Your Full Guide for Shopping in Quebec City this Winter

Shopping in Quebec City can mean so many different things. Whether you’re looking to buy some presents for loved ones, treat yourself, or discover something new, shopping Quebec City’s picturesque streets is always inspiring. The city is home to everything from artisanal boutiques to expansive malls… And we know where to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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To Find Some Unique, Locally Made Pieces

If you want to be inspired by a Quebecer’s imagination, look no further than these shops stocking the work of local creatives. As you browse through clothes or artworks, you’ll quickly see the diversity of expressions that comes from this city. Not only are you sure to find something you love, supporting local artisans means you’ll discover creations as unique as you are.

petit champlain quebec city shopping
Photo source: The Global Grid
1. Coeur de Loup

Made entirely in Quebec, this women’s clothing line offers unique, high quality pieces just waiting to become a staple in your wardrobe. Because the shop operates on a local scale, you can even have an item tailored to your own specific measurements. Imagine, the perfect fit no matter what your body type!
41 St-Vallier Est

2. Les Trafiquants d’Art

This Limoilou framing store doubles as a gallery and boutique selling prints from local artists. Brighten up your life and your home with the unique pictures created by Quebec City’s creative minds. The art you can take home here is both original and affordable.
975A 3e Avenue

3. Le Petit Champlain

Not just one store, this whole neighbourhood is the ultimate destination when shopping for locally made goods. Its touristic appeal also means you’ll find of the best boutiques, all within walking distance from each other. Come down to Petit Champlain simply to window shop or to take home a memory of Quebec that lasts.

Unique Gifts That Show You Care

Not that gift giving needs any occasion, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner and a yearly cycle of birthdays to keep track of, gift shopping can become a stressful task. Luckily, these shops are full of unique, quirky, and novel gifts that’ll put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

rituels quebec city shopping
Photo source: Rituels
4. La Boutique de Noël de Québec

Gift giving and Christmas always go hand in hand, so why not celebrate the spirit of giving year-round at Quebec City’s Christmas boutique. There’s something about the city that always holds a little bit of Christmas spirit in the air, and now you can take home a little piece of the magic.
47 rue de Buade 

5. La Folle Fourchette

Have someone in your life with a passion for the culinary? No matter the cook’s skill level (or age!) La Folle Fourchette is surely the place to go. Their stylish, high quality kitchen supplies and inspiring cook books are a recipe for gift-giving success.
986 3e Avenue

6. Rituels

If there’s a man in your life that deserves some pampering, head over to Rituels as soon as you can. Here, you’ll find everything a guy could dream of to keep himself, and especially his beard, looking sharp. From shaving sets to skin and hair care, the sleek designs will upgrade any man’s self care routine.
70 boulevard Champlain

boutique inventaire quebec city shopping
Photo source: Boutique L’Inventaire
7. Magasin Général P L Blouin

You’ll find it hard to leave this store without a gift of some kind or another. Whether it’s a memory of Quebec or an original present, you’ll definitely have fun in the process.
1196 rue Saint-Jean

8. L’Inventaire

If you find yourself shopping around Saint Roch, check out L’Inventaire, a store full of novelty. The gifts you’ll find here are surprising, charming and eclectic, perfect for combining business with pleasure. They’ll give any interest or hobby a whole new spin.
833 rue Saint-Joseph Est

Let Your Inner Fashionista Run Wild

Quebec City is home to many fashionable people, and naturally the stores that serve them. If you want to dress to impress, these boutiques have everything: vintage-inspired silhouettes, classic cuts and avant-garde creations.

jupon presse quebec city shopping
Photo source: Quartier Saint-Jean Baptiste
9. Jupon Pressé

If your style is fun and feminine then you can’t miss taking a look at Jupon Pressé. Inside the charming and colourful store you’ll find a wide range of clothes, jewelry and accessories. Local or internationally made, the fun, playful well-designed pieces are worth getting excited about.
790 rue Saint-Jean

10. Séraphin

Just a few doors down from Jupon, this cool and casual shop is a go-to destination for anyone in search of a good pair of jeans. Beyond denim, they stock both men’s and women’s fashions by Quebec brands and cool items from global retailers, too.
738 rue Saint-Jean

swell and ginger quebec city shopping
Photo source: The Fashion Red Fox
11. Simons

In this Quebec-based department store you’ll either find your next designer splurge, or load up on trend-conscious clothes that are more affordable than other options on this list (and they keep the environment in mind, too). Simons is definitely a shop for everyone.
20 Côte de la Fabrique & other locations

12. Swell & Ginger

If you’re in the market for clean, stylish and elegant basics to elevate your wardrobe, Swell & Ginger is there for you. Made with luxurious fabrics, you’ll certainly want to hold on to these beautifully crafted garments for years to come. Plus, don’t forget some chic accessories to complete your look!
765A rue Saint-Joseph Est

