The Best 10+ Quebec City Tour Companies You’ve got to Take

Quebec City has a vibrant history full of great stories, and many of their beautiful historical buildings still remain. Sitting down and reading a history book isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Quebec City Tours. Jump into one of these tours and experience the city in all its splendour: its heritage, its food, its views and its wonderful people.

1.Local Quebec City Food Tours

The  Local Quebec Food Tours combine all the most exciting aspects of travelling: great food, beautiful sights, and learning about the city’s history. Choose one of their popular tours–Old City or St-Roch–and embark on a journey through Quebec’s culinary heritage. Both tours include 12 different tastings, from a classic Quebec poutine to locally-farmed cheese and decadent chocolates. As you walk through the cobblestone streets, your passionate, local tour guide teaches you about the history of the area and dives into the story behind the food you’re enjoying. There’s no better way to learn about a city’s heritage than to taste its traditional food and be guided by a local!

Local Québec Food Tours

2. Ghost tours of Quebec

Quebec City tours
Photo credit: Quebec City Ghost Tours

When the sun begins to set, head over to the darker side of Quebec City’s past. Ghost Tours of Quebec explores the frightening stories of former inhabitants and the city’s lesser-known history. Your theatrical tour guide, draped in a black cape and holding an old lantern, will lead you through Quebec City’s streets and alleys, relaying its spooky history. It’s a great way for families to walk the cobblestone streets and be entertained by the creepy stories of the past. The tour also runs during the winter by reservation, so you can get spooked all year round!


quebec city tours
Photo credit: Quebec City Broue-Tours

There’s no better way to experience Quebec City’s craft beer scene than to go behind the scenes. Broue- Tours offers participants a unique look into the methods and techniques behind Quebec’s many flavourful local beers. With your guide who’s just as passionate about craft beers as the brewers themselves, you’ll learn the details about each of the 9 beer tastings. The tour includes walks around this charming city while you get to know the interesting facts about the area’s craft beer history. To top it off, each beer sample is paired with a delicious snack as you get to know Quebec City through its beer.

4. Voir Quebec City Tours

quebec city tours
Photo credit: Voir Quebec City Tours

The Grand Tour at Tours Voir Quebec hits up all the important landmarks of Quebec City. The stops include the classic Chateau Frontenac, the towering Citadel/Musée Royal 22è Régiment, the Quebec fortifications, Place Royale and other stops to expand your knowledge on the city’s history. Over the span of approximately two hours, your tour guide explains the fascinating story behind each important landmark, teaches you about the architecture of the prominent buildings, and can answer any questions you may have. The groups never exceed 15 people, making it a more intimate experience, and the majority of the walk is downhill, making the tour less strenuous.

5. Old Quebec Tours (Hop on hop off)

quebec city tours
Photo credit: Old Quebec Tours

See the most of Quebec City by riding the double decker, open-top bus. Old Quebec Tours offers a tour with a hop-on hop-off bus system which allows participants to see, shop, and eat at their own pace while still getting to know the city. The 12 stops which include major attractions like the Museum of Fine Art, the Plains of Abraham, the Citadelle, the Museum of Civilization, and many more. The double decker bus is perfect for those who don’t want to do too much walking, all while getting a picturesque view of one of the oldest cities in Quebec.

6. Cyclo Services

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Photo credit: Cyclo Services

Discover all that Quebec City has to offer… by bike! Choose from a number of tours they offer: the beautiful Montmorency Falls Tour, The Promenade Samuel-De-Champlain Tour, The Scenic South Shore Tour where you can admire the Old City from across the river, and more. They also specify the duration (between 2h30- 4 hours) of each tour and the difficulty level of the paths taken which ensures that there’s a tour for every fitness level. Hop off your bikes and let your tour guide teach you about the famous landmarks and enlighten you on the area’s history. For an active and educational tour, opt for Cyclo Services and spend the day outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. Oh, and don’t forget a helmet!

7. Nomad Tours Quebec

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Photo credit: Nomad Tours

For a private, intimate tour, Marie-Pierre’s Nomad Tours can offer you the best, in depth experience. Marie-Pierre, a local Quebec City resident with a passion for her industry, tailors each tour to your own personal interests. She offers participants a local perspective and knows Quebec City like the back of her hand. Her specialized tours include Quebec 101 that touches on many of the biggest landmarks, the Military Tour which explores the Citadel’s fortifications, the Photo Tour that brings you to all the best picturesque views, and the Custom Tour that lets you build a tour with Marie-Pierre. For the ultimate, local experience, Marie-Pierre can make you feel like a local all while learning about the city.

8. Go Helico

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Photo credit: Go Helico

See Quebec City like you never have before–from above! Go Helico offers helicopter tours of one of the most stunning cities in North America. This one-of-a-kind tour gets your adrenaline pumping and is a panoramic feast for your eyes while you listen to their informative audio guide. Their tours include the ‘Quebec City Tour’, the ‘Québec, its river, its landscapes tour,’ and the tour of ‘Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier’. Seeing all your favourite landmarks from far above is a great way to create lasting memories or to surprise your loved one with an exciting adventure.

9. Fortifications of Quebec Tour

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Photo credit: Fortifications of Quebec Tour

Take a guided walking tour of the Quebec Fortifications and head back 400 years into the past. The Fortifications of Quebec Tour, available by reservation, explores the history, stories, and secrets about the old structure. Learn the fascinating history of Lord Dufferin and the construction of the walls. Admire the St-Lawrence river as you walk the ancient paths of this historic site.

10. Quebec City- Levis Ferry

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Photo credit: Levis Ferry

For a romantic and relaxing tour that’s full of beautiful views of the Old City, hop onto the Quebec City Levis Ferry. The ferry runs year round: admire the reflection of the old buildings on the water’s surface during the warmer nights, or examine the ice forming on the river during the winter months. See the Chateau Frontenac from a new perspective, watch the hustle and bustle of the Dufferin Terrace, and watch the sun set on this romantic ferry ride.