montreal Restaurants 2018

Old Montreal Restaurants Les 400 CoupsSource: 400 Coups

There is no shortage of restaurants in this city. But you may want to stick to the better ones from the pack! If you’re looking to explore Old Montreal, here are its best of the best culinary establishments.

Best Coffee in Montreal and the Mile End

Source: Cafe Myriade
Source: Cafe Myriade

Third Wave coffee shops have been multiplying like wild fire over the past couple years. Whether you’re in it for the coffee quality, the cozy atmosphere, or the neighbourhood, we’ve compiled your must-try coffee shops in Montreal in this article. Check it out!

Montreal sightseeing: 17 things to see in Montreal this year


Montreal is a beautiful place to be year round. With exceptional lookout points, mesmerizing activities, and a rich history and culture… it’s no wonder we were able to come up with 17 must-see sights this year. Take a look for yourself, your Instagram account will thank you!

16 Useful Montreal Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Montreal Bachelorette Party ideas

Have you been given the responsibility of throwing your best friend a bachelorette party?  Are you starting to panic, trying to find the most original and entertaining plan ever? That sounds… exactly like you should feel! But it looks like you’re on the right track, being that you’ve picked Montreal as your destination. Great work! Now let’s get started. Here are 16 things Montreal locals and visitors must consider when planning a bachelorette party.

Old Port Montreal: What you need to see and do


When most people picture the old part of Montreal, they think of cobblestone streets and accordion players on busy plazas – and, on some level, they would be right. But there is a vastly underrated part that even locals know very little about, and that only recently started getting some traction.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s everything you need to know about one of my favourite parts of my hometown: Old Port Montreal.

Montreal Bachelor Party : 14 Nightime Activity Ideas


Are you planning the bachelor party of a lifetime, in a city you don’t know, for your best friend? Sounds like quite the challenge! Don’t risk your friendship by throwing a bad bachelor party… Instead, avail yourself of this night time guide we’ve put together for you. Mix and match activities, pick 1, 2, 3… you’re in for a Montréal flavoured treat!

Old Montreal: 29 things to do this year 2016


So you want to time travel in Montreal… Take a look at our list below for suggestions on what to do while you visit Montreal’s Old Montreal.



Old Montreal Old Port Montreal
Old Montreal Old Port Montreal

If there is one thing Montreal is well-known for (besides the crazy food scene, of course), it’s the mix of European and North American cultures. And the best place to experience this for yourself, well, it’s in Old-Montreal.


cool things to do in montreal

Everything from Montreal’s cultural landmarks to the best shows in town: here is our list of the top 18 Montreal Attractions not to miss this year.