Shopping and Beyond at Quebec City’s Malls

Sometimes a shopping spree for some retail therapy is exactly what you need. Shop the latest trends, or keep an eye out for something that speaks to you… with so many options in one place, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination (but maybe not your budget) run wild!

les galeries de la capitale quebec city shopping
Photo source: Maman Consomme
13. Les Galeries de la Capitale

This famous mall is located just outside the heart of the city, in Les Rivières, and is truly a destinantion in and of itself. Inside you’ll find endless sources of entertainment beyond shopping, all at an incredible scale… There’s an IMAX movie theatre, indoor amusement park, and, of course, endless square feet of retail.
5401 Boulevard des Galeries

14. Laurier Quebec and Place Ste-Foy

These two malls are practically neighbors, so if you have a car or a little bit of motivation, you can easily visit both destinations in one day. If you’re deciding where to start, Laurier Quebec has a wider selection of different stores, while Place Ste-Foy is the place to go for anything fashion and beauty related.
2700 Boulevard Laurier / 2450 Boulevard Laurier

Discover Edible Souvenirs to Snack On

Sometimes the most valuable purchases are ones that give you an experience, so here’s our guide to the most snackable experiences around. Savour the flavours of Quebec, bring home a taste of your vacation, or simply pick up a special treat to spice up your weekly meal prep.

camellia sinesis quebec city shopping
Photo source: Camellia Sinensis
15. Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis

If you love cheese, we know you’ll love choosing from the wide selection of local products at Fromagerie des Grondines. Even if you’re not quite a cheese connoisseur, the helpful staff you’ll find the right cheese in no time. Hungry? Try their gourmet grilled cheese, it is to die for!
199 rue Saint-Joseph Est

16. Camellia Sinensis

Enjoy a cup of tea at this peaceful tea house or browse their wide selection of loose leaf for something to brew at home. While other retail is all hustle and bustle, here you can slow down. The store is full of teapots and other teaware made by potters from around the world. The precious pieces make it feel like a museum, elevating the serenity that fills the space.
624 rue Saint-Joseph Est

17. Érico

Érico takes chocolate to another level. Their extensive list of cocoa-filled creations encompasses candies, pastries and even a whole hot-chocolate menu. Dive even deeper into the world of chocolate, their chocolate museum next door is a treat for all the senses.
634 rue Saint-Jean

j a moisan quebec city shopping
Photo source: The Velvet Rocket
18. Marché du Vieux Port

If you want a taste of Quebec, this indoor market in the Old Port is a perfect one stop shop for artisanal products, without the frills. From wine, to maple syrup, to produce, the market is ideal for finding authentically local goods, grabbing a meal, or shopping for ingredients for a special dinner.
160 Quai Saint-André

19. J. A. Moisan

Quebec City is a site rich in history, so naturally it’s also home to the oldest grocery store in North America. This nostalgic and cozy shop has retained its old-world charm. Come check out delightful, high quality goods such as spices, cheese, oils and vinegars, microbrewery beer and soap.
695 rue Saint-Jean

Vintage Treasure Troves for the Thrill of the Find

Home goods? Fashion? Sometimes looking back at vintage styles is where you’ll find the most original designs. You can get caught up in these stores for hours looking at each unique piece, bringing with it a bit of the past.

lucia f quebec city shopping
Photo source: Travel Top 6
20. Lucia F

The experience of shopping at this beautiful, sunny boutique is a peaceful one, so take your time and look through their clothes. The carefully selected inventory carries fashionable, well made and even unexpected pieces. Chances are you’ll fall in love, no matter what your style.
34 rue Saint-Joseph Ouest

21. Rétro Bordello

You’ll hardly find a more eclectic and exciting collection of items anywhere else than at Rétro Bordello. Their stock is straight from the past. As you browse the collection you’ll find curiosities, reminders of your childhood, memorabilia… and who knows what else! Shopping here is always a new adventure.
185 rue Saint-Joseph Est

Pick Up Something For the Little Ones, Too

Of course, the kids in our lives always love it if you pick them up something exciting, and a trip to the toy store can make for an exciting rainy-day activity. These shops always have little ones in mind, making sure childhood is always full of a little magic.

benjo quebec city shopping
Photo source: Hilton
22. Zozo & Arty

This baby boutique has everything a parent can ask for, all made locally. They timeless stock wooden toys, clothes to bundle your babe in during the cold winter months, organic and natural products for your baby and yourself alike, and so much more. There is even a bulk section that’s ready to serve you, and the environment.
110 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest

23. Benjo

This is simply a store full of fun. Here, you’ll find board games, magic tricks, figurines, stuffed animals, and every other entertainment imaginable. All of the options might make you kid’s head spin… but you might find you’re enjoying yourself a little too.
550 Boulevard Charest Est

24. La Planque Jeux Video

If you’re a kid or young at heart, video games can be one of the most fun ways to pass the time. Head over to La Planque to get your game on and unlock new worlds. For the real fan, you’ll even find video game themed decor, and more.
249 rue Saint-Vallier Est