What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the tour, to ensure that the tour can start right on time.

How many people will there be?

We enjoy small group sizes so we can offer a more personal experience. This tour is limited to 16 people.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Who are the guides?

Our professional guides are locals who love the creative and exciting culinary scene of Quebec City. They will share stories not only about the food & drink, but about the brewpubs, bistros and restaurants that make it all possible, as well as the history of the neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide about their favorite things to do in Quebec or for inside knowledge about our great city!

Do I need to tip?

Gratuities are not mandatory, but very appreciated. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%-20%.

How do I buy tickets? Can I buy them when I show up?

All tickets must be purchased in advance, up to 3 hours before the tour. You can buy them with a Visa, AMEX, or MasterCard from our website. Cash and/or walk-up traffic the day of the tours are unfortunately not accepted.

The tour I want is sold out. Is there a waiting list?

We don’t have a waiting list system. If the tour you want is sold out, you can email us for either a private tour request or for information on alternative dates and times.

Are your tours in English or French? Or both?

Currently, our tours are offered in English every day. French tours are Sundays at noon. You can also make a private group tour request if your group is of 10 participants or more.

Can I buy a gift certificate for someone?

Absolutely. You can purchase here

Do you give private tours?

We do! Our requirement for a private tour is a minimum of 10 participants. You can book a private group tour by emailing us or filling out the private tour request form.

Can I bring my child on the tour?

Yes, you can. We have two ticket options for children: 0 to 7 years old, and 7 to 13 years old. 14 and up are considered adults.If you desire to bring your infant along the tour, who will not be eating with us, it is free. However it is recommended that you advise us in the booking notes. When purchasing these tickets, please consider that it may not be suitable for all children as the tours last 3 hours, and may be challenging for certain children’s focus and interest. The amount of standing and walking we do should also be factored in when deciding whether a tour is appropriate for a particular child. We trust parents to assess their child’s situation individually.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible? What if I have a baby stroller?

Baby strollers are welcome on the tour. The St-Roch Food Tour is not entirely wheelchair-accessible, but is wheelchair-friendly during the summer! Most, but not all of our food stops will be able to accommodate wheel chairs. Those that are not accessible will still provide the food tastings, which can be enjoyed outside.

What do you do about dietary restrictions and allergies?

It is very important to specify in advance, when purchasing tickets, if you have a dietary restriction or allergy, as this is the only way we can let our vendors know to prepare different food for you. But yes indeed, we are able to make food substitutions for most dietary restrictions. Vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten free…are all welcome! If you have an allergy, we will do our best to substitute as well. Please note that most of our locations handle nuts.

I’m from Quebec City. Should I still take the tour?

Many of our tour participants are actually Quebec City natives. Because we visit many locations and cultural spots and give unique information about them, everyone can learn something new, and taste the city’s best food. Our tour is a fun and efficient way to explore the foodie scene, whether you’re from in or out of town!

Is the tour suitable vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerants or lactose intolerants ?

Yes! There are substitutions for your food restrictions at all our locations.

Is it ok to shop at the locations while on the tour?

In order to maintain our food tasting schedule, it is important to refrain from shopping until after the tour. Our stops are timed in a way to maintain a smooth transition and to allow our vendors time to prepare the food we taste. Chances are you will see something exquisite so please reserve time to revisit the locations for shopping after the tour!

Is there a better time to take the tour?

A good rule of thumb is to take the tour at the beginning of your visit. This way, you’ll have time during your stay to revisit your favourite spots from this off the beaten path experience, and redeem your Tasting Location Coupons. Other than this specificity, there is no day or time that is better than another.

Are there beverages?

Yes there are! There are 2 beverage tastings which focus on their particular art: tea and beer. There is also water available at every food stop. We do suggest to bring along a water bottle for the very warm days.

Which restaurants do we go to?

Our list of tasting locations can be found on our “learn more about this tour” page. Tasting locations are subject to change without notice.

What kind of food do we eat?

A very wide range! Local classics, specialty food shops, and even an artisanal brewery are visited on our tour. The result is a vast sampling of local, fresh, and diverse foods. You can take a look at the locations on our “more about this tour” page, to see what their menu is like for a more in depth idea.

I’m bringing an infant/ young child. Do they need a ticket?

There are two ticket options for children: young children (2 to 6 year olds), and children (7 to 13 year olds). Infants and young children who will not be eating do not need tickets, but please leave a note in the note section if you plan on bringing an infant or child without a ticket so that we may be advised.

Are bathrooms available?

Yes, most of our tasting locations have bathrooms available to us.

If it rains or snows, is the tour still on?

Absolutely! Rain, shine, or snow, we hold the tours. Because we enter our tasting locations, any kind of weather will not affect the food experience. We also have ponchos we can provide as need be. That being said, please be sure to check the weather beforehand and dress appropriately!

Do we just walk around, drinking and eating?

No way! Even though the food and drinks on the tour are amazing, The Quebec City Food Tour is much more than that. We have a strong focus on architectural commentary, historical facts, and unique information about Quebec City culture. It’s a 3 hour experience that combines local culinary bliss with interaction with learning about locals from locals!

You can check out previous customer reviews on Yelp, Google+ and TripAdvisor to learn more of their experiences. You can also check out our blog, which gives the inside scoop on what to do in Quebec City.

Can I take pictures?

Yes you can! We strongly encourage participants to take pictures so that they can remember this fun cultural experience. You can also share your pictures on Instagram and Twitter using our hashtag #quebeccityfoodtours