Montreal Bachelor Party Things To Do From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Yes, yes.. There are many bars, strip clubs, events, and parties in Montreal… However, for now, we’d like to to give you the lowdown on what you can do between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Montreal has many enticing activities to offer, and you shouldn’t miss out!

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No need to fill your days with too many activities! You’re on a party/vacation hybrid, and if you’ve got a hangover, you’re best off without a rigid touring schedule. But you don’t want to be bored inside your hotel room either though, right? Here are a few light bachelor party activities, perfect for that in-between waking up and hitting the strip club time frame

16. Start your day with a seriously great brunch!

montreal bachelor party brunch

Montreal has no shortage of brunch options. There’s actually so many outstanding brunch spots, you might want to pick one for Saturday and one for Sunday. If you’re looking for a spacious option, Holder Restaurant is your go to. It’s got the carbs and bacon to fix you up after a big night out. If you’re in town during the summer, Les Jardins Nelson in Old Montreal has a huge, beautiful terrace with greenery that’ll make the groom think you guys actually went to Europe for his bachelor party. If you want to splurge on something fancy before the drinking commences, we suggest Le Cartet, also in Old Montreal. They even serve traditional Quebec breakfast with baked beans…give it a try! Oh and, pro tip: since you might be a larger group, be sure to call ahead for a reservation!

15. Then, take the Montreal Brewpub Experience with Montreal Craft Beer Tours


Here it is: the absolute best way to spend your bachelor party afternoon. So you’ve had brunch, you’ve got your night time itinerary… but what about those afternoon hours? That awkward 1pm to 6pm window? A Montreal Craft Beer Tour is your go to. The 3 hour walking tour lets you enjoy a few premium craft beers, cheeses and cured meats, as you cruise through Montreal’s midtown districts. Not only that but your guide will give you local’s tips, insider info about the bars you visit, and a mini craft beer education!  Click on this link to learn more about the “Montreal Bachelor party Craft Beer Tour.” 

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14. Take in the view from the top of Mont-Royal

montreal bachelor party

The view is breathtaking at the top of Mont Royal. You can either walk to the top, or take the city bus. Bring a little flask, and have a casual drink at the top to celebrate like only a bachelor can! You can have your “bro” heart to hearts here as you take in the view and ponder the meaning of life before you take that big step. Or, take some big steps on your way up and turn it into a workout! Either way, a trip to the mountain is sure to create the perfect amount of nostalgia you can all carry back home.

13. Go pre-drinking at Kampai

Montreal bachelor party
Source: Kampai

Kampai is Montreal’s new lovechild by A5 Hospitality (known for their notably hip decor and great vibes) and Japanese cuisine chef Antonio Park. It’s the perfect spot to grab some drinks before you hit the… you know… other kinds of bars. The space at Kampai has been described as industrial-organic: an overload of green plant and exposed piping two floors, sexy dark tones but also rustic and cozy notes… it’s an outstanding space with so many lounging options: lounge chairs, sofas, pink stools.. you can easily come here with a big group and sit together, or mingle comfortably in different sections of the gigantic Asian style beer garden.

12. Take an Old Montreal Food Tour!

Beer tours not your thing? You’d rather keep that for your long night of partying? All good! Take a food tour instead! The Old Montreal Food Tour is awesome because not only does it include portuguese poutine, cake, and authentic Quebecois pudding, but it’ll give you the lowdown on Montreal’s history and take you through its oldest district. That way you can go home not only well fed and well partied, but you’ll have some new wisdom to share too.

Old Montreal Food Tour website

11. Of course, there’s… Poutine

Just before you go home on Sunday afternoon, end your trip on high note by grabbing one of our famous poutines. There are many restaurants that can fulfill your poutine needs… too many! We recommend going to Ma Poule Mouillee on Rachel, and then bringing your chorizo or chicken poutine to Park Lafontaine across the street. It’s actually a favourite summer activity amongst locals, so here’s a tip to skip the line: call before you go and order in advance! Magic. Nearby is La Banquiseanother popular spot (perhaps because they’re open 24/7). This restaurant is also the largest, which means it can accept big groups at a moments notice. Bachelor party perfection! If you can’t squeeze it in on Sunday, 3:00 AM is also a good time to enjoy a poutine.

10. Get a morning thrill by… Speed boating!

Saute Mouton Jet Boating Montreal Bachelor Party

Ok, so maybe you aren’t that hungover. Maybe you’re into.. what’s that thing..? Good clean fun? If you manage to wake up early enough, Jet Boating Montreal offers an exciting Jet Boat Tour–perfect for the bachelor seeking all kinds of different thrills. This tour begins at 10:00 am sharp every day. The one hour activity is great way to enjoy Montreal’s picturesque landscape while spiking up your adrenaline. If you can pull yourself out of bed, every second of this ride will be worth it.

