Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the desire to connect visitors and curious minds to the culture, foods, and community of Quebec City as it is today.  In this way, our tour is an effort to balance out Quebec City’s more mainstream tourist attractions, offering an alternative perspective of the city, and a glimpse into a world that is full of culinary passion and entrepreneurship. We take pride in our people focused approach, which aims to connect tour participants to the people of the area.


Our Quebec City food tours practice a Sustainable Tourism Philosophy. This means we keep groups small (maximum 16 people per tour) which won’t overcrowd the sidewalks and venues we visit. We also do our best to keep waste to a minimum by asking restaurants to serve their dishes on reusable plates and encouraging them to recycle. We support our local restaurants by paying them a fair wage for the food they prepare on the tours and tip the wait-staff whenever possible. We believe that our forward-thinking strategy will sustain an incredibly positive relationship between us, the restaurants, and the local residents. This ensures that our visitors get the highest quality experience when participating in our Quebec City food tours. Finally, our tours are always guided by a local who is passionate about their neighbourhood, and the locations we choose are run by the most passionate of individuals.