Top 10 Things to do in Quebec this Winter Season

From adventurous activities to relaxing getaways, find out the wide range of winter themed events in the beautiful snow-covered Quebec City!
things to do in quebec city winterwinter things to do in quebec city


10.  Skate in Place D’Youville or on the Plains of Abraham

Stretch your legs and come out to the skating rink. Fresh air, frosted views, and plus it’s completely free!


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9. Grab a bite to eat at Le Pied Bleu 

Le Pied Bleu is a homey little restaurant situated in the trendy St. Roch neighborhood. They offer real delicious meals, a friendly service, and a unique rustic atmosphere. Make sure to check them out if you’re a passionate foodie, or if you just want to eat a good meal! mg_0472479199_503349946393304_238901013_o (photo credit:Le Pied Bleu, Guillaume D. Cyr)

8. Do some winter camping at the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

Located just 30 minutes from downtown, le Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is home to one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in the province. It even hosts authorized campgrounds for winter camping, and fully-equipped cabins for those less willing to brace the cold. (Make sure to reserve!) 1052573_712454755453208_1932188296_o (Photo credit: Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier)

7. Warm up and go grab a beer at a local brewery

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Quebec and Canada. Currently 4.5 out of 5 consumed beers in Canada are brewed domestically and distributed locally. Quebec City is home to many breweries, such as: La Souche and La Barberie, which both offer eclectic, fresh beers. 10001148_587651537996412_115091706_o (Photo credit: La Souche)

6. Visit the Musée de la civilisation de Québec

This museum has plenty of wonderful exhibits and permanent collections. Currently their is a mythological showcase of a Greco-Roman collection of Berlin called “Masters of Olympus” until March 2015. The museum also offers guided tours, hands-on activities and group packages! 10155589_10152349315504028_3718958265723005251_n (photo credit: Musée de la civilisation)

5. Spend a day (or a weekend) at the Quebec Winter Carnival Le Carnaval de Québec

This is one of largest winter festivals in the world! Quebec Winter Carnival is filled with fun activities: such as: parades, ice sculptures, public parties, shows, amusement parks, sleigh races and much, much more! Also, dare to challenge the winter with the “Bain de Neige” or snow bath event, a classic event at the carnaval! things to do in winter quebec city quebec city things to do in winter (Photo credit: Le Carnaval de Québec)

4. Take a food tour in St. Roch

St-Roch is one of the oldest, trendiest neighborhoods in Quebec City. It is a beautiful district that is home to many local restaurants, entrepreneurs, and artisans. It is gastronomically diverse as well as historically significant. Why not discover its streets and cuisine through a charming walking food tour made available by Quebec City Food Tours? The tour last 3 hours long and makes a total of five stops. To have an into depth look at the tour click here. Le Cloché Penché Restaurant

3. Partake in an activity with the Morrin Cultural Centre

Built over 200 years ago as a prison, the Morrin Centre is now one of Quebec’s most beautiful libraries. Delve into their halls, explore their prison exhibition, take a guided historical tour or partake in one of their many cultural events. This place is a hidden gem, and it is well worth the visit! morrin-centre


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2. Spend a night in Quebec’s Ice Hotel

As one of the most popular Quebec winter attractions, the Ice Hotel should definitely be on your to-do list. Entirely made of ice and snow, it offers fascinating architecture, ice sculptures, an ice slide, an ice bar, tours, and more! 10001196_658376957562185_115141470_o (Photo credit: Hôtel de Glace)

1. Go eat at the revolving restaurant Ciel!

Ciel! is a rotating restaurant located at the top floor of the Le Concorde Hotel. It offers a gorgeous complete 360 degree view of the city. Friendly staff, excellent service, and good food. (Be sure to call and reserve prior to ensure that you have a window seat). 10154932_659457664165571_3297558355490392958_n 10888779_660539557390715_134403433979075902_n (Photo credit: Charlotte @chabouuu) Written by: Kimberly Handfield