Gay Montreal : 18 magical activities for 2015

We’re here, and we’re queer! …but now what? Here’s our list of the best 18 magical things you can do.

18. Let Loose at Cabaret Chez Mado

Gay montreal cabaret mado
Source: Cabaret Chez Mado

Whether it’s Karaobitch Wednesdays, Bagalicious Sundays, or to watch the Rupaul Dragrace on Mondays, Montreal icon Mado’s drag cabaret offers festive events most days of the week, making your mandatory trip down to the Gay Village that much better.

17. Explore the Mile-Ex Montreal

mile ex montreal alexandra platz

Officially named the Alexandra-Marconi sector, the affectionately dubbed “Mile-Ex” just won’t stop flourishing. With new restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops, it’s a great place to take a stroll in the area and be part of the buzz. Some suggestions: Le Depanneur Pickup, Brasserie Harricana, Manitoba restaurant, and the ‘’biergarten’’, Alexandraplatz.


16. Show your colours at Pride!

Gay montreal parade

Arguably the best parade of the city, Pride takes place on August 16th this year, and hosts many interesting events on surrounding dates. Whether you are part of the LBGQT community or are an ally, the Pride parade is definitely a party in the streets, where everyone can be themselves and show the world their true colours.

15.  Dance silently in the streets…. with a group of people.

Gay montreal silent disco squad
Source: Silent Disco Squad

Have you ever seen a crowd of people dancing along the street in silence and wondered what the hell was going on? Here’s your answer: it was the Silent Disco Squad. With “The world is a dancefloor!” as its tag line, the Silent Disco Squad welcomes everyone to participate in its dance sessions. Join their Facebook events, download the mp3 to your device, and join the groundbreaking movement that even inspired a TED talk.

14. Make out with a French girl or guy.

Gay Montreal Activities

We hear it all the time: Montreal is a really good looking city. Stop being so busy with your good looks and go use them to your advantage! Next time you’re in Parc Lafontaine having a picnic, walk over to your nearest neighbouring picnic and offer a food swap. You know, my grapes for your… kiss? Anyway, you get the point: talk to the pretty people you see and don’t be shy. It won’t be summer for long, so go get ‘em while they’re hot.

13. Join the public karaoke family 

gay montreal karaoke

You’re in the mood to let loose and sing with abandon, but your friends aren’t exactly at that point in their life yet? Public Karaoke is to the rescue! Taking place once monthly in Portugal park on St-Laurent, the event gathers Karaoke lovers from all over the city and makes them into one big, singing family for the evening. Whether you want to participate or just witness others pour their musical hearts out, this is one summer event you won’t want to miss.

12. Take a selfie under Ste-Catherine’s “Projet Les Boules Roses”

gay montreal activities
Source: Claude Cormier

In an effort to beautify Montreal’s Gay Village and make its aesthetics reflect its vibrant night (and day) life, Ste-Catherine East’s summer sky is lined with 170 000 mysterious pink plastic balls. The effect is something like a bubble gum themed fiesta, making it the perfect spot to take an eventful late night stroll and some silly colourful selfies.

11. Gay Village bars and nightclubs

Circus Night Club Top 10 Gay Montreal Activities for Summer 2014
Photo: Djoy Beat


The village is filled with plenty of bars and nightclubs. Here is a list of the trendiest spots to be seen at:

  • Apollon: One of the newest additions to the Ste-Catherine nightlife. Good music, good vibe, good people.
  • Sky:  This place has a beautiful terrace, and exceptional outdoor patio. Saturdays are latino, hiphop, and pop.
  • Cabaret Mado: This is Montreal’s best drag and cabaret. Its biggest nights are Tuesdays and Saturdays. (Definitely check this one out!)
  • Aigle Noir/Black Eagle: If leather and bears are your thing, then look no further!
  • Royal Phoenix: Located in the Mile-End this place has lot’s of sexy people, excellent tunes, and a great atmosphere. (They serve a Bacon Bloody Caesar!)

10. Check out the McCord Museum’s “Camp Fires” Exhibition on Gay Identity

Montreal Gay Activities McCord Museum
Photo: Paul Mathieu – Camouflage series (E.M.), 2005

It’s not every day that a museum takes gay identity and makes it the central theme for an exhibition! The McCord Museum near McGill however, is home to the extremely provocative (and totally fun) exhibition, Camp Fires until August 15 2015. Ceramic works are used to explore Montreal Catholicism and its shaping of gay identities, as per their artists. This one of a kind collection is something people of all genders won’t want to miss.

