Plateau Best Bars Experience


One-of-a-Kind Alcohol Tastings – This 2 hour long guided tour lets you try specialty drinks at 3 unique bars and 1 food stop in the Plateau. The drinks are also served with carefully selected food pairings, elevating the experience. On this special food and drink tour of Montreal’s party district you’ll get to try unique creations such as a hoppy cider paired with Indian koftas, a craft beer brewed right on location, a creative cocktail and a Portuguese pastry. Each bar that we visit brings its own style and energy to the tour, making the Plateau Best Bars Experience the ultimate way to experience the richness of what the Plateau has to offer. All food and alcohol tastings are included within the ticket price. Please refer to the column on the right for more information on our tasting locations.

Historic & Cultural Experience – It’s easy to only visit the Plateau for its bar scene, but this tour lets you in on its secrets and culture, too. As you walk around, your guide will tell you inspiring stories about everything from the area’s Portuguese roots to the history of the bars you visit. They will also give you a sneak peek into the life of the area’s favourite poet-musician, Leonard Cohen, who now watches over the neighbourhood like a sentinel. What’s more, you’ll get a taste of the creativity and vibrancy of the Plateau’s current residents. Their influence is everywhere, even written on the walls in the form of spectacular murals. The local guide will also infuse the tour with their own anecdotes and knowledge of life in the Plateau, giving you the most authentic experience possible.


ThisPlateau Best Bars Experience is one of the most exciting ways to get a sense of the bar scene in the Plateau, without being an all out pub crawl. Instead of getting sloppy, tourists and locals alike will leave the tour feeling refreshed, satisfied, and intrigued. It’s an opportunity to make getting drinks into a special experience. This makes it the ideal choice for a group outing such as a bachelor/bachelorette party or a birthday. Its specially perfect for getting the girls together for some pre-marital afternoon fun. You can even get 10% off when you book this tour by using the promo code ‘plateaufriends’. While an option to opt out of alcoholic drinks for a reduced price is available, all participants must be 18+. Unfortunately, the establishments visited on this tour are not wheelchair accessible.


As you explore the city, you’ll come to understand Montreal’s history is also one of partying. From being a watering hole across the river during America’s prohibition, to it’s present status as a student haven, this tour lets you fit into this rich cultural heritage. That’s right, it takes the pub crawl concept and gives it a sense of place, space and time. Discovering new, amazing bars has never been so gratifying. You’ll get drinks, food, new friends, a new perspective of the city and so much more. Join us for the Plateau Best Bars Experience to discover Montreal through Rosé coloured glasses.


Ready to join us on the Plateau Best Bars Experience? Great! Call us at (438) 600-0501 or click “Buy Tickets” to purchase your tickets online. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our favourite sector of Montreal.

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  • → What is the difference between this tour and the Plateau & ‘The Main’ Food Tour?

    Both tours will take you into the heart of the Plateau neighbourhood and a couple of the same stops. However, while the Plateau & "The Main" tour focuses more on food and culture, this tour is more about the bar scene, making it a more suitable option for those looking for a tour that feels more like a party. Either way, you're bound to have a great time exploring around Montreal's most vibrant neighbourhood.

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