Team building Toronto: Build community with these top 16 team building activities!

Sometimes, it’s important to play together in order to work together. Whether you want to celebrate everyone’s hard work or foster a greater sense of community, these team building activities in Toronto are perfect for bringing your team closer together.

Improve communication, morale, and unity around the workplace through play! By giving your employees a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level, develop new skills and practice collaborating in a low-stakes environment, creative ideas can begin to flow more freely. Plus, we’re sure everyone will appreciate the chance to have a little bit of unexpected fun!

If you’re not sure where to start, or just looking for a little inspiration, keep reading to discover 12 of the most exciting team building activities in Toronto.

1. Take the Kensington Market Toronto Food Tour

Photo by Local Food Tours

Sharing a meal together is a team building activity as old as time. However, sitting around a table doesn’t always allow for dynamic conversations. The Beyond Kensington Market Toronto Food Tour is the perfect opportunity to savour a wide variety of foods from around the globe, all while exploring two vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, the Evening Kensington Market Food & Drink Tour is perfect for those wanting to loosen up just a little more. As you and your team stroll through the streets, your local guide will fill you in on the stories behind the food, the people and the places that you see. Both of these tours are sure to spark interesting conversations at each of the unique food and drink destinations!

Feel free to join any of our public tours or request a private tour for groups of 10 or more. Click here to learn more about both tours or book your tickets now!

2. Pilot a starship together to complete a sci-fi mission

Photo by Biff Bam Pop!

Sci-fi lovers, video game players and escape room enthusiasts will all enjoy this unique, immersive experience. Proxima Command is a starship simulator that invites your team to work together to pilot the ship and complete your mission. Your team will explore space together as the peace keeping inhabitants of Proxima Command to overcome any obstacles that come in your way. Though this escape room is out of this world, the skills and relationships built through play can transfer to the everyday world of the workplace.

3. Choose between many activities to find the perfect fit

beat the box teambonding team building activities
Photo by TeamBonding

Experts in uniting teams of professionals, TeamBonding offers a wide variety of engaging, imaginative team building experiences that feel more like play than a forced activity. Their programs span a wide variety of interests and fields: scavenger hunts, VR, cooking lessons, game shows, problem solving puzzles, charitable contributions and so much more. You can tailor your event specifically to your needs and so that although these activities feel like play, they’re designed help your team achieve its own unique objectives.

4. Come together for something sweet

Photo by Chocolate Tales

You might just find what you’re looking for in the sweetest of places, and it’s easy to imagine your staff connecting through a shared love of chocolate. With customizable team building activities and chocolate-themed events, Chocolate Tales is a flexible choice that’s sure to please. They’ll even bring the chocolate to you! They offer a hands-on experience of the chocolate making process and a chance to brainstorm and get creative in a memorable way.

5. Climb like a kid again

pursuit ocr team building activities toronto
Photo by Pursuit OCR

Pursuit OCR is an obstacle course designed specifically for adults. It’s a community-oriented space that’s inclusive and breaks down barriers by taking people out of their comfort zones. It’s the perfect space to unleash your inner child and get competitive, though you don’t need to be a pro-athlete to complete their obstacles designed for a variety of skill levels. Pursuit OCR is a dynamic way to get your team moving and active together, fostering community and freedom of expression.

6. Work on your team’s happiness through play

participants in a fundamentals of play workshop team building activities in toronto
Photo by FUNdamentals of Play

Fundamentals of Play is all about having fun, but unlike some other activities, they have a distinct focus on team building strategies and even corporate mental health. Their PLAYshops are geared specifically to help teams to work together by fostering positivity, teamwork and creativity in a fun and engaging way. By focusing on employees’ happiness, they help people break down their walls, and fully bring themselves to work for a more innovative, dynamic and creative workplace! If that interests you, you’re in luck. These PLAYshops can take place anywhere, anytime for 8 people up to 200.

7. Immerse yourself in adventure at an escape room

the cast of casa loma escape room king of the bootleggers
Photo by Casa Loma Escape Series

There’s no avoiding it, escape rooms are the hottest new trend… and for good reason. Providing an immersive and engaging challenge, they ask you to work together and think outside of the box. What could be better for improving your team’s collaboration and problem solving skills? Secret City Adventures run some of our favourite team building activities in Toronto. New and strange worlds full of witty, gritty characters and unexpected clues unfold in the halls of Casa Loma as wells as other exciting destinations. With immersive storytelling, these escape rooms feel just like being inside your very own play.

