Romantic Things to Do in Montreal

Finding the perfect date spot can be a little… daunting. There’s the pressure to have a fun and romantic time, the search for a conversation-a conversation starting venue, and combined with those pesky lovey-dovey thoughts (that often cloud decision making) it’s all been known to induce quasi panic attacks in some. Especially if you’re not familiar with the area. Whether you’re trying to impress a new boo or want to spice things up, here is our list of the top romantic things to do in Montreal. It’s the finest selection of activities for couples and lovers, locals and travellers.

If this isn’t enough inspiration, check out these Exciting Things to Do in Montreal this winter, and bring on the romance.

12. Enjoy a day at the Spa: Bota Bota

Montreal spas
Photo credit: Bota Bota

Winter can be a hard time to plan romantic dates, so warm up together at this luxurious ferry-turned-spa: Bota Bota is truly the perfect place to unwind. Get close in your bathing suits and gaze out at Old Montreal through the mist rising off the top of your outdoor jacuzzi. Bota Bota‘s five decks each have different installations: 2 saunas, a eucalyptus steam bath, gardens, outdoor whirlpool baths, a relaxation area, and even a restaurant! Those on a budget can go for cheaper packages at 35$ per person, before 11:00 AM and after 7:00 PM. Whatever treatment you’re looking for, Bota Bota is sure to pamper you and your date.

11. Take an Old Montreal Food Tour!

couple listening to tour guide on old montreal food tour
Photo credit: Local Food Tours
Photo credit: Local Food Tours

The Old Montreal Food Tour will get you outside, get you talking and get you to savour some of Montreal’s best foods. Basically, it’s a great date idea for Montrealers and visitors alike. Just make sure to dress for the weather (and to impress)! The 3 hour walking food tour brings you to 4 food stops, which will give you and your date plenty to savour and talk about! You’ll discover the city’s best fish ‘n chips, some locally brewed craft beer, and tons more delicious treats. It’s really the perfect way to discover the old city, learn about it’s culture and history and  discover each other’s tastes, too. Check out the website to book your tour!

10. Strap on some skates and hit the town

la fontiane skating montreal winter
Photo credit: buzbuzzer / Getty Images

With all that eating and getting cozy you find yourself doing this time of year, get active and have some fun while you’re at it. You can literally hit the town if you skate at Atrium Le 1000, which is just in a mall downtown, and warm enough to skate without a jacket! If you want more space to practice your couples skate routine, slip and slide all you want or to simply glide around in the fresh air, the pond at Parc La Fontaine is the place to go. Both locations offer skate and locker rentals, so all you have to bring are some warm clothes and your date, or course!

9. Of course, you can eat at a romantic restaurant

It’s a classic date for a reason, let someone else do the work of cooking and all you have to do is gaze into each other’s eyes, get cozy and enjoy the delicious food in front of you! These cool restaurants will make the night extra special, and for more ideas check out the Best New Restaurants in Montreal.

interior of agrikol restaurant montreal
Photo credit: Baron Mag

Agrikol is a Haitian restaurant who’s owners are none other than Win Butler and Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire. Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into a restaurant in Port-au-Prince. Decorated with art and culture from the island, the theme is a bit botanical and very quirky with an original painting on the staircase wall. Try their cocktails and flavourful dishes with your date, and you’re in for a good night! To get a table on the terrace just make sure to get there at 5:40, or around 8:40 for the later round.

Le Mousso:

Tell your date they’re the best by taking them to Le Mousso, which was voted Best Restaurant by Les Lauriers, a gala for acknowledging the best of Quebec’s culinary world. The restaurant just moved locations (next door from the previous one) and modernized the decor but is known for its meticulously plated dishes that are as much art as they are food. Le Mousso’s tasting menu is the perfect way to celebrate something special, like an anniversary perhaps, and experience something extraordinary.


A step in the opposite direction from Le Mousso: nothing is over $9 at Noren, a charming little Japanese restaurant. They specialize in two dishes: takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake), and have a weekly special too. The cozy family-run joint only seats 16 people so you and your date can have an intimate meal after exploring the exciting Plateau neighbourhood.

8. Have afternoon tea at the Queen Elisabeth Hotel

high tea at roselys romantic date montreal
Photo credit: Opentable

If you want your date to feel like a prince or princess, take them to high tea at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel’s restaurant, Rosélys. $37 will get you a stacked three-tier assortment of bite size sandwiches, scones and sweet treats, as well as a tea from their wide selection of the best quality teas grown around the world. With so much written about each, you’ll learn something just by reading the menu! Reservations are necessary, so make sure to plan ahead.

7. Go undercover at a speakeasy

If tea is not your drink of choice, Montreal is full of hidden speakeasies that you have to be in-the-know to find. By heading underground, you two will feel like you’ve discovered something together! You could even bring a tinder date you’re trying to impress to one of these bars, so you can really loosen up and get to know each other.

underground hidden speakeasy bar le royal romantic
Photo credit: Le Royal
Le Mal Nécessaire:

This hidden Chinatown gem goes hard for their cocktails. They have a huge menu of unique and creative cocktail concoctions, there’s even one that’s served in a pineapple! You can also come by for their Drunken Masters bartending competition, with a few installments a year, check their website for the next date, and come out and cheer. They also have DJs on some nights so you can boogie down underground.

Le Royal:

Le Royal is Rouge-Gorge’s more sexy and mysterious sister. Located just below the famed Mont-Royal spot, the bar is named after the street as well as how you’ll get treated when you’re there. Cozy up in a corner of this cool spot, or dance along to the DJ set, either way – you can forget about the time, and everything else except having fun.

