A List of the Best Coffee in Montreal

My favorite coffee spot? You’ve probably never heard of it. This list of best coffee in Montreal is in no particular order, because it was too hard to deduce a fair sequence without being shunned by the Coffee Gods.

14. Café Brooklyn

71 Rue Saint Viateur Est


Fresh food, good coffee, reasonable prices and a friendly ambiance. This cafe started off as a 20th century modern furniture store, but rapidly morphed into a coffee shop. While you’re there, try the coffee cake (it is baked by the owner’s aunt every day)!

13. Le Cagibi

5490 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

best coffee in montreal
Photo credit: numtl.com

This place is as cool as it gets: a vegetarian coffee shop that doubles as a concert venue. Not only can you savour excellent coffee here, but you can watch the staff prep your burritos, admire the quirky decor, and experience an authentic Montreal apartment feel as you walk on the creaky floorboards. With mismatched chairs, tables, and dishes, the veritable bohemian atmosphere is sure to imbue you and your coffee during your stay. Oh and, they don’t charge extra for soy.

12. Cafe Myriade

1432 Rue Mackay
1000 Sainte Catherine Street West
4627 Saint-Denis Street

Best coffee in Montreal
Photo credit: Café Myriade

This ever-popular coffee destination (that’s often the sustenance of Concordia students) is more than a pretty cafe. Myriade only works with quality-focused roasters–mainly from 49th Parallel Roasters in Vancouver, BC–but they also feature guest roasts from across North America and Europe. Their coffee tastes even better because it’s guilt-free: they pay the farmers above the standard Fair-Trade prices. With their seasonal menu, you’ll have a chance to taste a myriad of flavours at Myriade.

11. Club Social

180 St. Viateur Ouest Montreal

Club sociale Best Coffee Shops in Montreal Mile End

Continuing up the Mile-End’s St-Viateur, you’ll eventually encounter Olympico’s rival, Club Social. This coffee shop’s terrace makes for one of the best (but well known) summer hangout spots. Trees surround it, locals wave to each other, and (coffee) love is in the air. Ordering from here makes you feel like you’re instantly part of the neighbourhood thanks to the staff’s friendliness. Make sure you order a latte, they’re 2 bucks!

10. Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418b Park Ave

best coffee in montreal
Photo credit: tristanbbougie

Once Marie-Eve Laroche discovered Australia’s coffee culture, she decided to bring a taste of it back to Montreal. Pikolo Espresso Bar says it all in the name: it’s a small space that serves espresso-based drinks. Laroche works with Canadian roasters Phil & Sebastian and Microtorrefacteur Saint-Henri to accentuate the flavour of each unique coffee.

9. Café Résonance

5175 Avenue du Parc

best coffee in montreal
Photo credit: Resonance cafe

This vegan jazz-cafe is huge, very low key, and has a great ambiance! They often host reading and music events. And just in case coffee actually does keep you up at night, they’ll keep you company: open hours go until midnight every day of the week.

8. Dispatch

best coffee in montreal
Photo credit: Dispatch Coffee

Dispatch was started by Chrissy Durcak who began by serving the coffee out of a truck. Her philosophy was to spend time cultivating a relationship with the farmers they get their coffee from. Having now removed the training wheels, Dispatch serves up a tasty cup of coffee in three different locations around Montreal. The coffee shops’ ultra-minimalist decor doesn’t reflect their coffee–those beans are packed with flavour–because Dispatch is riding the third wave of coffee hard.

267 Rue Saint Zotique O
3480 University St
4021 St Laurent Blvd

7. Cafe Odessa

65 rue Beaubien East

Best coffee in motnreal
Photo credit: Cafe Odessa

From the owners of Le Vieux Vélo popular brunch eatery in Rosemont comes Odessa, an industrial-style cafe with a nautical theme based the eponymous port city in the Ukraine. This third wave coffee shop gets their beans from Pilot Coffee Roasters who try and directly source every bean roasted. Baristas are particularly friendly here and easy to have a little chat with as you sip on your drink of choice.

6. Arts Café

201 Avenue Fairmount Ouest


The service here is amazing: you are always greeted with a smile! They have generous portions, quality coffee, rustic decor and oh- did I mention the great service?

5. Olympico

124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

Olympico Best Coffee Shops in Montreal Mile End

They have legendary coffee; it’s fantastic and you will not be disappointed. It can get very crowded though- so maybe you shouldn’t come here… It’s not even that great. (To many people know about the goodness that this place can offer!!!)

4. Café Falco

5605 Avenue de Gaspé

Best coffee shops in Montreal
Photo credit: Café le Falco

The layers of flavour to be found in Falco’s various coffees are gastronomical. The place has an industrial feeling to it but has a great ambiance and vibe. They offer a variety of food that have a Japanese twist to them. Come here for lunch!

3. Melinas Phyllo Bar

5733 du Parc

Best coffee in Montreal
Photo credit: NOMAD LIVE

Melina’s is a cute, little shop that serves delicious Greek coffee and Greek pastries. The staff here is super friendly and chatty which makes you want to come back.

2. Le Dépanneur Café

206 Rue Bernard Ouest

best coffee in Montreal
Photo credit: Sarah Anne Sz

Le Dépanneur Café is charming and unique, and offers delicious healthy meals and specialty drinks. They play relaxing lounge music, but always invite local artists to sign up to play live music. (Beware this place can get awfully crowded).

1. MELK Bar à Café

1206 Stanley St
5612 Monkland Ave

best coffee in Montreal
Photo credit: MELK Bar à Café

MELK’s tiny coffee shops are sleek and modern, but their coffee is comforting and delicious. They’ve got a good selection of scones, biscottes and other pastries. Their drink menu ranges from espresso, to tea, to matcha latte. Don’t forget to admire the latte artwork!

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