Your Guide to Throwing Best Montreal Bachelorette Party Ever

Ok, so you’ve been given the honour of planning a Montreal bachelorette party… but are you overwhelmed trying to find the most original and entertaining plan ever? Not to fear, we’ve got your back! Great news: you’re already on the right track, Montreal is the perfect city to show your bride and her friends a good time. Here are 15+ ideas to get you started in planning your Montreal bachelorette party!

For even more inspiration check out these Super Exciting Things to Do in Montreal that you and your girls are sure to enjoy. 

16. Pop some champagne!

champagne bottle popping at la champagnerie - montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Nuvo Magazine

Nothing says celebration like a good bottle of bubbly! Maison St-Paul is the only champagne bar in the city, perfectly located in elegant Old Montreal. It has a menu for all budgets, and specializes in group parties, so they’ll know how to make sure you have the best night possible. What’s more? You get to pop the champagne bottle like at home! Between 5pm and 3am, you can enjoy their food and drink selections, and then dance all night with their DJ service. If your group is a fan of all things bubbly, take a peek at what they’re about!

15. Take the Old Montreal Bachelorette Party Food & Drink tour

Sometimes its hard to find a way to fill those afternoons before its time to start getting ready to go out, or maybe you’re form out of town and don’t know where to start? For a few hours, take the load off from planning the itinerary. The Old Montreal Bachelorette Party Food & Drink Tour is the perfect solution! You’ll visit 5 different food stops, including a poutine and wine pairing, where you’ll sample some authentic local cuisine. Along the way, you’ll see the sights and learn about the city’s history too. Led by a knowledgeable and passionate guide with insider information on where to go, you’ll feel like you’re just hanging out with a local. By the end, you’ll surely be well fed, well oriented, and ready to take on the city! Learn more about the Old Montreal Food & Drinks Tour

–>Groups more than 4 participants can use promocode “FOODFRIENDS10” to get 10% off the final price on each ticket This tour can be offered as a private group experience.

14. Hop on a Montreal Bike & Drinks Tour with Fitz Montreal

Riding Montreal on a bike, visiting the cool places and then, having a little Natural Wine stop on a beautiful terrasse? A match in heaven some would say! Fitz Montreal Bike Tours is offering a Plateau, Mile-End and Jean-Talon Market Montreal Bike Tour and adds a little bar stop for groups of bachelors or bachelorettes. They visit Ciccheti bar, which is a very nice bar located in Mile-Ex. Instead of natural wines, groups can also order crafted cocktails. Check out this Montreal Bike & Drink Tour here 

13. Get your bride Zenned up… at the spa!

Montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Bota Bota

Planning a wedding is stressful! Your bride to be may have a night of fun ahead of her, but she’s probably got months of organizing at cake tasting behind her. Pamper her (and your lucky group!) at the spa with some massages, foot rubs, manis, pedis… the soothing possibilities are endless! Here are a few of our favourites:

Espace Nomad: is gorgeous and has such a wide selection of massages and other treatments to choose from. They’re booked on an appointment basis so Nomad might be a better choice for smaller parties, or even a treat for the bride herself.

Spa Scandinaveoffers a series of hot and cold Scandinavian baths and installations such as saunas, as well as stress-free relaxation rooms so you can all soak up the peace together.

Bota Bota: a spa on the water, also offers a Nordic water circuit, as well as massages, facial treatments, mani pedis and more… all on the decks of a converted boat docked in Old Port.

12. Hit up some of the best local bars

couch at Clandestino hidden bar - Montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Tastet

Montreal is known for its watering holes, and a bachelorette party is rarely complete without exploring them. We’ve designed a few itineraries to make the most of a night on the town over at our article of Montreal Bachelor Party Ideas, here are a couple highlights:

Clandestino: a Miami-style lounge in Old Montreal with tropical vibes serving fruity cocktails, stacked on top of a Mexican themed bar with plush couches, 100 varieties of tequila and 15 different kinds of salt to accompany them!

Le Réservoir: a brewery and bar off Saint Laurent with a sweet rooftop patio in the summer and cool industrial vibes inside.

