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A list of the Best Montreal Bachelorette Party Ideas

Montreal bachelorette parties can be overwhelming to organize, but not to fear! Are you freaking out over trying to find the most original and entertaining plan ever? That sounds… exactly how you should feel! But it looks like you’re on the right track, being that you’ve picked Montreal as your destination. Great work! Now let’s get started. Here are 15+ things Montreal locals and visitors must consider when planning a Montreal bachelorette party.

15.  Pop some champagne!

Photo credit: La Champagnerie

The only champagne bar in the city is perfectly located in elegant Old Montreal. La Champagnerie has a menu for all budgets, and specializes in group parties. The best part about this place? You get to pop the champagne bottle like at home! Cozy up here between 5pm and 3am, enjoy their tapas style food menu and list of that shimmering good stuff. If your group is a fan of all things bubbly, take a peak at what they’re about here!

14. The Old Montreal Food tour

montreal underground city

To truly experience the Old Port, it’s exciting to get to know the history of the area and taste its culinary heritage. The Old Montreal Food Tour walks your through the charming cobblestone streets while your tour guide tells the stories of the port’s cultural history. The tour stops at six different tasting locations where you’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the best food Montreal has to offer including Poutine, Craft Beer, bagels, Maple Syrup desert and more! Tickle your tastebuds, take in the old world charm and discover the Old Port’s heritage on the Old Montreal Food Tour.

Find out more about the Old Montreal Food Tour here

Become a mermaid before the big day

montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Aquamermaid

It’s never too late to become a mermaid! The weeks leading up to a wedding are all about living out your little girl dreams before you commit to adulthood… right? Aquamermaid has an awesome trial class that includes the synchronized magical mermaid moves that’ll make you feel like a dream come true. And when it’s for a bachelorette party, instructors throw in a few thematic jokes and reward your new prowess with a photo shoot!

13. Get your bride Zenned up… at the spa!

Montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: Bota Bota

Planning a wedding is stressful! Your bride to be may have a night of fun ahead of her, but she’s probably got months of organizing at cake tasting behind her. Pamper her (and your lucky group!) with some massages, foot rubs, manis, pedis… the soothing possibilities are endless! Espace Nomad is gorgeous and has everything you could ever want.  We’re also big fans of Spa Scandinave and Bota Bota in Old Montreal, where luxury and relaxation meet.

12. Beat up a naughty piñata!


I mean. This might not be the most mature option for your Montreal bachelorette party, nor is it the… classiest, but it’s kind of your only appropriate opportunity to beat up a huge candy filled vagina with your friends so you may want to take advantage. Laughter guaranteed.

11. Go dance your little single heart out.

Source: Velvet Speakeasy
Source: Velvet Speakeasy

What’s a bachelorette party without a night out on the town!? The occasion calls for you ladies to pull out your best dance moves and share a moment or two with some tall dark handsome men… amirite? Montreal’s got no shortage of clubs for you to choose from, but there are two that take the cake for their quality music, decor, and sexy clientele! They are the Velvet Speakeasy in Old Montreal, and Montreal’s new Ecole Privee on the main.

10. Take a Montreal Craft Beer Tour


Leading up to your night time shenanigans, you might want to think about a slightly educational but still fun activity to engage in with your girlfriends and the bride to be. The Montreal Craft Beer Tour is the perfect fit! A 3 hour walking tour that features excellent craft beer and food pairings… it’s the perfect way to start your special night while learning about beer, food, and get and awesome introduction of Montreal! For more information, click here! 

9. Ride the mechanical bull at Chez Serge.

Source: Chez Serge
Source: Chez Serge

Ah, mechanical bulls. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re here to stay. And you’ve got to admit: they make a perfect Montreal bachelorette party activity. Funny, fun, sightly embarrassing, and just the right amount of competitive… get the bride-to-be to hop on this thing and go wild on this last night of single freedom. Oh and… did you know Chez Serge is the only bar in Quebec to have a mechanical bull? Yup! Good thing you came to Montreal.

 8. Get musical at a private room karaoke bar!

Source: 19holevilamoura.com
Source: 19holevilamoura.com

Did you and the bride-to-be grow up singing the Spice Girls together? Or maybe it was Mariah Carey? Karaoke is a great way to help the bride unleash her inner superstar on this special night, whether that results in instant fame or maybe a few self-mocking laughs. Pang-Pang has private karaoke rooms, perfect to test out the waters in private, as does K-100. This is the perfect diva stop for your Montreal bachelorette party. Check ’em out!

7. Elegant Speakeasies for the Whole Crew!

Photo credit: flipboard.com

Speakeasies are a great choice for a more elegant Montreal bachelorette party. Here’s a list of three of the most renown speakeasies Montreal has to offer.

