8 Amazing Miami Food Tours + Other Ways to Discover the City

Just woke up and still feel like you’re dreaming? Sounds about right, if you woke up in Miami. Whether you’re splashing through South Beach’s clear, azure waters, scoping out the city’s vibrant street art, or even just making your way though Little Havana for a well-deserved medianoche,  you get it – Miami is full of exciting activities. These Miami food tours will all reveal: the sun is warm, the people are genuine, and life is good in Miami.

The thing is: ‘Magic City’ is chock-full of renowned attractions and funky local joints. It can be hard to know where to start! So why not save yourself the time and stress of your usual schedule-itinerary-reservation shenanigans? Instead, check out our handpicked selection of Miami food, mural, and architecture tours. We’ve chosen only the most authentic and interesting tours that everyone – visitor or local – is sure to enjoy. Pick up your camera, your mojito straw and get touring!

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Miami’s Top Food Tours

These tours will take you and your tastebuds on a journey you’ll never forget!

1. Miami Culinary Tours

miami food tours little havana
Photo by Vimbly

Miami Culinary Tours (Calendar) mix gourmet restaurants with Miami’s street cuisine to bring you innovative dining experiences. Each Miami Culinary Tour focuses on a particular neighbourhood’s culinary history. You’ll also be accompanied by a specialized, friendly guide. Check out their Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour, which was rated as the #5 (Global!) Food Experience by Trip Advisor voyagers in 2018. You’ll be regaled not only by authentic Cuban cuisine, but also by an in-depth journey through Little Havana’s best food spots – and other fascinating locations like the Cuba Ocho Art Museum or the Cuban cigar factory. Every Miami Culinary Tour is a colourful Epicurean adventure, full of gasps, laughs, and delicious treats. 

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2. Miami Food Tours

miami food tours wynwood art
Photo by Kat Khatibi

Founded in 2009, Miami Food Tours is the city’s original food and culinary tour company. Their tours weave together the trendiest, most charming spots of Miami into a fascinating portrait of the city’s social and culinary history. Their Wynwood Tour de Forks, for example, reveals how Miami’s most creative neighbourhood grew out of what was essentially an industrial warehouse hub. Obviously, you’ll be stopping for thematically related drinks and nibbles along the way. So, if you want to skip tourist traps and get an insider Miami experience in this and other neighbourhoods, take a look at Miami Food Tours’ selection or request a private tour.

3. Food Tours in Miami

miami food tours south beach
Photo by South Beach Seafood Festival

Food Tours in Miami cover more area than any other food tour company in Miami, allowing you to gain a broader understanding of the city and its culinary scene. For example, take their South Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour: you’ll be led through Miami’s most popular neighbourhood and melting pot through a range of multicultural spots. Tasting locations include Peruvian, Italian, Cuban, French cuisine! If you’re curious about Miami’s famed Latin American culture, Food Tours in Miami also offer a cultural and culinary tour of Little Havana!

Other tours and activities that are not Miami Food Tours

4. Art Deco Tour

miami food walking tours art deco architecture
Photo by Mia2You via Shutterstock

Miami’s Art Deco architecture, a stunning blend of colourful retro, modern, and neo-classical styles, is definitely a treat for the eyes. Want to learn more? Art Deco Tours(check Calendar) bring this unique architectural focus to the forefront of their walking and tasting tours. You’ll find that their tour groups are smaller than average – which means a more personal, intimate experience and exclusive access inside certain cultural sites. Indulge in a cocktail (or four) with their Art Deco Cocktail Tour. Miami’s mobster and movie star filled history will come to life before your eyes, as you find yourself sipping a themed cocktail at each historical Art Deco spot.

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5. Miami Cycle Party

miami cycle party
Photo by GPSmyCity

If you’re looking for a fun, active way of learning about Miami, look no further than the Miami Cycle Party tours (check Tour Calendar) Let the good times roll as you join a group of fellow cyclists for a pedal-powered party. Check out their Social Bar Crawl: you’ll get to ride through Miami’s most bohemian neighbourhood, making stops at local boutiques, picturesque landscapes, and even charming cafes along the way. Miami Cycle Party also offers tons of other options, including party bikes, pub crawls, and family options. a great way to discover the city or even just gain a new perspective from a couple meters off the ground.

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6. Miami Brew Bus

miami beer bus
Photo by IntrepidTravel

Their tagline? We drive you to drink. Welcome to the ‘craft beer revolution’ taking place in rocking cocktail-party city, Miami. Miami’s grassroots beer scene is booming, supported by tons of creative and hard-working local breweries. Want to join the community? If so, Miami Brew Bus takes you on curated beer tours that link these breweries together in a comprehensive, informative journey. You’ll discover three unique tours with a different flavour flights and inside tours into each brewery’s production process. A must for any beer aficionados or anyone interested in an cool introduction to the Miami beer scene.

Exciting Mural Tours (Not Miami Food Tours)

Take a peek into Miami’s vibrant street art culture on your next adventure!

7. The Wynwood Walls

 wynwood walls
Photo by Wynwood Walls via Facebook

At the heart of former industrial neighbourhood Wynwood, you’ll find the ‘Museum of the Streets’ – Wynwood Walls. Although originally envisioned as a community revitalization project, this street complex is now filled with vibrant, international street art. To learn about this truly unique Miami neighbourhood, book the official Wynwood Walls Tour. Stimulate your creativity with this truly impressive deep-dive into public art.

8. Bike and Roll Miami

miami food bike tours
Photo by Connections

There’s no better way to experience Miami than biking. Feel the wind whip through your hair and the sun on your skin while you take in your surroundings on a Bike Miami tour. Their Wynwood Graffiti Tour, for example, will guide you through the public art, local galleries and cute cafes of Wynwood neighbourhood. For active explorers with adventurous streaks, Bike Miami also offers beach tours and kayak tours!

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