Fun Things to Do in Montreal With Kids

Here are some wise words from a five-year-old: “You can’t build a snowman with ice, because then it would be an iceman!” Sometimes, kids really know best – especially when it comes to fun activities. Following their lead is a sure way to get us out of the house and have some good Montreal fun! Sometimes kids need to stay cozy indoors, and other times, they need to frolic in the sun. Here are 13 things that will help you do both through all the seasons!

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19.  Jump high at iSaute

Source: iSaute
Photo credit: iSaute

A trampoline park, you say? Yes! It’s true! Mom and dad might say they’re going for the kids, but everyone knows they’re going for themselves… right? Make the trip to Laval or Montreal East for an afternoon of intense excitement, jumping, and cardio! Although parents of minors need to fill in a waiver for their little trampoline-goers, the center does zone off sections for younger age groups. Jump to their website to get in on the action!

18. Battle it out at Nerf Hero

young boy running with toy gun playing NERF hero
Photo credit: NERF Hero

Perfect for a memorable activity (or birthday party), Nerf Hero is filled with excitement and adrenaline! Pick both your gun and your game mode, and start the battle! Hosted by Nerf Hero’s top-notch animators, they’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just like paintball, but with no pain at all, Nerf Hero perfect for adults and children of all ages. Book your game now! 

17. Explore the Montreal Biodôme

Things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: abdallahh via Flickr

When its completely frozen outside, warm up and enjoy the fascinating spaces of the Biodôme. See some penguins while you stay warm, and watch your children be filled with wonder as they meet all kinds of different species! Explore the natural world starting here.

16. Fuel up on Local Montreal’s Mile End Food Tour

kids mile end food tour bagel Bring your children for a ride of the Mile End’s most scrumptious foods! This walking tour is the perfect mix of entertaining guides, culture, historical facts, and of course… the best grub! Everyone can enjoy their favourite meals such as gnocchi and bagels (and dessert!). Maybe they’ll even discover something new. For a 10% credit for families: use the code “foodfriends10” and enjoy the Mile End Montreal Food Tour.

15. Go Manga crazy at Otaku Lounge


Does your little one like manga and Japanese culture? Do they like reading in comfortable spaces with other curious minds? Otaku Lounge is a cafe, a book store, and an awesome reading room! For 5$ an hour, you can hang out, reading one (or more) of their 4000 manga books. For another 5$, you can have unlimited amounts of tea! Yum. They also have special events on Saturdays, if you’re looking for something a little more festive. Take a look at their website for details about all the wonders that go on inside this place.

14. Go skating in the Old Port of Montreal

Things to do in Montreal with Kids
Photo credit: Old Port Montreal

Want an activity that’ll keep you moving? Skate around the beautiful Old Port! If you don’t have any, you can even rent your skates at the rink. They keep the ice in top shape, and its location provides tons of after-skating activities. Click here for more information.

13. Awaken your inner knight with Force Academy

young boy fighting with light saber at force academy
Photo credit: Force Academy

Saber combat is a once in a lifetime experience… unless you train to be a master! Become a knight for the day, or come back for advanced classes, at the Force Academy activity centre. Battle in a unique, tremendously fun, and organized universe that’s engaging for both kids and adults alike. With no prior experience required, they’re open to all levels, so raise up your Saber and choose your side! Enter the universe here!

12. Great creative at the Céramic Cafe

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: Céramic Café Studio Montréal

Invite your child to explore their creative side at the Ceramic Cafe. With locations in the Plateau and West Island, this workshop allows you to choose from around 2000 different types of creations like cups, piggy banks, tea pots, boxes, vases, and more! For more information, click here. 

11. Declare war at Laser Quest

Things to do in Montreal with Kids
Photo credit: Laser Quest

Laser Quest is great family fun: lasers, code-names, and sound effects. If you’ve got older kids, teens, and a few children-at-heart in the family… you’re in for a blast! Get your game on.

10. See behind the scenes at the Montreal Science Centre

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: Montreal Science Centre

The Montreal Science Centre is an indoor wonderland for the imagination, taking you to realms of this world you never knew you could explore this closely. Constantly home to enthralling exhibitions, you can touch the moon or explore the secret inner workings of the human body. Plus, get ready to put your glasses on… and get your minds blown by an IMAX 3D movie! See what’s on at the Science Centre here.

9. Swim at the Aquadome

things to do in montreal with kids
Photo credit:

The Aquadome in the Lasalle area has two 25-metre basins where kids can swim, enjoying the water jets, slides, and a mushroom waterfall! There’s also a hot tub for adults to enjoy. Learn more about the complex here.

8. Climb to new heights at Allez Up

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: Allez Up Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun activity for people of all ages. It’s a great activity for energetic kids because, after all, what kid doesn’t like to climb things? And if you join, you can definitely count it as a workout! Allez Up offers rock climbing and bouldering at their downtown location. Learn more about the space here. 

7. Embark on a pirate adventure at the Musée Point-à-Callière

things to do montreal pointe a calliere
Photo credit: Musée Pointe-à-Callière

At this exciting history and archaeology complex, you’ll get to dig deeper into local stories. Discover the sailors that ventured the St. Lawrence River in the days of the New France, and embark on an adventure that takes place on a privateer ship—The Iberville! Aimed for children aged 6 to 12, this journey tests both their physical and intellectual skills all while letting them live out their wildest dreams. Explore another side of Montreal, boarding here. 

6. Explore the Universe at the Planetarium

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan

The Rio Tinto Alcan is a state of the art planetarium that lets you see the Universe like never before. Discover space, stars and planets in this interactive experience. Choose from one of the two planetariums: one experience is more poetic and visual while the other is more scientific. For more information, click here

3. Spend a day outdoors exploring Mount Royal

montreal bachelor party park hang outAn oasis of greenery in the middle of the city, Mount Royal is a world of adventure hiding in plain sight. Drive up to the top if you’re exploring with little legs, or commit to the full experience and hike up meandering paths to the top. Kids will love climbing on rocks and hopping over logs as they discover this natural playground. The fun doesn’t stop in the winter, with skates, skiis and other rental equipment available for our little urban explorers. Dive into nature with the whole family.

4. Learn about climate change at the Biosphere

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: bobistraveling via Flickr

A trip to Montreal’s Biosphere is an opportunity to learn about the world’s environment and the problems facing it. The exhibitions look at the world and how we affect it by examining the weather, ecology, future technology, renewable energy and more. These stimulating exhibitions deliver their messages in fun and original ways. Learn more about the Biosphere here.

3. Theatre for kids at the Centaur!

Photo: Panadream Theatre's "The Giant Magician"
Photo: Panadream Theatre’s “The Giant Magician”

Saturday mornings this winter are not just for sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons! Twice a month, the Centaur Theatre is puts on various kid’s shows that the whole family can enjoy. Scroll down their website for shows, dates and details.

2. Go on an adventure at the McCord Museum

things to do in Montreal with kids
Photo credit: Elias Touil

Discover the McCord Museum’s collection through an exciting storyline that takes kids on a journey as they explore and learn. Exhitbitions are free for children 12 and under, and they have a wide range of programming for the whole family. Check out their schedule here

1. Play outdoors at Parc Jean-Drapeau’s Fête des neiges

Photo credit: Parc Jean-Drapeau

The Fête Des Neiges at Parc Jean-Drapeau is back every year! You can head there on weekends in late January and February to spark some joy in the long winter months. Come and participate in the many activities offered, such as: ice sculpting performances, live entertainment, a carousel, sledding and much much more! Check it out here.