Suzanne Bar: a dumpling house that specializes in cocktails and looks like a lush greenhouse.

bar darling - montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Tastet

There are many other amazing bars in the area to check out. Any good bar crawl in the Plateau will also take you to these local favourites:

Bar DarlingImmaculately designed to bring cozyness to steam-punk, and oh-so Instagrammable, so you can capture those Bachelorette memories even if they’re a bit fuzzy after a night out. They’ve got lots a local craft beers on tap, and also uniquely large selection of Quebec

Rouge Gorge: the perfect spot for a more sophisticated Bachelorette, its a wine bar on Mont-Royal Avenue that also serves gourmet bites, but don’t get me wrong, the bar is popular and bustling so you won’t be left sleepy after a glass or two. There’s also a speakeasy downstairs…

11. Go dance your little single heart out

people dancing under red light montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Flyjin

So you’re a couple drinks in… now it’s really time for a night out on the town! Pull out your best dance moves and get lost in the beat, or the crowd.Montreal’s got no shortage of clubs, especially on Saint Laurent, but we’ve chosen these places because they bring style and class to the world of sweaty dance floors.

Mayfair: a cocktail bar on Rachel in the Plateau, the perfect place to dance and drink as a group. They’ve got a DJ on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays that’s sure to get people moving, and they do bottle service.

Le Confessionnal: a cozy Old Montreal spot that plays a mix of old-school and new-school music, so chances are you’ll find yourselves singing along to some early 2000s jams.

Santos tapas bar turns into a club montreal bachelorette party
Photo cedit: Eater Montreal

Dancing in a well decorated restaurant makes for a full night, and is way better than in a boring black box…

Santos: a tapas bar where you can get a full multi-course meal, mingle with the other patrons, and as the night goes on it becomes the perfect place to get your groove on without any cover fees.

FlyJin: a hidden Japanese izakaya that turns into an underground club at 11pm. Dinner, drinks, dancing and excellent DJs that’ll spin house beats and know how to read a crowd. This is a place built for celebrating.

Terrasses Bonsecours: an outdoor restaurant and club complex on the water, perfect for a summer bride and all her closest friends.

10. Take a Montreal Craft Beer Tour

things-to-do-in-montreal-tours-2 montreal bachelorette party

Leading up to your night time shenanigans, you might want to think about a slightly educational but still fun activity to engage in with your girlfriends and the bride to be. The Montreal Craft Beer Tour is the perfect fit! A 3 hour walking tour that features excellent craft beer and food pairings… it’s the perfect way to start your special night while learning about beer, food, and getting and awesome introduction to Montreal! For more information, click here!

8. Eat your heart out at these restaurants

Montreal attractions montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: LOV

Montreal is so full of delicious restaurants we can hardly contain ourselves trying to share them all with you! Check out even more of our fresh favourites here. For groups, some of the top choices are:

Mélisse: a fresh and airy place serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in Old Montreal, makes for a perfect moment of relaxation after a trip to one of the area’s spas.

LOV: another Old Montreal spot, it’s dedicated to serving Local, Organic and Vegetarian food, that’ll make your tastebuds, your bodies, and your conscience feel good… maybe to counteract all the partying you’ll be doing.

people ordering at bird bar montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit:Le Journal de Montréal

Bird Bar: does fried chicken and champagne, and you can all eat together “Family Style.” There’s even a DJ playing some old school tunes and gluten-free, vegan options.

7. Elegant speakeasies for the whole crew

Photo credit:

So drinking and speakeasies seem to be a common theme on this list… but that’s because exploring the hidden corners of the city and getting tipsy is kind of the perfect plan for a Montreal bachelorette party. Here’s the inside scoop on a couple more speakeasies and hidden bars that won’t disappoint.

The Coldroomit’s easy to overlook if you’re passing by – the door isn’t marked except for a *sortie* sign. They’ve got a strict code of conduct for the gentlemen that come down, which boils down to “be respectful,” and for ladies the only rule is: “who runs the world? Girls.”

Nhậu Bar: located under Vietnamese Restaurant Hà, its a sleek escape into a world or romance and luxury, making you feel like you’re in an underground club halfway around the world. Plus, they serve killer creative cocktails.

