If you’re planning your Bachelor party in Montreal, don’t forget these six essential tips!


1. Classic first night of clubbing and the second night… Strip Club!

Montreal bachelor party ideas

Please do yourself a favor and don’t go to Crescent street two nights in a row. There are many other better clubs, bars, and strip joints in Montreal. You can find some incredible local hot spots on St-Laurent Boulevard, Mont-Royal street, and in the Mile-End District.

2. Make sure to prepare your day hangover activities as well!

montreal beer tour

Click here : Day activities you can do in Montreal  (There are also plenty of excellent spas in Montreal to sweat out the alcohol from the night before.) Learn more about the Montreal Bachelor Party Tour <Here>

3.  Go see a Hockey or Soccer Game!

things to do montreal soccer

For all those hockey fans who are coming during off-season, take a look at Montreal’s soccer team, ‘Impact de Montréal. The Impact is now a MLS team and they are playing in a beautiful new stadium! It’s definitely worth checking out!

4.  Accommodate Your Broke Friends : Cheap Montreal Bachelor Party Ideas

things to do montreal cheap

Connected Montreal did an awesome article about Montreal Cheap bachelor party ideas. One of there best idea’s was going to a Bring your own wine/beer restaurant. We wrote a great article on the best BYOB’s in Montreal. Check it out Here! This is also a helpful article about finding cheap places to sleep.  Happy Thrifting!


5. For those not going to BYOB’s… Have a nice dinner out!

montreal bachelor party dinner

Montreal is the food capital of Canada. Enjoy an incredible meal at great restaurants like the Pied de Cochon. Where you can eat like a Lumber Jack King, seriously you will eat like one… check it out.  This probably will one of the highlights of your trip, we 100% guarantee it!

6. Drink the Local Brew/Bring the Good Stuff Back Home

bachelor party montreal beer

A. Montreal is the second city with the most breweries. You definitely need to try or bring back a few excellent craft beer products!

bachelor party activities drinking

B. The Province of Quebec invented “Ice Cider”. Definitively the type of gift you can bring back to your girlfriend when you come back home!

By Frédérik Nissen