Discover Dublin’s best dishes and premium spirits on these food and whiskey tours!

Always warm and welcoming, Dublin is one of the best cities to visit in Ireland! Famous for its pubs and grand cathedrals, Dublin is a vast cultural hub you’re sure to enjoy. Besides visiting historic landmarks, Dublin food tours are the best way to discover the city. Here, you can experience Ireland’s iconic pub life while expanding your culinary horizons. Read on to discover the best Dublin food and whiskey tours handpicked by us, guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip!

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The Best Dublin Food Tours

Embrace the easy going Irish lifestyle with these awesome Dublin food tours!

1. Rural Tours

Wide shot of Dublin countryside landscape. Expansive green space with flowing stream.
Photo by GetYourGuide

One of Dublin’s best kept secrets are the beautiful, vast countrysides that surround the city. At Rural Tours, they want to bring that beauty to you while visiting traditional Irish pubs! In intimate groups of 16, you’ll be taken out of the city to experience rural pub life, stopping at some of Ireland’s most famous watering holes and hidden gems. Paired with breathtaking scenery, this is a tour you never knew you needed! Their Wicklow Mountain Pub Tour provides the best views of Dublin Bay across 6 pub stops. Since you’ll be enjoying drinks at some of Ireland’s most famous pubs with live music, you’re sure to have a great time with your group! As a result, you’ll want to continue the party after returning to the city.

2. Delicious Dublin Tours

Tour guide leading a group outside on the streets of Dublin.
Photo by Delicious Dublin Tours

Described as a “moveable feast” by the Irish Independent, Delicious Dublin Tours is owned by accomplished, multi-award winning food writer Ketty Quigley. As an expert on Dublin’s food culture, she chooses only the best independent businesses to highlight on her tours. Here, the tours are committed to giving you a personable experience that will leave you inspired by Irish cuisine! New to Ireland? Then You’ll love their Delicious Dublin Tour, a perfect introduction to the city’s food scene! Pastries, cheeses, and wines from award-winning eateries will show you an impressive, surprisingly diverse culinary circuit. After this tour, you’re sure to leave with a new perspective on Dublin!

3. Irish Food Trail

Photo by Dine In Dublin

One of the best ways to discover any city is through its food. This is especially true for Dublin, as any local will tell you! But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where Irish Food Trail comes in. Stopping at carefully selected venues, you’ll be treated to a perfect balance of traditional and modern Irish cuisine. Plus, a wide variety of tours are sure to cater to your unique preferences! Check out their Experience Dublin tour, the No. 1 food tour in in Dublin, featuring rich history and traditional dishes. Here you’ll visit three eateries that use local produce, while hearing some of Dublin’s most interesting historic tales from your local guide. If you’re looking to get an insider look at Irish culture, this tour is definitely for you!

4. Vegan in Ireland

Overhead photo of various fresh fruits and veggies displayed on a table, being shared among a few people.
Photo by Dublin Visitor Centre

Food tours are a wonderful way to explore a new city, but dietary restrictions can be limiting. That’s why Vegan in Ireland puts plant-based dining as the focus of their innovative tours! Owned by vegan lifestyle experts Scott and Sivan Renwick, Vegan in Ireland is giving Dublin’s vegan food scene the attention it deserves. Rave reviews don’t lie: even non-vegans are impressed by the gourmet plant-based options the city has to offer! No matter your diet, you don’t want to miss this special tour that’s introducing an exciting new culinary culture to Ireland. Their Vegan Dublin Food Tours offer generous portions of plant-based food, drinks, and desserts at 6 stops. This one-of-a-kind tour will surprise you with just how good vegan food can be!

Dublin Whiskey Tours

It’s no secret that Ireland loves to drink! With most of Dublin’s socializing done in pubs, a nice drink with good company is part of Ireland’s cultural identity. So take a look at these Dublin whiskey tours showcasing the best distilleries in the city!

5. Dublin Whiskey Tours

Three glasses in front of four bottles of Irish whiskey on a table with a note pad and pen.
Photo by Dublin Whisky Tours

At Dublin Whiskey Tours, you’ll be shown a comprehensive tour of the historic world of Irish whiskey! When it comes to getting drinks, there’s enough options in Dublin to make your head spin. With these tours, you won’t need to worry about choosing! Dublin Whiskey Tours offers three whiskey experiences which cater to your specific interests and preferences. Their Whiskey Tasting Tour is a great introduction to Dublin and its unique relationship to whiskey. You’ll embark on a journey across three bars sampling five excellent whiskeys from both iconic and locally cherished distilleries. From Jameson Caskmates to Green Spot, this curated selection will change the way you see Irish whiskey!

6. Dublin Whiskey Experience

Close up shot of two glasses of whiskey set on a wooden table
Photo by a_namenko / Getty Images

We all know the Irish love their whiskey, but not many of us truly know how important the drink is to their national identity. Dublin Whiskey Experience shows you Ireland’s finest whiskeys while walking you through the country’s rich whiskey heritage. You’ll be led by Gareth Downey, who comes from a long line of Irish pub owners and distillery founders. If there’s anyone who knows his whiskey, it’s him. His tours will educate you on the role of whiskey in Irish politics, famine, and war, while showcasing Dublin’s most devout distilleries! We recommend their Hidden Dublin Whiskey Tasting Tour, which takes you to the best local spots in Dublin. After three underground venues and have five whiskey tastings, you’ll feel like a true Dublin insider.

7. Dublin Free Walking Tour

Tourists walking along a cobblestone road in a bustling Dublin area
Photo by Travel Addicts

There’s much to discover in Dublin. So at Dublin Free Walking Tour, you have over 20 unique tours to choose from! They even run two different daily free walking tours which stops at some of Dublin’s most famous landmarks. Also, their knowledgeable local guides are guaranteed to show you the way of the Irish! For a tipsier experience, check out their Dublin Pub Tour, which features craft beer and whiskey tastings. You’ll be shown three different pubs, and end with a traditional Irish music session!

8. Jameson Bow St. Tour

Group of people on a whiskey tour socializing with employees inside an expansive, modern pub.
Photo by The Dublin Pass

We all know Jameson stands as an authority in Irish whiskey. The Bow St. distillery is where it all started, and is still open for business over 200 years later! So, what better place to learn about Irish whiskey than its birthplace? A visit to the Jameson Bow St. Tour will teach you all you need to know about Jameson’s intimate relationship with Ireland’s culture. Because this is such a popular tour, you’ll want to show up early to check in! Their Bow St. Experience takes you on a fully guided tour complete with comparative whiskey tastings and a complimentary drink at the in-house bar!

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