Your health and safety is our #1 priority

The safety of our participants, our tour guides, and our community comes first. To this end, we have worked closely with our partnered restaurants and tour guides to ensure our tours are up to date with Canada’s current safety protocols and guidelines. Here are the steps we have taken in each facet of our operations.

For participants on tours

  • Each participant is required to bring a mask to the tour.
  • Masks (or “facial coverings”) must be worn at all times inside establishments (except when seated and eating), and as much as possible during the tour.
  • Participants showing COVID-19 symptoms may not participate in the tour.
  • Social distancing will be implemented throughout the tour, respecting as much as possible the 6-foot distance rule between each parties.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided before and after each food stop, and available from your tour guide throughout the tour.
  • Tables and chairs will be sanitized prior to our arrival at each sit-down restaurant.
  • All food servings will be individually packaged/served, and guides must sanitize their hands before distributing tastings.
  • Tour capacity has been reduced by half, with a limit on the amount of parties booked within each tour as well.

Protocols for our tour guides

  • Tour guides are required to wear a mask as much as possible throughout the tour
  • Tour guides must stand more than 6 feet away if they require to remove the mask during presentations
  • Tour guides will be sanitizing and washing their hands consistently throughout the tour, especially before and after food stops.
  • If a guide starts showing COVID-19 symptoms, they must report to management right away and may not lead the tour.

If you have more questions or concerns

Please call or email us and we will be happy to help! Our team is available from Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.