Evening Old Quebec City Food Tour

What to Expect from the Old Quebec Evening Food & Drink Tour?

Discovery and Team Building -- Famous landmarks and contemporary restaurants along your route reveal the layers of history in the area, giving you a chance to experience the authentic relationships between the tasting locations and locals, the people and places. As you learn about the city and the people in it, you'll also learn about each other, weaving your own stories with those told by the guide. Stops such as the City Hall and St-Jean street are the perfect backdrop for making memories together.   

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Tasting Locations

  • La Bûche - The menu at La Bûche features traditional Quebecois dishes with a contemporary twist. We start the tour with a 3-course tasting here with a Québécois pea soup, pâté chinois, and maple taffy. 
  • Les Mordus - Les Mordus is focused on fish and seafood dishes, with a particular emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients. We enjoy a seafood lasagna with rosée sauce, mussels, shrimps, lobster, salmon and spinach, everything paired with a glass of white wine. 
  • Maison Livernois - Taste the most notorious dish in Quebec City: poutine! Adult + Alcohol tickets receive a Québécois gin pairing. At this stop we also taste a notorious Québecois dessert called "sucre à la crème."

One-of-a-Kind Food and Drink Tastings -- After meeting at the initial tasting location, the tour takes you through the enchanting streets (and hidden locations) of beautiful, historic Old Quebec. Along the way, you'll stop at some of the city's best restaurants giving you the chance to taste a wide variety of both contemporary and traditional dishes as well as drinks paired perfectly to your meal. Tastings can include dishes from salad to pasta and poutine, offering a wide variety of flavours that a single restaurant would not capture.


Old Quebec City Evening Food & Drink Tour Highlights

  • A visit to 3 unique local restaurants
  • Wine & craft beer tastings paired with your meal 
  • Old Quebec’s essential historic sites
  • Time spent with 10-100+ friends, family members or coworkers

Why take the Old Quebec Evening Food & Drink Tour?

In a word: to get a taste of what Quebec City has to offer. By combining food, drink and culture, this tour gives you an intimate look at the area, its history and its people and offers a chance to get to know each other better too. Surrounded by the beauty and charm of Quebec City most historic neighbourhood, you won’t just look at the city, but interact with it. 

  • Taste Quebec’s gourmet cuisine and regional dishes
  • Take in the vibrant local culture and its rich history
  • Get to know your group better as you walk and talk
  • Bond through a meaningful shared experience
  • Don’t worry – we’ll take care of all the details 
  • Enjoy pre-ordered food & drink pairings without the hassle

Where do the Old Quebec City Food Tour starts?

We meet at La Buche Restaurant at 49 Saint-Louis Street.


Adults 18+ of all fitness levels, although this tour is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.


10 - 100+ guests


This is tour is currently only offered as a private tour. Please fill out the form on our private tour page.


The tour runs rain or shine, or extreme snow! However, we strongly recommend wearing appropriate clothes for the winter season.


The Old QuebecEvening Food & Drink Tour can adapt to any food restrictions. We offer vegetarian, vegan, non alcool, or gluten-free options.


The Old Quebec Evening Food & Drink Tour offers enough food to satisfy a dinnertime appetite!


Tickets must be purchased 2 weeks in advance.


We do not recommend parking on the street, as the maximum is 2 hours, and our tour lasts 3 hours. There are paid parking lots nearby at 735 William Street, 687 St. Paul St. West and 720 St. Maurice St.

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