A List of 8 Best Spas in and Around Montreal

Life can be stressful–whether it’s work, school, or spending time with the in-laws–it’s important to take time for yourself, even if it’s just for a few hours. Stress can take a toll on our minds and bodies, luckily Montreal is surrounded by spas in and around the city. Whether you’re looking for an urban spa in the heart of the city, a remote spa in the middle of the woods, or a spa with a view, this list can help you decide which spa is perfect for you to unwind.

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8. Spa Escale Santé

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Photo credit: Spa Escale Santé

Spa Escale Santé, in the center of Montreal Angus area, is an intimate spa that offers indoor Icelandic baths in a soothing setting. Begin your relaxation journey in their sauna, rinse off in their waterfall, and indulge in the many perks they offer like massages, facials and other self-care services. The urban decor has a modern feel that’s both clean and cozy, giving the spa an air of instant comfort. If you’re looking for a little getaway without traveling too far, take this opportunity to feel relaxed and rejuvenated at this oasis in the heart of the city.

7. Solstice sauna – Social sauna and cold plunge

This brand new thermal experience that recently opened in North Hatley is quite a unique thing to do at a 90 minutes distance from Montreal. Their leitmotiv is :”Social sauna, sauna for all” Enjoy the warmth of the sauna and then immerse yourself in the cold but invigorating waters of Lake Massawippi.

Come meet and socialize with other sauna and cold water swimmers while relaxing in front of beautiful Lake Massawippi. The 75-minutes experience allows for several sauna and bathing moments.

  • The sauna can accommodate up to 12 people
  • Children accompanied by parents are welcome
  • It is important to book the session in advance as we have a small capacity on site.


6. Balnea Spa

Montreal Spas
Photo credit: Balnea Spa

Bromont’s Balnea Spa is your ideal destination to escape the city. For some fresh air and exercise, followed by some deep relaxation, Balnea offers 22 kilometres of trails for hiking, as well as yoga classes, nature boot camps, and other activities to get your blood pumping. Reward yourself after an exciting day to their outdoors baths, sweat lodge, thermal waterfalls, and forest basin. Their restaurant, Lumani, is perfect to finish the day off by enjoying their seasonal and all natural cuisine.

5. Skyspa

Montreal spas
Photo credit: Skyspa

If your idea of optimal relaxation includes a beautiful view, head to Skyspa in the Dix30 center. This rooftop terrace, open in the summer and winter alike, is the perfect post-workday stop to enjoy a peaceful moment with a beautiful panoramic backdrop. Step into their Californian hot baths, eucalyptus steam baths, and Finnish saunas. Delight your taste buds at the Skyspa bistro that prepares healthy meals like salads and cheese plates. Top off your day with a glass of wine, sangria, or beer and let your worries fade away…

4. Scandinave Spa Old Montreal

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Photo credit: Scandinave Spa Old Montreal

This Scandinavian spa in the heart of Old Montreal believes in the relaxation power of baths and water therapy. They focus on three key aspects: body warming, rinse stations, and relaxation areas. Warm up in their eucalyptus steam bath, their sauna, and hot baths. They’re also proud of their ‘eco spa’ philosophy: they compost, recycle heat to warm their water jet bath, and use natural ingredients for their cleaning products. Top off your spa experience with a relaxing massage, and let the day melt away.

3. Bota Bota

Montreal spas
Photo credit: Bota Bota

In the heart of Montreal’s Old Port is a spa that is as beautiful to look at as it is relaxing. Bota Bota is unique: it’s an old converted boat that’s anchored on the St-Lawrence river. Bota Bota offers spectacular views of Montreal’s historic port and allows you to be surround by the soothing flow of the river. Its many floors offer different services, from eucalyptus steam baths, saunas, outdoor whirlpools, a gourmet restaurant and a garden. Follow their water circuit that begins in a hot sauna, followed by a dip in a cold pool, and finish it off in a relaxation area or enjoy the view from their whirlpool. It’s walking distance from Square Victoria metro which makes this spa the ultimate relaxation haven without ever having to leave the city.

2. Strøm Spa Nordique

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Photo credit: Strom Spa Nordique

Strom Spa’s philosophy is to combine the Nordic spa experience with urban living. Only minutes away from Montreal’s city centre, this Nun’s Island spa offers a myriad of baths at different temperatures. They believe in the benefits of plunging into hot and cold baths to release toxins and promote relaxation of the body and soul. Unwind under their thermal and Nordic waterfalls, immerse yourself in a eucalyptus steam bath, and finish off the experience in a Finnish sauna!

1. Polar Bear’s Club

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Photo credit: Polar Bear’s Club

Polar Bear’s Club in Piedmont, Quebec, is the ideal place to experience the benefits of thermotherapy. Begin by spending time in an intensely-heated sauna and follow this with by immersing yourself in fresh, clean water. This ritual is a great relaxation technique and also has health benefits for your blood and skin. The spa is equipped with peaceful lounge areas and whirlpools for chatting and unwinding. Spend time in their heated outdoor bath in the winter and enjoy the stillness of the woods that surround this beautiful spa.

Bonus! Join the Old Montréal Food & Drink Tour!

To step up your spa day to the next level, combine a trip to the spa with a delightful food tour! The Old Montréal Food begins with a culinary journey through the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal, where you’ll learn all about the city’s food, history and culture. The Old Montreal Food Tour finishes only a few minutes away from 2 excellent nordic spas locating in Old Port. Giving you the chance to spend plenty of quality time together, without the pressure, this tour makes for an amazing date that is sure to impress.

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