Old Montreal Food Tour


One-of-a-kind Food Tastings – This 3 hour guided walking tour brings you on a culinary voyage through Montreal’s most historical district. We walk through European style cobblestone streets to 5 different tasting locations, stopping at significant historical landmarks. 4 of our tasting locations are sit-down restaurants, including one brewpub with local craft beer. They range from a local gluten-free baker, to a classic Montreal bagel topped with salmon. Two traditional Quebecois tastings are had, inviting you to both discover while you savour Montreal’s history. In between food tastings we visit historical sights, learning about Montreal’s culture and history in a fresh, Local Montreal Tour way! All food tastings are included in the ticket price. Please see tasting locations on the right.

Historic & Cultural Experience – Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, you will have the chance to relax and take in old world charm, as your guide leads you to the district’s richest historical spots. Old Montreal is an excellent demonstration of the city’s English and French heritage, which we discuss and observe by visiting various important landmarks. Our tour provides you with a unique way to experience these landmarks, as our local guides share their first-hand Montrealer experience of these cultures. They will share the stories behind the Old Port, the Notre-Dame Basilica (we do not enter the church), public squares and more. You’ll even get an idea of  how these stories relate to today’s culture. 

Group sanding in beautiful old Montreal architecture


Our Old Montreal Food Tour is perfect for tourists, locals, and returning visitors alike. It is for anyone looking to discover the intriguing historical sights and diverse food that Old Montreal has to offer. It is very centrally located, and steps away from a metro station, making it an excellent option for those staying at any downtown hotel. We invite foodies, history buffs, architecture lovers, locals, tourists, gluttons for culture, couples, explorers, family, friends… and of course, you! We invite all those who are planning a group activity or solo afternoon adventure to join us and discover Montreal’s oldest district through food, drink, and interesting tales. Whether you are from around the corner or far away, or if you are in it for the food or the history, you will walk away from the Old Montreal Food Tour with new insights about Montreal, and a happy, full stomach.


Old Montreal is a one of a kind European style old city district. Its historic buildings, narrow streets, and flourishing foodie scene make it a mix of exciting elements to taste and discover. Through public squares, landmarks, and eateries, our tour blends English and French cultures in a unique and interactive way. Taking an Old Montreal Food Tour allows you to experience the indoor culinary scene locals love so much, and the outdoor historical sights to see, all the while being guided by a knowledgeable local with a passion for food and culture. Join us and uncover some of Montreal’s most enticing bits of history, visual treats, and tasty bites.


Ready to join us on The Old Montreal Food Tour? Great! Call us at (438) 600-0501 or click “Buy Tickets” to purchase your tickets online. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our favourite sector of Montreal.

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