Take a look around with these inspiring Portland food tours and more!

Portland food Tours! Visiting Portland for the first time or looking to explore your hometown? Either way, you’ve got a real treat lined up for you! Portland has a reputation for being very liberal and environmentally conscious. They also fancy themselves lovers of artisanal coffee, craft beer and well, a good doughnut. But don’t jump to conclusions of all Portlanders being hipsters! Sure they love their street art and local businesses, but who doesn’t? Their appreciation for good quality and authenticity doesn’t go unnoticed, and can also be seen in the food culture.

Check out these Portland Food and Walking Tours to explore cool neighbourhoods such as the Alberta Arts District, Pearl District, Hawthorne, the Historic Old Town District and more!

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Portland Food Tours
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Portland Food Tours

There is no limit to the culinary wonders of Portland!

1. Lost Plate Food Tours

Lost Plate Tours
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Lost Plate offers food tours all over the world, so you know their passion for travel and cuisine is out of this world. But worry not! At Lost Plate Portland, all of their guides are Portland locals that know all the best off the beaten path restaurants and breweries to make your experience a truly unique one. You’ll learn all about Portlanders’ particularities with donuts, coffee and craft beer! Participate in their Downtown Portland Coffee and Donut Tour and experience first hand the Portland craze for caffeine and our favourite morning treats. Here you will visit coffee shops only frequented by locals where you can taste at least 3 different types of coffee and even learn the perfect coffee pour from an experienced barista. For more info, click the link here to visit their website.

2. Beer Quest Portland

BeerQuest Tours
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Beer Quest walking and beer tours want to bring Portland alive through the art of storytelling. Their tours are as entertaining as they are fascinating. These guys have done their research and have designed their tours to explore the lesser known tales of the city that make Portland so unique. Take part in their Haunted Pub Tour to explore the notorious and dark past of the city in Historic Old Town District. In the past, the area was filled with sinful operations such as brothels and underground speakeasies. Also, dare to enter the Shanghai Tunnels, infamous for the rampant kidnappings that took place there. Of course, all of this is completely safe now! Enjoy your six beer tastings and let the storytelling take you away!

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3. Taste Portland Food Tours

Taste Portland Tours
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Open during the summer season, Taste Portland offers insider-access to the most desired eateries in the city. Their tour guides are true food experts, having experience in a multitude of cuisines all over the country and the world! Their mission is simple: to provide experiences that show you the best of Portland food, all while having fun! On their Portland Food Cart Tour you will have the chance to eat from the 10 most delicious food carts. Now, these 10 were chosen amongst the 500 food carts, so you know its gonna be good! Providing an insider’s view of each cuisine’s culture within the city, you guides will teach you as much as entertain. Click here to see a full list of their tours on their website.

4. Eat Adventures Portland Food Tours

Eat Adventures
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Eat Adventures is the most comprehensive local food tour company in Portland. From high-end to street food and city-wide driving tours to walking food tours, they have it all! You are sure to find a tour that responds to your specific needs and desires. Their Arts District Food Tour is a truly unique experience of the city. Exploring the extensive art scene found in what is known as the Alberta Arts District, you’ll see the colourful streets that make the area so iconic. You will also be able to stop at the local boutiques, shops and eateries that prosper within this charming neighbourhood. Expect food from a diversity of cultures, locally inspired fusions, artisan cocktails, hip food carts, and more! Visit their website to learn more by clicking here.

5. Forktown Portland Food Tours

Forktown Food Tours
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At Forktown, they are great lovers of all to do with Portland. The independent and locally owned businesses, the creativity that is present everywhere, and the warmth with which Portlanders approach each day. That is why their tours aim at sharing just what it means to be a local here, by appreciating the local food and culture. Their Downtown Portland Tour is an excellent introduction to the city. With so many delectable spots in the city, you may find yourself at one of the largest food cart pods in town, a favourite sandwich emporium, a farm-to-table Mexican restaurant, a gorgeous chocolate shop & more! Along the way, learn about what makes Portland and their residents unique, and hear fascinating stories of the city. For more information, click here to visit their website.

6. Third Wave Coffee Tours

Third Wave Coffee Tours
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Portland is the best city for coffee in America. Seem like a bold statement? Well at Third Wave Coffee, they firmly believe that the best coffee is found in their hometown, and they’re also not ones to shy away from boldness. They are passionate for the entire process, from the roasting of the beans to the craft of the barista. Join their A Streetcar Named Delicious Tour to visit five acclaimed and innovative micro-roasters and taste the city’s finest brews. Also, participate in comparative testings and learn by watching brew methods demonstrations. If you’re a coffee lover, then what are you waiting for? Click here to visit their website and learn more.

7. Portland Walking Tours

Portland Walking Tours
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Portland Walking Tours offer award-winning leisurely walks that explore the history and culture of Portland. They appreciate the cultural diversity that thrives in Portland and care for the well-being of the environment and the community, so you know they want to share that care with you. Their tours will let you discover many facets of the city, both known and unknown! Their Epicurean Excursion Tour is a culinary tour that highlights the diversity of food in Portland, and teaches you all about the sights, smells and aromas of the food you’ll be sampling. Learn to eat like a local Portlander, and let the fun take you away on this culinary journey! To learn more about their tours, click here to visit their website.

More Portland Tours

Check out these outdoor tours of Portland to get a real sense of the city!

8. Pedal Bike Tours

Pedal Bike Tours
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Pedal Bike Tours does it all. They sell bikes, repair bikes, rent bikes, and most importantly, organize bike tours! Hop on a bike to ride through the history and culture of Portland, all while keeping fit. Fun for the whole family, cycling is one of the best ways to sightsee and discover a new city. Partake in their Intro to Portland Bike Tour to hit all the iconic sights and admire the views of downtown, the river and the city’s many bridges! Roll through Chinatown, the Pearl District and the South Park Blocks while learning of the areas’ histories. And if an organized tour isn’t your cup of tea, you are always welcome to rent a bike and explore the city on your own! Click here to visit their website.

9. Brew Group Portland

Brew Group Portland
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At Brew Group, they truly offer the best of both worlds. A cycling beer tour? Now that’s an activity! See the city while pedalling, laughing with friends, and enjoying a nice cold brew. Their Brew Cycle Tour is a fun packed experience that will take you to three breweries. They offer several versions of this tour in both the Pearl District (Old Portland Route, Dive Bar Route…) and in the Eastside (Triple Threat Route and Bottoms Up Route). So you’re free to choose the occasion that suits you best! For more information on their tours, click here to visit their website.

10. Around Portland Tours

Around Portland Tours
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Around Portland offers a variety of walking, cycling and food tours, so there is something for everyone! Their goal is for you to be completely immersed in the local culture and lifestyle, and for you to learn the history to understand the current contexts of the city. Each of their guides will be able to show you a completely new take on the city. Participate in their Best of the City Walking Tours for a captivating and colourful introduction to the city. See the city’s impressive art scene and historical architecture, embrace the “weird” that Portland so proudly displays, and even try the iconic Voodoo doughnut, a not to miss staple of the city! Visit their website here to see a full list of their tours.

11. Take a Wine Tour!

Portland Wine Tours
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The magic of Portland does end here. If you fancy yourself a lover of spirits, take a look at our favourite Portland Wine Tours here.

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