9. Eat at Schwartz’s (and cross it off your bucket list)

photo: Urbanspoon

Like any city, Montreal’s got its famous, iconic, must-eat-at eateries. Schwartz might just be at the top of that list. The classic Montreal smoked meat joint, all you’ll find here is smoked meat, rye bread, mustard, and pickles. They keep it simple, and they keep it delicious. You might want to factor in waiting time and wear some sunscreen though: the constant lineup outside is just part of the Schwartz experience.

8. The Piknic Electronic – Afternoon DJ Jam

bachelor party montreal

If you’ve got room in your Sunday itinerary, consider a Piknic Electronic afternoon! Don’t worry, most people at Piknic will be hungover like you… Dancing in the sun to international DJ beats with all kinds of people… a Montreal must! It’s only 5 minutes from the Downtown core starts at 2:00 PM.

7. Experience the barber shop revival

photo: wikimedia

Depending on where you’re from, you may have noticed: not only are beards and comb-overs allthe rage these days, they’re the only rage! Many of them offer a drink & cut combo, barber shops are the perfect place for some prime “bro time” for you and your party. It’s also the perfect stop to make you feel like a king for a little while, in between your poutine and lap dance(s). Check out Andies Barber Shop if you want to stick downtown, Notorious if you want to be part of the local buzz, or Brakeless if you’re exploring the Mile-End. Freshen up your bachelor’s look before the big day!

6. Play a game of DodgeBow

Photo credit: DodgeBow

Perfect Bachelor Party Experience! How do you feel about a little healthy competition? DodgeBow is a sport that combines dodgeball, paintball and archery; so it’s essentially a dodgeball game on steroids, with bows and arrows. You and your friends are divided into two teams, with the goal of each team being to eliminate all their opponents by hunting them down with foam-tipped arrows. Throughout the session, you take on different game modes, keeping things exciting and competitive. The best part is that you do not need any archery experience; the sport is easy to pick up and you receive a training at the centre. Your group gets a private room and the games can last until 11 pm, perfect to blow off some steam before a wild night on the town.

More information on

4. Grab yourselves a kick-ass souvenir

montreal bachelor party mile end
photo credit: TheMain mtl

Okay, shopping might not be the manliest thing you can do. But hey, how else are you gonna get the manliest attire to bring back home? While you’re in one of the best looking cities in the world, you might as well steal a couple of our tips and tricks to bring back to your new life back home! Clark Street Mercantile is a Montreal based “man shop” which curates the best man products out there. Beard wax, toothpicks, flasks… If you’ve got the time to bump up your style, check this store out in between your many Montreal meals.

3. Enjoy Dinner at a nice restaurant

le mais bachelor paryt montreal

Montreal’s foodie scene is totally booming right now. With many restaurants seeking to put their own spin on the classics, competition is fierce. Take advantage of this while you’re in town! Many restaurants are also quite affordable, if you are looking to lower your costs. It’s best to make a reservation a few days/weeks in advance. If you forgot to book (oops!) these are some nice restaurants/bars which would be pleased to seat you:

  • Au Pied de Cochon – This is a MUST! Reservation required. Yep, it’s that popular.
  • Capital Tacos –  We don’t always recommend going to China Town…  but when we do… it’s for tacos! Yep, this trendy new hot spot is serving up some delicious authentic tacos. Awesome for pre-pre-drinks!
  • L’Orignal – This decked out chalet style restaurant serves oysters, duck, and much much more, right in Old Montreal
  • Yokato Yokabai – The. Best. Ramen. Ever! No, seriously: they made it onto Yelp’s top 100 in Canada. PS: sake!
  • Brit ‘n Chips – Don’t wanna break the bank? Come get some fish ‘n chips at this Old Montreal gem! A Montreal classic.

2. Chill in a park and have a beer

It’s beautiful, free, and fun! This is probably why many Montrealers do this every weekend. Parc Lafontaine, Parc Laurier, and Parc Mont-Royal are all great spots to lounge around. The rule here is that you can drink in the park as long as you’ve got a meal. So pick up a few bagels, some cream cheese, a few brews, and you’re good to go!  If you want some extra fun and are into ping-pong or petanque, Parc Laurier’s got your back.

1.*We Apologize in Advance* Have a 10$ daytime lap dance!

Many strip clubs and bars are open during the day! Why not have a quick dance and laugh with your pals? Of course, it won’t be the 10/10 girls, but you’re doing it for the laugh not the ass.  We can’t guarantee your satisfaction on this one unfortunately! Pro tip: club Super Sex has a “free” buffet during the day. Cut down those costs…?

strip club day shift

Enjoy yourselves!