Big in Japan: once again, a sleek and secret joint, lit mainly with tiny tea lights placed on the long glass bar tables, making it one of the most beautiful bars in the city. They offer a punch bowl for groups which is perfect for a Montreal bachelorette party.

6. Book a stay at a luxurious hotel

montreal bachelorette party hotel
Photo credit: Hotel William Grey

If you’re from out of town, or even if you’re not, there’s nothing like crashing at a luxurious hotel after a night of shenanigans, so you can wake up and order room service in the morning, or hit up the hotel spa.

William Gray: one of the city’s hippest hotels, its a luxury retreat in Old Montreal with its own Spa that has a sauna and skin therapists for some much needed rejuvenation or aesthetic treatments for the bride’s big day. It’s right next to The Coldroom, so it’ll be easy to crash after a night out there.

Alt Hotel: affordable luxury in Griffintown, just next to Old Port and the Lachine Canal, where you can go for a walk, bike ride, or even rent some boats for a fun day in the sun. The also have a beautiful 7th floor terrace to hang out on.

W Hotel: right near the train station for out of town visitors, the downtown hotel is in a historic building but with stylish contemporary decor and amenities, including a spa, fitness centre, and its own cool bar – Bartizen.

5. Take a pole dancing lesson in Old Montreal

Photo credit: Milan Pole Dancing Studio

How about a some pole dancing for this soon-to-be-on-a-honeymoon lady? Milan Pole Dancing has studios all over the world, and we’re lucky enough have one in our very own gorgeous Old Montreal. They offer special bachelorette party lessons, too! Suitable for a maximum of 15 bachelorettes, this perfect activity includes light refreshments, a shoot, and a live pole dancing performance. Take a look at their site for booking info.

4. Hang out with superb drag queens at Cabaret Chez Mado!

Mado Lamotte par Joe Sioufi
Mado Lamotte par Joe Sioufi

Who better to show you a good time than Montreal’s drag queens? Beautiful, talented, wild, and often hilarious… these ladies will surely show you how to have a good time. With special guests, dance nights, and a mock top model night… bring your bachelorette booties over to Mado’s (or one of the many other gay bars in the village) for impressive 11pm or 1am shows that’ll make you laugh.

3. Montreal Bachelorette party? Get your nails done for the big day!

montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: @nastia.jpg

Get some glittery nails for the big day! Ever wanted some pretty flowers or flames on your nails? Located in Mile-End, Salon Vong can add some cool designs to your finger tips! They’ll give you a creative manicure that’ll make for an easy ice breaker when the wedding’s best men are looking to strike-up a conversation at the open bar.

2. And of course… Go to the strip club!

montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Jimmy Hamelin

What’s a bachelorette party without some nudity? Club 281 has hilarious scenes planned out for you, all enacted by hot buff dudes with washboard abs… yum! The perfect mix of laughter and sultry entertainment, buy your bride to be a lap dance for a night to remember. Who knows, will it be from a firefighter? A hot cop? Only the night will tell.

1. Don’t forget to plan your after-bachelorette party brunch

montreal bachelorette party brunch
Photo credit: Tommy

You’ll be much better off if you factor in the next day’s hangover. There’s nothing like all coming together again to talk about the night before and fill your stomachs with some much needed food. Remember Réservoir and Mélisse from earlier in the article? Both also serve very different, but equally delicious brunches. We also recommend these Montreal Best Brunch Restaurants such as:

Tommy: a stylish Old Montreal cafe that recently expanded to a second location so that they can host groups like you better for full brunch meals! Their coffee, of course, is excellent too, and will get you going again after having so much fun.

Bagel Etc: the best way to follow up a classic Plateau night is with a classic Plateau brunch, this place serves all of your favourite brunch classics so you won’t even have to think about what to order.

Or, instead why not plan ahead a few treats for a day in? Netflix, comfy PJ’s, your go-to hangover greasy snacks, and maybe a gallon or two of Gatorade. Have you heard of Chef On Call? They’ll deliver milkshakes, cookies, poutine, burgers… all the goods, right to your door in this time of need!