St-Roch Quebec Food Tour


One-of-a-Kind Food Tasting –The Saint-Roch food tour is a 3-hour guided walking tour, with 6 tasting locations showcasing the rich and vast Saint-Roch foodscape. Each stop offers its own refined expertise and unique flavours. The tour is designed to sample a variety of the best food from the area, including locally farmed raw milk cheese and decadent chocolates. The food tastings you’ll enjoy make for a hearty, satisfying lunch, so come hungry! The tasting locations range from passionate cheese makers, to a craft beer gastro-pub, and even a wholesome vegan bistro! All tastings are included in the ticket price. For location names, please refer to the list on the right side of this webpage.

Historic & Cultural Experience — Our tour focuses on food, but it doesn’t stop there! In between food tastings, we stop at noteworthy sights to fill you in on Saint-Roch history, fun facts, and local tips and secrets. These stops include an old corset factory, a public park, and the famous Saint-Roch Church. We also take in some unique architecture, and tell you quirky stories about the area’s former customs. You’ll also be enjoy the local tech scene, public art, and much more! The effect is a well-rounded experience of Saint-Roch’s many interesting facets.


Our Saint-Roch Quebec City Food Tour is perfect for those seeking an “off-the-beaten-path” experience, and those hungry for a taste of authentic Quebec City life. If you like food, culture, and insider info, this tour is right up your alley. Those looking to discover the emerging and charming Saint-Roch foodie scene will inevitably appreciate the tour, as it takes you right to the heart of that kind of action! We invite all tourists, hardcore foodies, less hardcore foodies, adventurers, curious minds, culture buffs, anyone looking to test their palate and broaden their minds, as well as couples, friends, families, travel buddies, and of course, you! Not only is the Saint-Roch Food Tour a fun activity, it’s also a unique gift idea. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, hold a team building activity, a bachelor(ette) party, or simply just to get together with friends and have a scrumptious and fun time. Whether you’re from across the ocean or a little town nearby, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the Saint-Roch Food Tour. Rumour has it that tour participants walk away with a smile, a full stomach, and a big crush on Saint-Roch!


Saint-Roch has become a really exciting place in recent years. The area has morphed into a vibrant, culturally diverse creative hub which has been receiving increasing amounts of press, recognizing it as one of the world’s must-visit places for its foodscape and culinary achievements. Your Saint-Roch Food Tour guide will bring you around the neighbourhood’s nooks and crannies in ways only an insider can. Walking around and experiencing its culinary scene is an immersive way to witness and be part of the captivating diversity of the area. Businessmen, lawyers, artists, foodies, and tech geeks walk shoulder to shoulder, creating a fun and exciting community you can be part of for 3 hours.


Ready to join us on the Saint-Roch Food Tour? Great! Call us at 1(866) 451-9158 or click “Buy Tickets” to purchase your tickets online. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around one of our favourite neighbourhoods of Quebec City.

Where does the tour start?

Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

  • → What time should I arrive?

    Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the tour, to ensure that the tour can begin on time.

  • → What is your cancellation policy?

    All sales are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  • → Do I need to tip?

    Gratuities are not mandatory, but very appreciated. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15-20%.

  • → Are your tours in English or French? Or both?

    Currently, our tours are offered in English every day. French tours are offered upon request. You can also make a private tour request if your group includes 10 participants or more.

  • → Do you give private tours?

    We do! Our requirement for a private tour is a minimum of 10 participants. You can book a private group tour by emailing us or filling out the private tour request form.

  • → Can I get there using public transportation?

    You can! From the Fairmont Château Frontenac, Bus No. 21 is your best option. From the ferry or cruise ship terminal, take the No. 1 bus. Both buses let you off at the corner of Caron Station. Once off the bus, walk 2 blocks North until you reach St. Joseph Street, where you will find the Fromagerie des Grondines. Tickets cost 2 CAD for the No. 21 bus, 3.50 CAD for other bus lines.

  • → Where should I park my car?

    There are many parking spots available on the nearby streets of La Fromagerie des Grondines (starting point). Please note that you will have to walk back to your car at the end of the tour. It will take you approximately 7 minutes to come back to the starting point.

  • → How long is the tour?

    The itineray is 1.6 km (1 mile) long and takes about 3 hours to complete. We stay approximately 20 minutes at each tasting location. We will not walk the entire time, and there are many opportunities to sit down and relax along the way.

  • → How much food is on the Saint-Roch Food tour?

    The best way to describe the amount of food eaten on the tour is a “hearty and satisfying lunch”. Of our 6 locations, 5 are food stops. The range of food, density, and quantities are designed to leave you feeling full and satisfied, but not stuffed!

  • → Where does the Saint-Roch Quebec Food Tour start?

    We begin the tour at Fromagerie des Grondines, 199 St. Joseph St. East.

  • → Do we walk a lot? Is it fast paced?

    The tour is 1.6 km (1 mile) long, and takes about 3 hours to complete. We stay approximately 20 minutes at each tasting location. We do not walk the entire time, and there are many opportunities to sit down and relax along the way.

  • → Does the tour end at the meeting place?

    No, the tour ends at Champagne Chocolatier, a 7-minute walk from the meeting location. If you parked over there, the walk gives you an opportunity to spend time soaking in the area!

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