Best Bring Your Own Wine Montreal Restaurants to Make Your Mouth Water

The most expensive part of going to a restaurant can often be high priced beverages. Most restaurants have a 200-250% mark up on alcohol! However, Montreal restaurants are one step ahead of the thrifty consumer. Some restaurants in Montreal are acquiring a special license that allows customers to BYOB (Bring your own Beer or Wine.) Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best bring your own wine Montreal restaurants. As long as you are purchasing food off of the menu, you’re welcome to consume previously purchased wine or beer inside the restaurant. Going to BYOB’s is a great way to cut down food costs without compromising the quality of your dining experience! Here are some BYOB’s that we’ve grown fond of in Montreal!

1. Luna

Photo credit: Tastet

One of few places serving Korean offerings in Le Plateau Mont-Royal, Luna strives towards authenticity with a modern twist. All of the food is homemade using traditional methods inspired by the families and ancestors of the restaurants’ owners. On the other hand, the plating and interior design will please even the most well-trained contemporary eye. This attention to detail makes the restaurant warm, inviting and, most importantly, delicious – altogether landing it a spot among the best Korean restaurants in the city, and as the best BYOW place, too. Luna is seriously so good you could just stop reading right here… but what’s the fun in that?
917 Rue Rachel E
(514) 528-2813

2. La Prunelle

Photo credit: La Prunelle

This cute little Plateau area french bistro is well known for its delicate fine dining and quaint location. Situated right on the corner of Duluth and Drolet, La Prunelle is the perfect fit for a summer night out. The two main walls of the restaurant are floor to ceiling glass window panes. In the summer months the walls roll up like garage doors and the restaurant turns into a semi-terrace. It’s a good idea to call ahead for a reservation because this place is always packed. Also a great idea to come armed with cash, they don’t accept debit!
327 Avenue Duluth E
(514) 849-8403

3. Gracia Afrika

Photo credit: Gracia Afrika

This is one of the tastiest restaurants in the St-Henri area. Chef and owner of Gracia Afrika, Bibi Ntumba, grew up in the Congo and and was taught to cook traditional African dishes by her mother. Bibi now shares all the recipes she keeps close to her heart with her clients. You can expect delicious homemade fares in a warm and bright environment. Choose from fragrant, colourful traditional dishes like the mwambé (seasoned chicken in a peanut butter sauce) or an assortment of meats cooked in a banana leaf. Ideal for a relaxed evening (Bibi personally cooks most of the dishes so wait times are occasionally longer than usual), bring a bottle, sit back, and unwind!
3506 rue Notre Dame O
(514) 713-1061

4. Le P’tit Plateau

Photo credit: Le P’tit Plateau

And now for something completely different…  another small Parisian bistro! The Plateau area’s Le P’tit Plateau is traditional french dining done right. The atmosphere is humble almost as if to announce “We let our food define us not our decor.” P’tit is open Tuesday to Friday and offers two seatings for dinner (6:30 and 8:30 pm). Reservations are essential, this tiny place is popular and fills up quickly. Yes, yes it’s a bit pricey… However, its easier to rationalize eating here by bringing that cheaper bottle of red!
330 Rue Marie-Anne
(514) 282-6342

5. Pho Viet

Photo credit: @foodiesparc

If you’re looking for the best pho in town, then look no further than the gay village’s Pho Viet. This family restaurant was opened around 10 years ago by the charming owners, Mai and Lan. The dishes are traditional vietnamese made with grilled chicken, shrimp, and beef, but there are also some vegetarian options. The food is simple but the sauces are bursting with flavour. Try the Vietnamese fondue for two that comes with chicken, tomato shrimp, and vegetables in a spiced broth. The prices are very decent, and with your own wine, you’re in for a tasty and inexpensive night!
1663 Rue Amherst
(514) 522-4116

6. Le Quartier General

Photo credit: Quartier General

**Temporarily closed** This Plateau restaurant is a great fit for many dining occasions. Whether it’s a first date or a business lunch, Le Quartier General has got you gastronomically covered. Chef Patrick Plouffe describes his food as “Contemporary Quebecois” and also “Food of the World.” Pushing aside the flowery language, this place is simply tasty. The space is large and open, accented with stained oak finishes. Somehow it manages to feel homie and modern simultaneously. One of the most unique features of Le Quartier is the open air kitchen. Restaurant goers are right in the action as they catch glimpses of the meals being prepared. Watching the best ingredients from Quebec as they sizzle, sauce and toss!
1251 Rue Gilford
(514) 658-1839

7. Pizzeria Napolitana

Photo credit: Pizzeria Napolitana

This famous Little Italy pizza joint used to be a bar where Italian immigrants would play cards and pool all while enjoying a pizza. Now a full-blown restaurant with third generation of cooks reviving their ancestors’ recipes every night, Pizza Napoletana is Montreal’s best place for traditional Italian pasta and thin crust pizza. They make their pizza dough fresh daily and their menu boasts dozens of choices for pizza and pasta. The interior isn’t anything fancy–this is a family-friendly restaurant that’s also great for a casual date. There’s usually a lineup during peak hours, so expect a wait before you and your date can share a spicy meatball!
189 Rue Dante
(514) 495-2640

