Evening Kensington Market Food & Drink Tour

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Evening Kensington Market Food Tour - Highlights

  • A 5 course meal which includes three alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, and 5 unique dishes!
  • Enjoy some of Kensington’s quintessential foods, including Dan Dan Noodles, Mexican Tortas and Fish & Chips!
  • Discover the hidden corners and back alleys of Kensington Market with your friends and colleagues as you learn about the area, its history, its culture and, of course, its food!

Why take the Beyond Kensington Market Toronto Food Tour??

Kensington Market is known as one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in one of the most diverse cities in the world. This is a neighbourhood home to many artists, newcomers and people from all walks of life. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, this tour takes you through the areas' vibrant streets, and into restaurants serving some of the best food you can find in the city. You'll learn all about the area's history, culture and architecture, which has been continually painted, sculpted and otherwise decorated by the area's creative minds for 100 years. We also conduct our tours with a sustainable tourism ethos, aiming to disrupt daily life in the community as little as possible while ensuring equitable wages for all of our tour guides. Kensington market food tour guide fish and chips fresco

Toronto Food Tour Tasting Locations

Why take the Evening Kensington Market Food tour?  At this special time of day, Kensington Market becomes an enchanting place to spend a nostalgic winter's evening. Be a part of the bustling local scene while you discover the hidden gems, visit the acclaimed restaurants, and taste Kensington Market's distinct heritage. Our tour invites you to see what makes this special neighbourhood tick!

Kensington Market Evening Food and Drink Tour Tasting Locations

1. Trinity Commons  - We meet at Trinity Commons, a bar known for its signature cocktails, local wines and craft beers on tap, where we will enjoy an appetizer and an aperitif 2. Torteria San Cosme - At this Mexican Torta shop we will taste cultural fusion in action through their French inspired locally baked, grilled cactus tortas straight from the streets of Mexico City! 3. Chinese Traditional Buns - This place may not look like much from the outside, but their Dan Dan Noodles can't be beat, you'll see. 4. Fresco's Fish and Chips - Voted some of the best Fish and Chips in the city, Fresco's fish is Ocean Wise Certified and verifiably delicious. 5. Supermarket - We finish off the tour at a local hub of nightlife for over 15 years where we will have a final drink and a classic Lousiana Cajun dish!

What to expect from the Beyond Kensington Market Toronto Food Tour ?

One-of-a-Kind Experience — On our 2.5 hour private tour of Kensington Market, we visit 5 unique tasting locations, where we will enjoy distinct foods and 3 accompanying drinks. We sample a variety of foods from around the market including small family run restaurants as well as exciting new restobars. The food is as vibrant and exciting as the people, bolstered by the richness of cross-cultural connections. You’ll have enough to eat for a hearty and satisfying dinner with dishes that include Dan Dan Noodles, Mexican Tortas and East Coast Fish and Chips! All food and drink tastings are included in the ticket price.

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Cultural experience — As you take in the eclectic streets of this neighbourhood, you’ll get the chance to enjoy discovering a neighbourhood with friends and colleagues. Our knowledgeable tour guides highlight the fascinating history of this rich cultural hub, so you can really appreciate the the Market’s richness in context. You won’t be able to help but notice traces of people who built this community from the ground up. Eclectic architecture, explosive street art and more will be revealed as we take you behind the scenes. Our enthusiastic local guides share their knowledge and recommendations, infusing these stories with personal anecdotes. Whether it’s your first time to Kensington Market or just your first time that day, we can guarantee it will be the most interesting stroll you’ve taken in a while!


???? + applicable taxes and fees


Wednesday and Thursday beginning between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. fill out the form in our private and group tours page for more information


All ages above 19 and fitness levels are welcome. However, please note that due to mobility restrictions at some of the vendors this tour is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.


Up to 48 participants depending on time and day. Fill out the form in our private and group tours for specific requests


This is tour is currently only offered as a private tour.


The tour runs rain or shine, and even in the snow. We highly recommend you bring appropriate clothing for the winter season, an umbrella if it looks like rain, sun protection in the summer and leaf protection in the fall!


We are happy to accommodate vegetarian and many other dietary restrictions however please note that the Kensington Market Evening Food Tour unfortunately does not include vegan or gluten-free options at this time.


The tour provides enough food enough food to satisfy a dinnertime appetite, so make sure you come hungry!


Tickets must be purchased 2 weeks in advance.


The nearest garage is the Green P Carpark at 20 St Andrew St, with further options located at Dundas and Spadina. However, since parking is limited we highly recommend you take public transit. Our first stop at Mother's Dumplings is easily accessible by the Spadina and College streetcars.

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