8. Break the ice with an improv workshop

improv workshop at bad dog comedy theatre toronto
Photo by chompychompy on TripAdvisor

Speaking of theatre, improv lessons can also help build your own new world. While team members learn to roll with the story and play off each other’s words, it’s easy to see how these skills translate to a corporate environment. Bad Dog Theatre offers custom workshops that help build trust in yourself and others, improve collaboration and foster communication, all in a creative and fun way. As your team share in this unique experience you’ll find that, above all, the laughter is sure to roll.

9. Make your event an adventure on the Toronto Islands

team building activities in toronto voyageur canoe group
Photo by The Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre

The Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre offers a series of unique adventures that take your team out of their comfort zones and onto the water. Explore the islands by bike, in a voyageur canoe, 2 person kayak or on a stand up paddle board in one of their many fully customizable scavenger hunts, races and other epic adventures. By choosing to collaborate or compete and adjusting the intensity level to your group’s needs, one of these aquatic adventures will certainly inspire you. Plus, they can easily accommodate larger groups. So, plan for a dynamic team building activity in Toronto this summer and explore Toronto’s waterfront at the same time!

10. Get creative with a painting workshop

group posing with their canvases at paint cabin toronto
Photo by Paint Cabin

If the lake is frozen over, or the great indoors are more your speed, you can still paint the landscape of your dreams at a creative workshop from Paint Cabin. With a motto like “Create! Drink! Repeat!” it’s easy to have fun with colour for even the most novice artist! Their team building events let you take charge of your creative vision, and work on a project that inspires you. It’s the perfect way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. The fun atmosphere is also stocked with all the supplies you could need to make something beautiful (or funny, or spooky) together.

11. Work together for a good cause

habitat for humanity habitat build day corporate team building activities in toronto
Photo by Habitat for Humanity

Nothing is more fulfilling than uniting for a greater cause. Take your corporate group on a Habitat for Humanity Habitat Build Day to take part in one of the most meaningful team building activities in Toronto. Learn new skills on the Habitat build site as you help construct homes for families in need. You and your colleagues will get the chance to connect with each other and the community in a hands-on way and help make a real difference. No equipment or prior experience is required, so all you need to do is bring your good spirit, and you’ll leave feeling accomplished, united and inspired.

12. Enjoy the friendly competition of a ping pong match

playing ping pong at spin toronto
Photo by The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide

If you want your team building event to feel a bit more like a party, consider hosting it at SPIN, a ping pong social club right in downtown Toronto. The casual activity pairs well with beers or cocktails, but gets you moving and on your feet. Smaller teams of up to ten people can book a single table and enjoy a showdown in the club’s vibrant atmosphere. Or, you can host a private event for up to 300 guests, making it the perfect space for a dynamic corporate party for the whole office. It’s time to bring out your colleagues’ playful side!

13. Battle it out with some axe throwing

batl axe throwing corporate event
Photo by Statflo via Glassdoor

With BATL, team building is all about getting your adrenaline going. Hurling an axe at a target is certainly a thrill! Much like bowling, a group of your party will probably be throwing in a few separate lanes (depending on how many of you there are), but unlike bowling every moment is full of excitement. Once you’ve received the proper coaching, you can enjoy their local craft beer and flexible food options. Then, build camaraderie by cheering each other on!

14. Turn cocktail hour into a learning opportunity

bartending classes and cocktail workshop at the bartending institute of toronto
Photo by MMI_UofT via Twitter

If your team fancies a cocktail hour, why not get them engaged in the activity, and take them to a cocktail workshop? Mix and make cocktails for each other under the guidance of a talented instructor at the Toronto Institute of Bartending. Now, that’s one class almost anybody would love to take! As you sip on trendy craft cocktails, learn about mixology and perfect your skills, everyone’s work front is sure to come down. Plus, learning a new skill, especially this one, is always a rewarding takeaway from any team building activity.

15. Shape some clay along with your team building experience

gardiner museum corporate team building workshop
Photo by Gardiner Museum

Another crafty option for your team, Toronto’s Gardiner Museum also offers corporate team building experiences. With materials, instruction and firing provided, you can let your imaginations run wild. Some companies offer mugs to all their employees, but it’s much cooler if your team make their own mugs for themselves or as gifts to each other. With a medium as versatile as clay there are so many possibilities, and you can shape the experience to be exactly what you want it to be.

16. Bond your team on your terms

teambonders corporate olympics
Photo by Teambonders

Finally, Teambonders offers just about every team building activity you can imagine. They can be your one-stop-shop for all your corporate program needs. Indoor and outdoor games, escape rooms, charity events, culinary competitions, game show themed activities and so much more are on offer. Take a look at their vast selection and find the perfect team building activities in Toronto for your team!