Top 10 Fun Things to do in Quebec City this Fall

By Kimberly Handfield

Quebec is an explosion of colors in the fall. It blends greens, reds, oranges and golden yellows until the white flight of snow. Autumn is the perfect time for hikes, celebrating Halloween, and savoring an authentic Quebec meal.

10. Visit Quebec city’s historic cemeteries

With Halloween just around the corner why not visit some of the most important burial grounds of Quebec. Here is a list of some important historical and urban cemeteries.


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9. Have an amazing meal at Le Tiers Temps

Le Tiers Temps is a restaurant situated in the St. Roch neighborhood. This place serves some serious comfort food. Its authentic, diverse, local and simply delicious. Not to mention that the wait staff is courteous and very knowledgeable!


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8. Spend Halloween at the Plains of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham have plenty of Halloween activities lined up for fall. There are plenty of thematic decorations and haunted tours!


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7. Go on a Food Tour

Discover Quebec City’s hip, up and coming district: Saint Roch. This 3 hour walking tour narrows down the best places to eat at in the neighborhood. You will taste: classic home-made pea soup, a beet, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar salad, some local apple cider…to name a few. Foodies should not miss this opportunity!


6. Watch the sunset from the Vallée Bras-du-Nord

La Vallée Bras-du-Nord is a place for kayaking, hiking, walking, biking, horseback riding, canyoning, skiing, and more! Enjoy its various activities and gaze at its the natural beauty (especially during the colors of fall).


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5. Take the panoramic gondola in Mont-Sainte-Anne

This 8 person gondola offers breathtaking views of the mountain, landscape and region. Once at the top make your way to a pedestrian trail for a hike through nature.

2012 Mt St Anne DH Qualifying Race

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4. Savor a modern sugar pie topped with maple cotton candy at Laurie Raphael!

Laurie Raphael Restaurant is a creative culinary experience, rooted with a Quebec twist. Autumn is the time for delicious seasonal dessert, and we have fallen in love with their maple flavored cotton candy.


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3. Go to pirate night at the aquarium

This is the 8th year in a row that the Aquarium du Quebec holds a Halloween event. During this event visitors: get to visit the aquarium by torch light, are greeted and scared by various spooky characters that haunt its halls, and get to interact and play many games and activities!

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2. Go to the Quebec City Film Festival

Young filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts gather! Founded in 2011, this film festival presents over 100 short films and feature films from all over the world. The festival also offers free activities and interactive installations.


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1. Go for a romantic walk, café au lait in hand in Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge

Fall is such a romantic time: the leaves changing colors, the brisk air, and the hot drinks. Alongside your partner stroll the parks gardens, footpaths, and make sure to stop and take in the breathtaking view of the river.


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