Art, culture and chocolate make Seattle and enriching destination!

Seattle is undeniably one of the most intriguing cities in America. It’s the “emerald city” – a gorgeous, busy urban core nestled in the abundant nature of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and Lake Washington. But that’s not all – the city itself is bursting with thriving music, arts, and food scenes that bring Seattle its irrefutable status as the coolest city of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Food Tours

Of course, like in any cool city, getting to the most authentic spots requires a bit of help. Whether you’re in town for a few days, or a long-time local, you’re sure to discover new and interesting aspects of Seattle on one of our Seattle food and wine tours.

To get a bit more of a taste for the riches of the Pacific Northwest, head up to the Canadian city of Vancouver, or drive down to Los Angeles, hitting Portland and San Francisco along the way.

Seattle Food Tours

People travel from far and wide to sample Seattle’s world-renowned culinary scene. The best way to savour fresh seafood, refined chocolates, or local wines? On one of our hand-selected food tours!

1. Show Me Seattle Tours

seattle food tours starbucks reserve
Photo by Starbucks Coffee

What could be better than going one a Coffee Tour, a Chocolate Tour, or a Wine Tour? How about Show Me Seattle’s Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine Tour which offers you the best of the city’s sweet treats and sophisticated beverages. At three different stops, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into the production facilities and the process of creating your new favorite Seattle wine, chocolate, or coffee. Then, become a true connoisseur through an extensive tasting, that will provide you with an understanding of the range of the luxurious goodies. With over twenty-five years of business under their belt, Show Me Seattle (calendar) are one of the city’s best-established food tour companies. In that time, you can be sure that they’ve built a reputation for unique, insightful tours into Seattle and the Seattle culinary scene.

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2. Savor Seattle Tours

pike market visit

Savor Seattle Tours are trusted experts in the Seattle food tour scene, and they boost their reputation by following the FLOSS philosophy. (What’s FLOSS, you ask?) Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable food, that’s a guarantee they make on every tour. What’s more, all their guides are part of the Seattle culinary community. Attending one of their tours grants you exclusive access not only to hot new Seattle eateries, but also connects you directly to the chefs, farmers, or food producers themselves! Not sure what tour to discover? Take their signature Food Tour of Pike Place Market, which features over 14 delicious, local tastings. Among them, award-winning clam chowder and Oprah’s favorite mac n’ cheese. Otherwise, visit their Tour Finder to find our which foodie experience will suit you best.

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3. Seattle Wine Tours

seattle food and wine tours vinyard
Photo by ArcherySummit

Seattle, with its close suburb Woodinville, which boasts hundreds of wineries, is a wine-lover’s paradise. Seattle Wine Tours offer knowledgeable chauffeur guides that lead you through local vineyards and wineries in the Seattle area. Whether you’re a novice or veteran wine-taster, learn about the local wines against the magnificent natural backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. Indeed, we recommend their Woodinville Wineries Tours, which is only twenty-five minutes away from downtown Seattle. On this tour, your samples will include crisp Sauvignon blancs and stunning Bordeaux blends. If you’re busy or just passing through, Seattle Wine Tours offers two to three hour long tours. However, for wine aficionados they also propose longer journeys, offering an immersive survey of the winery scene that spans several days and different locations. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide to personalize your tour depending on your tastes!

4. Savor Bites Food Tours

pike market food
Photo by Seattle Bites Food Tours, via Facebook

Savor Bites Food Tours hosts an amazing guided tour of Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. On this tour, you’ll get to navigate the busy maze of the market with the help of of one of their three bright, knowledgeable guides. Moreover, learn about the history of the market and its place in the Seattle food scene and skip lines to an adventurous and well-crafted tasting menu. Among your samples: house-smoked Alaskan king salmon, fried Pacific cod tortillas topped with queso blanco, lettuce, pico-de-gallo, and chipotle mayo. Did your stomach just rumble too? If you want to learn about the Market and regale your taste buds, book a Savor Bites Food Tour today.