8. O’Thym

Photo credit: O’Thym

It’s about time to try O’Thym! This French bistro located in the gay village has been listed as a must try for many Montrealers. Their menu changes seasonally based on the availability of local products. This bright, beautifully decorated restaurant only serves the freshest of produce which’ll pair perfectly with an old wine. It’s a great spot to impress a date, especially if you order the duck breast in a honey sauce… mmm! Consider O’Thym when trying to decide between all the best bring your own wine Montreal restaurants.
1112 Boul de Maisonneuve E
(514) 525-3443

9. Yuukai

Photo credit: Yuukai

Here’s a chance to BYOS (Bring Your Own Sake) in this Plateau area sushi restaurant. If you live for sushi, then here’s a chance to experience great dishes without the sky high prices. The restaurant is intimate and relaxed, with a simple decor and wood panels lining the walls. The food, however, is beautifully plated and they pack a lot of flavour into those sushi rolls! If sushi isn’t your thing, they also offer teriyaki dishes and udon noodles. Conveniently located on Parc avenue close to the Rialto Theatre, Yuukai makes a great pre or post show dinner.
5658 Ave du Parc
(514) 278-4572

10. Prince

Photo credit: Prince

Prince brings the white table cloth experience to BYOB. Each table in this Plateau restaurant is embellished with a tulip and the white walls and mirrors give the restaurant a light, airy feel. The prices reflect the food; Prince offers a gourmet, refined menu with the option for a five course tasting menu at 65$. The beef tartare with jalapeño, chorizo and caramelized squash is a palatable appetizer worth ordering. Main courses include foie gras, truffles and and assortment of meats. The kitchen will also accommodate vegetarian and even vegan diets. At Prince, you can get that gourmet experience and pair it with a nice wine without breaking the bank on a glass of red.
771 Rue Rachel E
(514) 528-8555

11. Bombay Mahal

Photo credit: Bombay Mahal

Amazing Indian food is the focus of Little Italy’s Bombay Mahal. This small mom & pop shop fills up quickly for lunch and dinner–and with good reason. The classic Indian dishes are spiced to perfection and the butter chicken is extra creamy. This Jean Talon street joint is nothing classy, but the food is said to be the best Indian in Montreal. Expect to wait at the door during peak hours, but once inside, pop open that bottle of wine and let your tastebuds enjoy the ride. Add this to your list of best bring your own wine Montreal restaurants.
1001 Rue Jean-Talon O
(514) 273-3331

12. Monsieur B

Photo credit: Monsieur B

In the heart of the plateau, this quaint bistro on the corner of Villeneuve and de Grand Pré invites you to pair a nice wine with their gourmet menu. Don’t let the plain decor fool you, Monsieur B serves beautifully plated dishes and classic French fares made with the freshest ingredients. Here’s your opportunity to try guineafowl meat stuffed with wild mushrooms, fried polenta, French peas & Madeira sauce. They also offer a 6 course tasting menu for 50$ that covers all the tasty bases. Share a bottle of red with a date in this quaint plateau bistro and you’ll not be disappointed!
371 Rue Villeneuve E
(514) 845-6066

13. Restaurant Grenadine

Photo credit: Restaurant Grenadine

Located in the latin quarter, Grenadine is a tiny, charming restaurant that feels more like you’ve been invited over to a friend’s dinner party than a gourmet restaurant. They serve French and Oriental fusion dishes made with local Quebec produce. There’s also a vegetarian option and a 6 course surprise for 60$. It’s also right near Places-Des-Arts which is a bustling centre for shows and festivals.
2004 Avenue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville

14. Khyber Pass

Photo credit: Khyber Pass

If you’re in the Plateau area, grab your bottle of wine and jump into a cultural as well as a culinary experience at Khyber Pass. You’ll get a taste of authentic, Afghan dishes like their lamb shank all while sitting among the hanging tapestries and art in the eclectic dining room. The dishes include kebabs and red meats and are beautifully perfumed with spices. There are also vegetarian options and a four course table d’hôte offered at 30$. If you’re not convinced yet, their terrace is also said to be one of the most beautiful in the summer. Don’t miss your chance to change it up at Khyber Pass! It’s definitely one of the best bring your own wine Montreal restaurants.
506 Avenue Duluth E
(514) 844-7131

15. Lannes & Pacifique

Lannes and Pacifique is located between Little Italy and the upper Mile End area. This new area is becoming quite trendy (read gentrified) lately with the addition of interesting foodie spots such as Lannes and Pacifique. This new bistro offers a changing seasonal menu which can be enjoyed a la carte or within a five course tasting menu. The restaurant interior is sleek and charming. This is a great spot to check out before it hits the mainstream Montrealais radar. We have a feeling it’s going to be difficult to get a reservation here in a few months!
200 Beaubian Est
(514) 439-1001

16. Les Canailles

Photo credit: Les Canailles

This mediterranean-inspired French bistro is located in the up-and-coming Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. The restaurant didn’t waste any time with its decor, they jumped right into building a refined, gourmet menu to tickle your tastebuds. Begin your dining experience with the oyster plate to share. The main courses range from squid and lobster to their exquisite meats like the popular beef tartar and the foie gras burger. In the summer, Les Canailles’ front garage-style window opens at the front making it the perfect place to dine and bring your own wine.
3854 Rue Ontario E
(514) 526-8186