Mile End Montreal Original Food Tour

  • Rosa preparing Gnocchi for the Mile End Montreal Food Tour
  • People tasting ice-cream around a red plastic tray with extra ice-cream

Mile-End Montreal Food Tour Highlights

  • 6+ tastings, sips and bites – includes a bottle of water, cultural stops, vendor demonstrations and much more!
  • Enjoy Montreal and the Mile End’s quintessential foods, including St. Viateur bagels!
  • Delight in some treats at Montreal's most popular local patisseries, italian gnocchis and tasty Montreal style gravlax sandwich.
  • Includes all food tastings, unique anecdotes and amazing deserts!
  • Use promo code : FOODFRIENDS10 for a 10% discount

Why take the Mile End Montreal Food Tour?

Mile End is a thriving community of musicians, artists and young entrepreneurs. Our tour allows you to discover exactly what makes this special neighbourhood tick! We explore its back alleys, acclaimed shops, and exhilarating culture. Not to mention, you'll also uncover some of Montreal’s most unique, tasty, and trendy food. Whether you’re from distant lands or a local Montrealer, this tour is the perfect way to dive into the city's culture, spend time with friends or coworkers, and it makes for a perfect gift, too. Together, let’s discover why the Mile End is the fastest-growing neighbourhood in Montreal!

Make the Mile-End Food Tour a Private Tour

You can contact us directly to make this Food tour, a private tour. Or you can also book directly a private group tour in our booking system. Select “Make this tour Private” in the booking cart and options will pop up. Important: it is not possible to make a tour private if public tickets have already been bought.

Mile-End Montreal Food Tour - Tasting Locations

1. Nita tout garni - We meet at the a classic sandwich shop on Parc Street. Here we taste a gravlax sandwich with homemade bread. The vegetarian option is a homemade veggie patty.

2. Kouzina Niata - Kouzina Niata is a lovely Greek ready-to-eat counter where we will taste a kotopita and Eggplant rosette

3. St. Viateur Bagel (Est. 1957) - We enjoy famous Montreal bagels while arguing whether they truly are “the world's best bagels”.

4. Drogheria Fine - We savour fresh homemade gnocchi with Montreal's best tomato sauce, served by the owner himself!

5. Kem Coba - We go taste probably one of the best ice cream in the world. We skip the line up and enjoy a delicious sorbet and soft ice cream twist!

6. Siboire - We finish at a local brewpub. A very enjoyable finale with a craft beer tasting!

** On Tuesdays - We start at Phyllo Bar Melina's. Located just a bit further North on Park Avenue, near the Nita Tout Garni, where we start from Wednesdays to Sundays.

What to expect from the Mile End Montreal Food Tour?

One-of-a-Kind Food Tasting — On our 3-hour guided tour of the Mile End neighbourhood, we visit six unique tasting locations. Each one ensures that you will enjoy fresh and exciting flavours. We sample a variety of food from the Mile End, including everything from decadent Québécois chocolates to fresh homemade tomato sauce. The food samples included are enough for a hearty and satisfying lunch. Our tasting locations range from an ambitious urban butcher, to the famous St.Viateur bagel, and even to a fully sustainable vegan eatery! All food tastings are included in the ticket price. We even throw in a water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Montreal Bagels being sorted for the food tour

Historic & Cultural Experience – As you take in the eclectic streets of the Mile End, you’ll get the chance to experience life as a native Montrealer, or should we say a native “Mile-Ender.” Our knowledgeable tour guides highlight the fascinating and offbeat history of this rich cultural hub. Our tour presents how the Mile End became home to the most artists per capita in all of North America (seriously). We also discuss the historical and cultural significance of many landmarks found in the bustling sector. The Mile End has become the epitome of Montreal’s multicultural standard, and our tour touches upon the deep history of immigration and settlement embedded in these streets. We can guarantee it will be the most interesting stroll you’ve taken in a while! In addition to this, our enthusiastic local guides share their knowledge, recommendations, and personal anecdotes about how the Mile End became the intriguing neighbourhood it is today!


Adults: $76.95 CAD + ticketing fee and applicable taxes Children 5 to 13: $48,95 CAD + ticketing fee and applicable taxes Children 4 and under (no food included): $25 CAD + $2 CAD ticketing fee and applicable taxes. Use promo code : FOODFRIENDS10 for a 10% discount


Sunday Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11 AM, 11:30 AM or 12 PM (Please look up the online calendar for current departure dates)


All ages and fitness levels. No pets please.


Maximum 16 people per tour.


Offered on request and depending on availability. Just fill out the form in our private and group tours page.


Runs rain or shine, snow or even in extreme snowstorms! (40% of the tour takes place indoors). We highly recommend you bring appropriate clothing for the winter season and sun protection in the summer.


Please note that the Mile End Food Tour includes vegetarian, lactose intolerant and vegan options during the summer season. The Mile End Food Tour is unfortunately not gluten free friendly in it's current version. Please be advised that the food substitutes for the gluten free option are mostly not available on this tour.


If you’re an early bird, we suggest you have a small breakfast before coming. If not, you can also skip your breakfast and come directly to the food tour.


Tickets must be purchased before 10 AM on any given tour date. We recommend booking your tickets in advance as most of the tours tend to sell out.


Avoid driving to Mile End at all costs. Parking is almost impossible to find. If you need to come by car, we recommend that you find parking in another neighbourhood and take public transit.


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