Take a Food tour and discover Toronto’s foodiest neighbourhoods

Beyond Kensington Market Food Tour

We’re passionate about our city and love telling its unique stories. Embark on this one-of-a-kind journey and experience Toronto by sampling its delicious culinary heritage.
Embark on this one-of-a-kind journey and experience Toronto on a 3h food walking tour. 

The Best Toronto Food Tours and Walking Tours to Take For a Taste of the City

Taking a tour can be an incredible way to get to know a city you’re visiting, or see your own from a new perspective – especially if its a food tour. There’s no better way to learn about a place than to set out on foot, look at the scenery, hear the sounds and taste the food, all while your guide tells anecdotes and tales that put it all in context. In exploring the city’s culinary culture you’ll get a sense for its values, traditions and history. Plus, the food you sample on these Toronto food tours is some of the city’s best. You’ll leave happy and satisfied as the city’s flavours dance in your mouth and inspire your imagination.

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Local Toronto Food Tours

Photo credit: Gaelle Leroyer for Local Food Tours

Get an insider perspective on two of the city’s most vibrant, exciting, and multicultural neighbourhoods. Led by a passionate and experienced local guide, the Beyond Kensington Market Toronto Food Tour infuses stories from Toronto’s past with personal anecdotes and experiences, while highlighting the exciting art and architecture the area is known for today. Not only will you learn a lot, trying 12 different samples from 7 food stops at an unbeatable price will leave your hearts, stomachs and wallets feeling full and happy. Just like the trials immigrants faced while building these neighbourhoods, this is an off-the-beaten-path experience that takes you to hidden alleyways and unexpected tasting locations that will show you what Chinatown, Kensington Market and Toronto are all about. Click here to learn more about this food tour!

Culinary Adventure Co.

toronto food tours culinary adventure co toronto islands picnic
Photo credit: Wendy Altschuler

They are food industry professionals who run tours all around Canada with a spirit of adventure, and the ones in Toronto are no exception. Paddle a canoe across the harbour before embarking on a multi-course meal with their Escape the City Canoe Paddle + Dining Adventure. If you’re looking for an expertly crafted dining experience that lets you into the intimate parts of the neighbourhood of your choice (VIP access tour of the St. Lawrence market, anyone?), check out the full range of Toronto tours on their website

Toronto Urban Adventures

urban adventures toronto food tours
Photo credit: Toronto Urban Adventures

Have a foodie experience in “Hogtown.” When Pigs Fry is a tour around downtown Toronto, playing off its historic nickname and bringing you all the best porcine culinary creations the city has to offer. Not only will you be taught about Toronto, but you’ll learn some pig facts along the way that you didn’t know you needed to know. Plus, Toronto Urban Adventures know that Beer Makes History Better. website


talk walk toronto food tours
Photo credit: TalkWalk

While you may not eat on the tour, TalkWalk will surely give you some food for thought! Showcasing an often overlooked part of the cityscape, the tour will introduce you to Toronto’s public art. Get to know the city and the forces that shape it by exploring the stories behind the artworks with the knowledgeable and passionate guide, Hamish. He will lead you on discussion based tour that challenges you to really look at the city with fresh eyes, feel the heartbeat of Toronto, and laugh at it too. If you’re as excited about culture as we are, you can’t miss this truly unique tour experience. There’s so much richness hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered by visitors and locals alike. website

Savour Toronto

savour toronto food tours
Photo credit: Savour Toronto

Savour Toronto lets you get to know the city thorough your tastebuds, touring you through its best food establishments. Whether those are chic new restaurants or mom and pop hole-in-the-walls, they are all local treasures. Most of the tours are 3.5 hours long so you can really get a good Taste of Chinatown, be sure you’ve had all the Best of The West, or simply enjoy a Sweet Sensation. You’ll learn not only about the city, but the businesses you visit too, giving them a context within the community. website

