Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour


  • 3 local specialty craft beer breweries that you'll get to know
  • 6 incredible beers of various styles, totalling to a bit more than 2 pints or 1,000 ml of beer
  • Paired food tastings with each beer: a special Westmall beer poutine, local cheese, beef gravlax and chocolate - expertly chosen to make the best flavour combinations

Why take the Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour?

Our Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour will help you discover local and unique products made here in Montreal, while experiencing the city from a new perspective. This guided tour takes you through the Quartier Latin and Quartier des Spectacles to show you Montreal’s best kept secrets, give you the inside scoop on the festival scene and treat you the most delicious craft ales in the world. Locals, tourists, friends, coworkers, couples and urban explorers are sure to have a good, genuine time, and walk away with a greater appreciation for Montreal, its festivities and let’s face it - a bit buzzed. 

Tasting Locations

1. Brasserie St-Bock - You'll be served 2 craft beers, based on the season, alongside a mini poutine infused with nothing other than the best: beer, of course! 2. L’Amère à Boire - The first pairing is a German Hefeweisen with a piece of beef gravlax, followed by a unique Czech beer with a fresh local cheese. There are nachos on the table too! 3. Benelux  - Here we drink 1 IPA and finish off the tour with a seasonal Imperial Stout. These are enjoyed with a selection of delicious chocolates.

One-of-a-Kind Beer Tastings – The Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour is a 3 hour guided tour you will get to experience 3 locally owned and founded craft breweries. Between them, you will savour 6 beers that are unique to Montreal, and even unique to the bars that brew them. Each beer is served alongside carefully selected food pairings that combine perfectly with the flavours of the brew. The food samplings include: a one-of-a-kind Belgian Beer Poutine, slices of beef gravlax and cheese, as well as a delightful selection of chocolate that makes each sip a different experience. The tour stops at 3 of the best brewpubs in town, which are all a short walking distance from each other.

Historic & Cultural Experience – When you’re drinking beer, you can be sure you’re having a good time. Of course, Montreal is a city that knows a thing or two about fun. This tour dives right into its darker past and its electric present. First, you’ll learn all about the former Red-Light District, a hotspot for Americans fleeing prohibition. Thus started the city’s reputation for entertainment. Next, in order to see its progression, the tour takes you through the festivities Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. The area is home to some of the world’s biggest festivals such as the world renowned Jazz Festival and the FrancoFolies of Montréal Music Festival. Between tastings, you’ll discover these incredible events, and learn about how they came to be. In addition, our enthusiastic, local guides will share their own personal Montreal experiences while giving you a crash-course on how to taste craft beer like an expert.


Adults: $64.99 CAD [$48.99 USD]+ $3 CAD booking fees and applicable taxes Adults (no alcohol): $45 CAD + fees and taxes


12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays


All participants must be 18+ years old.


Maximum 18 people per tour.


Offered on request and depending on availability. Just fill out the form in our private and group tours page.


The tour runs rain or shine, even in extreme snow! (60% of the tours happens inside). We highly recommend you bring appropriate clothing for the winter season, sun protection in the summer and good walking shoes.


Beer without gluten is also available. Please specify any allergy when you book your tickets.


Tickets must be purchased before 10 AM on any given tour date. We recommend booking your tickets in advance as most of the tours tend to sell out.


Please do NOT drink and drive. Le Saint Bock is close to Berri-UQAM Metro Station and is located along the 125 bus route. There is limited parking along Saint Denis for those guests who are not drinking.

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