5. Eat Seattle Food Tours

seattle food tours fran's chocolates
Photo by Fran’s

Eat Seattle Food Tours offer chef-lead food tours in all of Seattle’s most popular neighbourhoods. As such, your guide will teach you about seasonal foods of the Pacific Northwest, and show you the best spots to get fresh produce, meats, and seafood. However, if you’re willing to push your curiosity a step further, Eat Seattle also offers cooking classes and private dinners that will allow you develop your skills through a one-on-one or small group-sized experience.

The tried and true combination of chocolate and coffee is the running theme of their impressive Chocolate & Coffee Tour. Support small businesses as you make your way through lively downtown Seattle. Along the way you’ll visit a bean-to-bar factory, and the iconic Fran’s chocolatier – reputed to be Obama’s favourite chocolates.

6. Road Dog Tours

seattle beer tours
Photo by Seattle Met

Road Dog Tours: this one is for your brew-minded folks. If you want the fun of a Friday night beer with the buds with the novelty of testing some the vanguard of Seattle beers and distilled spirits, check out Road Dog Tours! You’ll get to choose your journey from their offered Seattle Brewery Tour, Seattle Distillery Tour, or even Seattle Coffee Tour, for more of a daytime outing. In any case, each tour promises to be a new adventure. All aboard the Road Dog van!

Seattle Chocolate Tours

Okay – so you’re a bit of a chocolate fanatic. We’ve got your back with these two Seattle chocolate tours that are designed indulge your sweet tooth.

7. Theo Factory Experience

seattle chocolate tours theo
Photo by Seattle Made

After a Theo Factory Experience Tour, the art of chocolate-making will no longer hide any secrets from you. Theo offers fun, interactive tours where you’ll learn how Theo makes chocolates from scratch. Of course, the experience includes a delicious tasting, where you’ll sample both national best-selling treats and unique, hand made confections.

8. Experience Chocolate

seattle chocolate
Photo by Seattle Chocolate

At the Seattle Chocolate Factory, the truffle is the star of the tour. That’s right, you’ll watch your guide craft, mold, and even run the truffle through a chocolate waterfall before your very eyes! After this demonstration and an interesting explanation about the history of chocolate, you’ll also get to sample fresh batches of chocolate made daily. Supporting the Seattle Chocolate Factory means supporting a local, woman-owned business, who sure know how to infuse their products with a whole lot of love. So if you’re looking for something sweet, exciting, and educative, book the Experience Chocolate Tour!

Other Seattle Tours (without food)

Seattle is a cultural hub booming with niche locations, events, and happenings. To start discovering these fascinating and cool spaces, here are three tours that specifically focus on unique Seattle perspectives.

9. Underground Tours

underground tour
Photo by Main Street America

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour is what some call Seattle’s most bizarre attraction. This one is for all you curious folks… who aren’t afraid of the dark. The tour leads you deep underground, to a hidden version of Seattle that was buried after the Great Fire of 1889. You’ll see subterranean storefronts, structures and sidewalks that are both incredibly eerie and captivating. This tour is a real time capsule and a gem for understanding the birth of Seattle as one of the most important cities in America.

10. Stalking Seattle

seattle music tours paramount theatre
Photo by Dance Music NW

Charity Drewery’s Stalking Seattle Tour isn’t just a tour, she explains, but a “van full of fans”. This tour is a crash course of the legendary music mecca that is Seattle, specifically focusing on the ’90s grunge scene. Along the way, you’ll visit the Paramount Theatre, where Nirvana shot music videos, El Corazon, where Pearl Jam played their first show, and Viretta park, the space that has become a shrine after Kurt Cobain’s death. What’s more, the Stalking Seattle Tours are small and intimate, so that you can really connect with the space, the music, and your new tour friends in a personal way.

11. Seattle Free Walking Tours

seattle walking tours
Photo by Two-Together

Last and absolutely not least, Seattle Free Walking Tours offer the city’s only pay-what-you-feel walking tours. They have two amazing tours for you to check out. Firstly, their Market Experience Tour focuses on Pike Place Market, the oldest market place in Seattle. Otherwise, their Seattle 101 tour leads you to downtown, Pioneer Square, and to the waterfront, exploring Seattle’s diverse history along the way. If you’re interested in supporting the Seattle community or a more in-depth version of these tours, you can also book private tours!

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