Go Tours

go tours toronto food tours
Photo credit: Go Tours

Go Tours calls the Distillery District its home, so they can truly give you an insider perspective. Embark on a stroll through the area, taste its finest fare, or go for the gut on the Prohibition and Whisky History Tour. Whichever tour you choose, you’ll learn all about Toronto’s history of inebriation in a district that was built to make it happen. Instead of hearing your friends talk about the silly things they’ve done, you’ll learn about how booze meets big business, even if its a ring of prohibition-era gangsters running the show, and there’ll be some funny drunk stories along the way, too. If you’re looking to spice up your adventure even more, hop on a segway to zip around the cobblestone streets! website

Toronto Food Tours Inc.

toronto food tours
Photo credit: Holly_campers via TripAdvisor

This tour company will show you around the whole city with a myriad of food and drink tours spanning from East to West. Get a taste of knowledgeable Chef Scott’s Toronto with their original Riverside + Leslieville “East End Eats” Food Tour, or let the city’s secrets be unleashed under the cover of darkness on the Late Night Cocktails & Secret Bars Tour. You can even join an Urban Mushroom Foraging excursion, and more, to get a feel for the roots of the food industry! website

Toronto Free Walking Tours

toronto free walking tours toronto food tours
Photo credit: Toronto Free Walking Tours

That’s right! This is a free tour around Old Toronto that’ll take you around all of the area’s most notable sights. Not only will you get to see the city, its architecture, and its people, you’ll hear the stories behind them too. In this historic district where brick meets concrete and old mingles with new, you’ll get a rich sense of the city’s history and the place of the modern metropolis within it. Plus, you’ll learn about all the go-to spots for both Old Toronto residents and visitors. website

Tasty Tours

tasty tours toronto food tours
Photo credit: Tasty Tours

On a Tasty Tour, you’ll get to know the flavours of Toronto and their striking richness and variety. Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth, Cocoa – from bean to bar to tastebuds – is the star of Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Kensington Market, Tasty Tours will reveal its both its sweet and savoury sides. With a maximum of ten people per tour, you’ll get to know each other too! website


chopsticks and forks toronto food tours
Photo credit: Chopsticks+Forks

Their Kensington Market VIP International Toronto Food Tour takes advantage of Toronto’s diversity, taking you on a multicultural food tour of the city’s most vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood. Fill up for lunch while tasting the flavours of the world that only meet in this unique area. Plus, vegetarian options are easily available! If you’re a group, try their private tour adventure Korean Food 101. By diving deep into a single cuisine you’ll get to know how culture expresses itself around the dining table. website

New World Wine Tours

new world wine tours toronto food tours
Photo credit: New World Wine Tours

New World Wine Tours will guide you through the Distillery District’s cobbled streets and back alleys. You’ll feel like a VIP when you join their Sake or Spirit experience – whichever takes your fancy. If you’d rather a sweeter affair, follow them west for the Queen Street Pastry Crawl and try a variety of tasty treats as you wander around the graffiti’d streets of downtown Toronto. Or, if you’re looking for a break from the city, they’ll provide that too. Included in one of their tours is a flight to Niagara’s top three wineries for a day of true indulgence and escape. website

Foodies on Foot

501 streetcar toronto food tours
Photo credit: TTC/Handout

Foodies on Foot will take you on a journey to discover the cuisine of the city… in a couple of unique ways. Hop on board the 501 Streetcar Food Tour with your friendly and knowledgeable guide. As you cross the city from West to East you’ll delight in all the tasty treats in between. Or, learn about the city’s street art, the culture surrounding it, and the styles and the politics of Toronto’s Graffiti Alley on the Street Art and Street Food Tour. You’ll quickly realize the walls of the alley mean so much more than a photo-op. Plus, there’s spectacular gourmet food along the way, of course. website

Tour Guys

tour guys toronto food tours
Photo credit: Tour Guys

And finally, to cap off the list, we have another free tour to recommend! Or several, to be exact, that are run by the Tour Guys all around the city. The sister company of Urban adventure offers tours on a “pay what you feel” basis. This way, anyone can have an exceptional tour experience. They cover fascinating subjects such as Power, Politics, & The PATH in the underground city of Toronto’s Financial District and Death, Disease, & Destruction in Old Town, unearthing a darker past. Meanwhile the Fact or Fiction Ghost Tour lets you decide if you want to believe. website