6. Take the Mile-End Montreal Food Tour

Photo credit: Local Food Tours

The Mile-End Food Tour will take you on a walking tour of Canada’s most artistic district, you’ll learn about its history and culture, and you’re sure to see something beautiful along the way (the neighbourhood is nice too). The food tour is a great activity for an adventurous date with someone new, or for a couple looking to experience something different. You’ll have a chance to get lost in each other’s eyes, but not in the streets of Mile End. With delicious food around every corner, you’ll savour quality ingredients, talk about food and learn about each other’s preferences. Find out more and make a reservation at

5. Take part in some seasonal festivities

Old Port Montreal
Photo credit: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Montreal doesn’t stop coming up with unique ways to have fun once the snow falls. First, December is full to the brim of fun holiday activities for celebrating the season together. Then there’s Igloofest, taking over Montreal’s music scene from January 17th to February 2nd, 2019. Come out and melt the frost with your hot dance moves! If you’re a bit less of a partier but still love to have a good time, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE combines art, food and fun, bringing light to the middle of Montreal’s long winter from February 21st to March 3rd, 2019. 

4. Stroll through Montreal’s incredible museums and galleries

Do we really need to tell you that a trip to the museum makes for an amazing date? This city is bursting with incredible exhibitions both at impressive world renowned museums and at small local galleries, so you can always discover something new together. We can’t fit all of our recommendations in here, but for history nuts and art lovers, or simply curious minds, check out these Amazing Montreal Museums and Art Galleries.

Alexander Calder – Photo source: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Phi Centre: 

The Phi Centre always brings you the latest from the intersection between art and technology. Stop by this winter to experience a VR cinema, listen to the vibrations of the universe (I’m not kidding!) and see what other mind blowing immersive innovations are there for you to discover together. The art venue also regularly hosts concerts, film screenings and other events. Whatever art you are into, the Phi centre’s got you covered. You can even dance the night away, feeling the music and each other, as you expand your imaginations.

The Montreal Science Centre:

Netflix and chill is cool, but watching a movie in IMAX 3D is so much better. There’s always a few playing at the Science Centre so you can have your minds blown by the natural world. If you decide to explore their exhibitions, the interactive and multimedia approach of the centre will have you laughing and playing around… nothings more romantic than bringing out each other’s inner

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: 

Montreal’s biggest art museum has quite the reputation for showcasing engaging and exciting work from some of the world’s most spectacular artists. This winter, catch Alexander Calder Radical Inventora retrospective of the artist’s modern art career, and his pioneering approach to mobiles and sculpture. Or, see a collection of photographs on display from some of the best photographers from around the world. Spending a day wandering around the beautiful halls of this gallery will have you two connecting on so many deeper levels.

3. Treat yourselves at these romantic bars

Instead of the zaniness of speakeasies, at these bars you’ll be able to get out for the evening, get a meal, and really get to know each other face-to-face, all in a vibrant and easy going atmosphere.

vin mon lapin montreal wine bar
Photo credit: Eater Montreal
Vin Mon Lapin: 

An exciting new Little Italy venture from the people behind Joe Beef, Mon Lapin is a wine bar with an excellent selection of natural wines. The venue is small and cozy with an almost familiar atmosphere, so you won’t have to talk over a bunch of people, and can really savour the local food, the wine, and of course, the company.


A bustling little bar, and cafe by day, on St. Laurent that won’t break the bank, but still makes for a wonderfully romantic evening. The amber coloured lighting really sets the mood, and the delicious drinks keep it going. Darling is also right across the street from where Leonard Cohen used to live, so you’ll feel like you’re stepping in the shoes of one of the biggest lovers this city has given rise to.

Rouge Gorge:

Rouge Gorge is the definition of a wine bar. It has a cool and warm atmosphere all at once, making it the perfect place to spend an evening and unwind with a few drinks. There’s no pressure to eat, but the kitchen serves little bites and is open until 2 am so you won’t have to go hungry. And if you feel yourself starting to want to dance… you can head downstairs to their speakeasy, Le Royal.

2. Plan a weekend getaway with Kabin 

Photo credit: Kabin Sutton

Want to plan a special retreat, but without the airfare? Kabin’s Sutton resort will put you in touch with nature with beautiful 360 views of the of the forest. With a ski hill 2 minutes away, Kabin is the best of both worlds: an awesome snowy adventure and romantic getaway at once. Each chalet comes with its very own secluded hot tub, for the ultimate luxurious getaway experience. For locals and travelers alike, a weekend with Kabin is sure to be a memorable one.

1. Go on a coffee shop hop in the Plateau!

cafe dispatch
Photo credit: Tastet

Want somewhere new to hide out from the cold and simply hang out? Grab warm cup of decadent hot chocolate or a strong shot of espresso at one of the Plateau’s best coffee joints. First, on Mount-Royal Avenue is Cafe Paquebot; a cute little spot known for their delicious coffee and no-laptop policy, so you can really connect. Or, there’s Dispatch on Saint-Laurent: a bright and modern cafe serving up artisanal espresso and other delights. Next, the original Cafe Névé on Rachel; a casual spot for a pastry and killer mocha latte. Finally,  Cafe Nocturne; a chic little espresso bar.

Bonus: Book a stay at the luxurious Hotel William Gray

romantic things to do montreal william gray

William Gray: one of the city’s hippest hotels, its a luxury retreat in Old Montreal with its own Spa that has a sauna and skin therapists for some much needed rejuvenation or aesthetic treatments to get you both looking and feeling your best!

Hopefully you’ve been inspired about some romantic things to do in Montreal this winter – now go, lovebirds, conquer the city!