St-Roch Quebec Food Tour


  • We make a total of 5 stops showcasing Quebec City's best local food.
  • Includes 2 food & craft beer pairings and an exclusive local tea
  • Enough for lunch. Perfect activity to discover the real Quebec City. Come hungry!
  • Includes all food & drink tastings, a charming tour guide and our insider's guidebook.

Why take the St-Roch Quebec City Food Tour?

Saint-Roch has become a really exciting place in recent years. The area has morphed into a vibrant, culturally diverse creative hub which has been receiving increasing amounts of press, recognizing it as one of the world's must-visit places for its foodscape and culinary achievements. Your Saint-Roch Food Tour guide will bring you around the neighbourhood's nooks and crannies in ways only an insider can. Walking around and experiencing its culinary scene is an immersive way to witness and be part of the captivating diversity of the area. Businessmen, lawyers, artists, foodies, and tech geeks walk shoulder to shoulder, creating a fun and exciting community you can be part of for at least 3 hours.

Tasting locations:

1. Fromagerie des Grondines Cheese Shop -- At our first stop we enjoy exclusive raw milk cheeses, organic charcuterie, a deluxe grilled cheese, and a sea buckthorn drink. All ingredients from and around Quebec City.

2. La Korrigane Microbrewery -- We visit one of Quebec City most beloved Craft Brewery and enjoy a Poutine & Craft Beer pairing.

3. Noctem Artisan Brewers -- Craft beer brewed on site is best enjoyed as a pairing with a hearty dish of cassoulet.

4. Camellia Sinensis Tea Shop -- Discover the famous Labrador Tea, a soothing herbal tea used for medicinal purposes by the First Nations. Learn all about the benefits of tea and take part in a unique tasting experience.

5. Champagne Chocolatier -- Try a unique chocolate and finish the tour with a chocolate-covered ice cream cone (summer) or a homemade hot chocolate (winter).

* Please note that some of the addresses are subject to change at the last minute, especially on holidays.

What to expect from the St-Roch Quebec City Food Tour?

One-of-a-Kind Food Tasting –The Saint-Roch food tour is a 3-hour guided walking tour, with 6 tasting locations showcasing (including 2 amazing brewpubs) the rich and vast Saint-Roch foodscape. Each stop offers its own refined expertise and unique flavours. The tour is designed to sample a variety of the best food from the area, including locally farmed raw milk cheese and decadent chocolates. The food tastings you’ll enjoy make for a hearty, satisfying lunch, so come hungry! The tasting locations range from passionate cheese makers, to a craft beer gastro-pub, and even a wholesome vegan bistro! All tastings are included in the ticket price.

Historic & Cultural Experience — Our tour focuses on food, but it doesn’t stop there! In between food tastings, we stop at noteworthy sights to fill you in on Saint-Roch history, fun facts, and local tips and secrets. These stops include an old corset factory, a public park, and the famous Saint-Roch Church. We also take in some unique architecture, and tell you quirky stories about the area’s former customs. You’ll also be enjoy the local tech scene, public art, and much more! The effect is a well-rounded experience of Saint-Roch’s many interesting facets.




Adult ticket: 68.99 CAD*. Children (age 7-13) : 35 CAD*. Young children (age 0-7) : 17 CAD* + 3 CAD booking fees per ticket and 14.96% taxes on the total amount. [$52 USD]


Monday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m.


All ages and fitness levels. Please consider that the walk is 1 km long and we stand for 3 of our tastings.


Maximum 16 people.


Offered upon request. Please fill out the form in our private and group tours page.


Runs rain, snow or shine! (50% of the tour is indoors). We highly recommend bringing appropriate clothing for the winter season.


This tour is vegetarian friendly. We also offer lactose-free and gluten-free options, but please note that most tastings will be altered. Some of the food may have come in contact with nuts. It is important that you inform us of any allergies and food restrictions BEFORE your tour date.


If you’re an early bird, we suggest you have a small breakfast before coming. If not, you can skip breakfast and come directly to the food tour. Our first meal is a grilled-cheese sandwich.


Tickets must be purchased before 9:45 a.m. on the given tour date. We recommend booking your tickets in advance as most of the tours tend to sell out.


We meet at Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis, our first food stop, at 199 St. Joseph Street East, Quebec City, G1K 3A8.


There are many parking spots available on the nearby streets (Caron Street). More information will be sent in your booking confirmation email.

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