Quebec City: 10 Local Tips for a Great Trip

Everyone wants to have a good time while on vacation, so here are the best tips to follow while traveling to Quebec City!


Picture Credit: Pierre Arnaboldi

10. Wake up early

Avoid the crowds and get to attractions early. You’ll also benefit by having a longer day ahead of you. (This is also a magical time to take pictures).


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9. Dress smartly

Dress appropriately, if you know there’s going be snow, rain or hot temperatures bring suitable clothes. There’s nothing that will ruin a trip more than feeling uncomfortable throughout it.


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8. Meet up with that friend of a friend that lives there

Meeting up with a local is one of the best ways to discover a city, and people really do enhance your travel experiences (plus people love to show off their home town).


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7. People watch!

If you really want to get the feeling of the place, spend a few hours to just look around. Observe, smell, and listen.


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6. Take lots of pictures

Lots and lots. You may only be here once in your life, or you may want to remember a specific detail. In the end, they are the ultimate souvenir.


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5. Shop at local farmers markets

You’ll get to interact with people from the community and taste local produce.


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4. Eat the traditional dishes

Eat like a local, and eat a lot of it. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals to recommend you their favorite restaurants or eat street food.


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3. Take your time

Relax, you are on vacation! Don’t plan too much, and slow down- otherwise you might miss out on what’s right in front of you.


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2. Don’t stick too much to the guide book

Get lost, deviate from the beaten path, you’ll never know what you may find. I know it’s cliché but seek out those uncommon, unusual experiences. Make a wrong turn on purpose!


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1. Say yes… to everything!

You’ll never know if you don’t try, as the saying goes. Say yes to something you wouldn’t normally attempt and be impulsive. It’ll make the trip more interesting and may end up being your favorite thing about the trip.


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