9. Go to an Event at the Wiggle Room

Photo: Gorsky for the Wiggle Room
Photo: Gorsky for the Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room may be small, but the acts it selects are always high caliber, and guaranteed high quality. Here you can find burlesque, talent shows, drag shows, variety shows, and unique events such as “The Dirty Show”. Its decor is of a fine-tuned, detailed Vaudeville taste, creating a fun atmosphere for people of all genders. 

8. MTL Rollerderby

Photo: Roller Derby MTL
Photo: Roller Derby MTL

Known for attracting lesbians and other members of the LGBT community, roller derby is truly a fun sport to watch. Montreal’s RD scene resides mainly at the Aréna St-Louis on St-Dominique, and hosts competitions on Saturday nights where you can watch some of their five teams compete. A healthy, community-driven sport, filled with “girl power”, come watch one of their events and partake in the cheer.

7. Watch the Montreal Gay web series made by Tourism MTL

Montreal Boy – some strings attached (complete season 1) from Olivier Labonté LeMoyne on Vimeo.

When Tourism MTL makes a web series, you know something good’s cooking. The series, “Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached” directed by Olivier Labonte Lemoyne, is cinematographically bullet proof and showcases not only the city’s pretty landscapes but also some quintessentially Montreal apartments. The subject matter? An intricate and emotionally moving gay relationship, the kind we’re all ready to see a little more of in mainstream media.

6. Hang out at Place Emilie-Gamelin

montreal gay activities emilie gamelin
Photo: Ulysse Lemerise/OSA

Place Emilie-Gamelin is a newly designed biergarten style space where you can catch a show, grab a beer, and treat your eyes to some blooming agriculture. With a local produce market, festivals, and video projections, this summercentric arrangement feels like a celebration of all things Montreal summer. It was designed with the vision of being the ultimate “urban meeting spot”. Come here, meet your peers, and show off all your colours!

5. Check out some gay icons at the Grévin Wax Museum!

Photo: Grevin Montreal
Photo: Grevin Montreal

Elton John, Céline Dion, and Mado have cloned themselves for your viewing pleasure, and can all be found on the fifth floor of the Eaton Center. What?! That’s right– Paris Wax Museum Le Grévin has (also) duplicated itself and come to it’s little sister city, Montreal. Come take some pictures with your childhood heroes and live out your dreams!

4. Spend a Sunday dancing at Piknic Electronik……and find it inexplicably satisfying.

Photo cred: Piknik Electronik
Photo cred: Piknik Electronik

Piknic Eletronik seeks to open up the electronic music genre by “offering an immersive social experience”, making it accessible to music lovers of all ages, and to electronic music aficionados and newcomers alike.  Check out their website for programming.

3. Mile End Food Tour with us! (super gay friendly)

Local montreal tours

The Mile End Food Tour is a charming walking tour of the best food in the neighborhood. During the three hour  tour you will make seven stops and savor a variety of unique, local foods, such as Kem CoBo’s melt-in-your-mouth original ice cream flavors, and Montréal’s best vegan falafels. Gay friendly and an unforgettable experience!

Visit our website:


2. Outdoor Art Festival: Festival International Montréal en Arts

Top 10 Gay Montreal Activities for summer 2014
Photo: Bonjour Quebec

The outdoor art festival was established in order to connect local and international artists with local both local Montrealers and tourists. This event allows artists to escape the confines of their galleries and expose their art to the general public, and also allows people to come into direct contact with the artists themselves. This is Montreal’s most impressive open air-gallery. You can catch it on Ste. Catherine, from Berri to Papineau from July 1st to 5th 2015.

1. Montreal Gay Village Street Sale

Top 10 Gay Montreal Activities for summer 2014 Montreal Gay Village Street Sale
Photo: EC English

Also called la vente trottoir, this street sale offers great shopping deals, cheap food, live entertainment and activities for children. You can catch along the usual strip on Ste. Catherine, from Berri to Papineau on the following dates: July 9th to 12th, and August (dates TBD).