At The Coldroom, you’ll find the entrance at the exit. This Old Montreal speakeasy is easy to overlook if you’re passing by–the door isn’t marked except for a *sortie* sign. It’s set in an old industrial basement cold room (hence the name). Inside, you’ll find a dimly lit jam packed bar between aged brick walls and long wooden beams for a ceiling. The menu of expertly crafted cocktails has something for everyone and the staff is eager to help with recommendations. There’s a feeling of exclusivity that accompanies this hidden gem because of its semi-secret location. If you’re looking for a prohibition-era experience, The Coldroom will send you back to the 1920s in a flash. Rue Saint Vincent. 

Next on the list is Le Speakeasy. When you walk into the bar, it’s like walking straight into a 1930s movie: neatly-dressed bartenders in suspenders, tufted leather couches, and beautifully displayed cocktails and dishes. The list of cocktails at this bar restaurant stays true to their prohibition-era style. Try the Bees’ Knees which is a blend of gin, fresh lemon juice and honey. Their dinner menu is mainly seafood but they also offer meat, cheese and charcuterie plates. One more thing–this speakeasy is hidden behind a sandwich shop front! So, whether you’re looking for a sandwich for takeout or a speakeasy dining experience, Le Speakeasy has both to offer. 120 Rue McGill.

At Bar Big in Japan–once again–you’ll find an elegant, secret joint lit mainly with tiny tea lights placed on the long glass bar tables. The patrons range from casual hipsters to a sharply-dressed business clientele. In other words, Bar Big in Japan has a warm, hip atmosphere. The drink menu boasts an impressive list of cocktails and many options for Japanese wines, beers and whiskeys. They also offer a punch bowl for groups which is perfect for a Montreal bachelorette party. Located on Saint-Laurent street and Rachel, be sure not to overlook the unassuming red door that gives entry to this prohibition time warp! 4175 Boul St-Laurent.

6. Grab a bite at Les Enfants Terribles before you head out!

Montreal bachelorette parties
Photo credit: Les Enfants Terribles

Is your bride a classy lady with a thing for amazing, beautiful food? I bet she is. Les Enfants Terribles is a neighbourhood favourite restaurant that has mastered not only the art of dinner, but lunch, and brunch too. With a group menu, stunning decor, multiple locations, an extensive (and impressive!) cocktail menu… the special lady is in for a culinary treat. They even have a one location at the top of Place Ville-Marie that can offer your bride-to-be a stunning view of Montreal!  Check out their website here.

5. Take a pole dancing lesson in Old Montreal.

Photo credit: Milan Pole Dancing Studio

How about a some pole dancing for this soon-to-be-on-a-honeymoon lady? Milan Pole Dancing has studios all over the world, and we’re lucky enough have one in our very own gorgeous Old Montreal. They offer special bachelorette party lessons, too! Suitable for a maximum of 15 bachelorettes, this perfect activity includes light refreshments, a shoot, and a live pole dancing performance. Take a look at their site for booking info.

4. Hang out with superb drag queens at Cabaret Chez Mado!

Mado Lamotte par Joe Sioufi
Mado Lamotte par Joe Sioufi

Who better to show you a good time than Montreal’s drag queens? Beautiful, talented, wild, and often hilarious… these ladies will surely show you how to have a good time. With special guests, dance nights, and a mock top model night… bring your bachelorette booties over to Mado’s for 11pm or 1am shows. Check out their website for all the juicy details.

3. Get gastronomical in the Mile End… yum!

local montreal food tour - mile end montreal

Looking for something to do during the afternoon before your big party? Get your girls together for some foodie-ism, culture, and Mile End magic. If you’re in from out of town, this walking food tour is a great way to explore the city while you’re here. Montreal bagels, vegan falafels, and the most exquisite chocolate will surely give you girls something to talk about while you enjoy your freedom together. You can find tour schedules and booking info right here.

2. And of course… Go to the strip club!

montreal bachelorette party

What’s a bachelorette party without some nudity? Club 281 has hilarious scenes planned out for you, all enacted by hot buff dudes with washboard abs… yum! The perfect mix of laughter and sultry entertainment, buy your bride to be a lap dance for a night to remember. Who knows, will it be from a firefighter? A hot cop? Only the night will tell.

1. Don’t forget to plan your after-bachelorette party.

You’ll be much better off if you factor in the next day’s hangover. While you’re at it, why not plan ahead a few treats? Netflix, comfy PJ’s, your go-to hangover greasy snacks, and maybe a gallon or two of Gatorade. Have you heard of Chef On Call? They’ll deliver milkshakes, cookies, poutine, burgers… all the goods, right to your door in this time of need!

**Bonus! Get your nails done for the big day!

montreal bachelorette party
Photo credit: @nastia.jpg

Get some glittery nails for the big day! Ever wanted some pretty flowers or flames on your nails? Trippy Nails can add some cool designs to your finger tips! They’ll give you a creative manicure that’ll make for an easy ice breaker when the wedding’s best men are looking to strike-up a conversation at the open bar.


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