In Lima, every step reveals another facet of the city’s rich history, which encompasses not only Spanish and Portuguese colonial presence but also waves of Japanese and Chinese immigration. The result? Lima is a true melting-pot. Exploding with artistic, culinary and architectural affluence, Lima has earned the reputation as one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Want to discover the best of what Lima has to offer? If so, check out our curated list of Lima food and walking tours. We’ll lead you to the best afternoon pisco bar, around the most impressive Incan stonework, while sidestepping tourist traps as you fulfill your adventures.

Lima Food Tours

Widely accepted as the gastronomical capital of South America, Lima has a diverse and surprising culinary scene. For a great introduction, you can count on these awesome Lima food tours.

1- Lima Gourmet Company

lima gourmet company
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If your laces are tied and your stomach is rumbling, you’re ready to embark on an adventure with the Lima Gourmet Company. The length of the tours (five hours!) guarantees an in-depth Lima food tour experience. What’s more, you’ll also get to choose between day tours and evening food tours, allowing you to find the tour that will perfectly fit your jam-packed schedule. Of course, different sights means we recommend you try both: Lima under the sun is completely different from a visit under the stars. In any case, both tours feature fun hands-on activities (DIY ceviche workshop, anyone?) and a journey that will take you through three neighbourhoods. With Lima Gourmet Company being ranked #1 on Trip Advisor since 2012, their food tours will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

2- Haku Tours

witch market lima tour
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Looking for something a little more intimate? Haku Tours highlight a truly local life experience. On their Lima Bizarre Tour, you’ll discover La Victoria, the largest outdoor shopping space in the American continent. Your guide will whisk you through the market – stopping of course for a sweet sample here and there, while explaining Peruvian culture and the history of the market along the way. The heart of the tour is what Lima locals call the Witches’ Market. Once there, you can browse strange specimens and Shamanic objects. You’ll even get your fortune read by a coca leaf reader from the Andes.

Haku Tours limit their groups to a five person maximum. This means you’ll be sure to get an exclusive, personal experience. Not only will you connect with a knowledgeable guide, you might just also make a couple new friends!

3- Exquisito Peru

gourmet lima food tour
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Exquisito Tours promises you Lima’s most exquisite and unique flavours, presented through an immersive, expert guide experience. Take, for example, their Gourmet Lima food tour. You’ll regale your stomach with a 21-course dinner, featuring fine dining from Lima’s newest generations of chefs. Through this culinary journey, you’ll learn about the three regions of Peru (selva, sierra, costa or ‘forest, mountain, and coast’). Moreover, you’ll learn about the complex relationship between Peru’s incredible biodiversity and culinary scene. Supporting Exquisito Tours also means practicing ethically-conscious tourism, as they team up with local businesses on their tours, as well as supporting local nonprofit Action Against Hunger Peru.

4- Foodies Peru

miraflores food tour lima
Photo by Peru Travel

Want a Lima food tour hosted by local, well-travelled food experts? You’ll find yourself in good hands at Foodies Peru. We particularly recommend their Hidden Miraflores Food Tour. As you make your way through the upscale, swanky district to the south of downtown Lima, you’ll get numerous special tastings. Among them, slow-cooked lamb, exotic fruits, ceviche, and chocolate samples from a local chocolate factory. For a memorable experience in Lima, book now on the Foodies Peru site.

5- Free Walking Tours Barranco

barranco lima food tours
Photo by Food CS Tours

No trip to Lima is complete without a visit to its most popular district – Barranco. Indeed, this neighbourhood is recognized for its vibrant nightlife and foodie scene. Let the Free Walking Tours guide your way through the neighbourhood and some delicious eats on their Barranco Food Tour. While you sample fresh produce and meats, and test recipes handed down from generation to generation, a tour guide will recount the history of this beautiful Lima area. If you’re interested in dynamic, refreshing Lima food tours, you can also take a look at their Peruvian Cooking Class.

6- Da Taste of Peru

lima historical center
Photo by Lima Mentor

Da Taste of Peru tours combine an exquisite culinary journey with a deep appreciation of Lima architecture and art. Their tours are also themed, which means that you should take a look at their website to find the perfect tour for you! For intrepid travellers, we recommend the Dare the Unexplored tour. The tour is a great way to discover not only Lima’s historical center, but also the Barranco bohemian district. For more unique Lima food tours, check out their website.

7- Lima Tasty Tours

lima market
Photo by Urban Adventures

Lima Tasty Tours considers it their duty to tell the stories of the people behind the food. Indeed, on one of their tours, you’ll benefit from a deep connection with vendors, producers, and chefs with whom you can exchange directly! Their Lima Market tour, for example, is an incredible, in-depth look at busy life of a Peruvian market. You’ll start the tour early – alongside cooking mothers, and local restaurant sous-chefs. Along the course of the six-hour tour, you’ll be treated to over fourteen different samples based on seasonal foods. And of course, you’ll also meet the wonderful, experienced people behind the stalls as well. So if you want to participate directly in the Lima culinary community, Lima Tasty Tours are truly the one for you.

8- Peruvian Aventure Tours

barranco peruvian adventures lima
Photo by Lima High Lights

Peruvian Adventure Tours only have one food tour as of now – but book quickly, as it is well-reviewed and uber-popular. Their Barranco food tour will lead you through one of the coolest parts of Lima. Of course, you’ll stop for some mouthwatering Lima specialties, and a refreshing beverage along the way. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Beaches and Ceviche tour for some salty coastal fun.

9- Huarique Bike

vegan lima
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Vegans: good news! Huarique Bikes tours has the ideal experience if you want an active, fulfilling, but environmentally-conscious Lima food tour. That’s right – on their Vegan Food Tour. Find all the best Peruvian classic cuisine, from ceviche to speciality desserts, obviously all meat and dairy free. For more gastronomic tours on two wheels, take a look at their website for a tasty spin around Miraflores or Barranco neighbourhoods.

10- Food Walking Tour Peru

lima street food
Photo by Inca Trails

You guessed it – Food Walking Tours Peru combine the two best things about exploring a new country: the food and the sights. On their tours, not only will you enjoy yummy, fresh local foods, but you will also explore the city on street-level. No impatient tour rush to get to the next stop, or getting gawked at like annoying tourists. Tours like their Downtown Street Food tours are meant to give you the experience of a real Peruvian local. You’ll taste delicious samples, but also learn about Lima’s art, slang, and general culture. For similarly engaged tours in Miraflores or Barranco, check out their website!

Lima Walking Tours

No better way to check out Lima than through an insider’s perspective, which you can find on these two Lima walking tours.

11- Free Walking Tours Peru

lima walking tour
Photo by GAventure

With Free Walking Tours Peru, you’ll be taken off the beaten path of Lima tours – for free! These tours each cover a specific district of Lima, and are focused on creating an almost family-like experience of camaraderie. Indeed, you’ll be placed in small groups (no struggling to hear your guide!), and be lead to mom-and-pop stores through the tours. An authentic experience, and an ideal way to visit Barranco, Miraflores, and Downtown Lima.

12- Alternative Peru

lima walking tour alternative
Photo by Exquisito Peru

Alternative Peru offers tours that are not only fun and informative, but also explicitly ecology-oriented. Alternative Peru vouch for not only environmental preservation, but also cultural preservation. This means that through experiences like their Artisan and Pachacamac tour, you’ll forge stronger connections with the local people. We’ve specifically highlighted this tour due to its uniqueness – it introduces you to the pre-Inca and Inca history of Peru. However, many other possibilities await at Alternative Peru, including half-day and full-day Lima tours, or the Lima Food and Socio-Cultural Tour.

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