Montreal’s Top 10+ Montreal Walking Tours

Montreal walking tours are becoming more and more popular among tourists, but also with locals, as ways to explore their city and celebrate special occasions. This comes as no surprise. Travelling is about discovering culture, food, landmarks… and tours are a fun way to package those together. With the popularity of Montreal tours comes a rise in companies offering these tours, so let’s narrow it down to a handful that deliver, in no particular order, the best Montreal possible.

Local Montreal Food Tours

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Photo credit: Montreal Local Tours

Let’s take a look at our very own Local Montreal Food Tours! With food at heart, our tours provide you with a culinary experience of the city, while holding Montreal culture and history as key elements. The Mile End Food Tour offers glimpses of this colourful neighbourhood’s past and present, and serves up delicious bites from passionate food vendors. There’s also the Old Montreal Food Tour that looks at the history of the area and its delicious food. When it comes to Montreal tours, Local Montreal Food Tours knows how to create the tastiest and most interesting of experiences. Quebec history and food come together in this delicious, sightseeing walking tour.

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Heritage Montreal

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We are huge fans of Heritage Montreal! If you’re passionate about the preservation of Montreal’s history like we are, if you’re a stickler for the ethical treatment of cultural landmarks, and if you’ve got history as one of your core values…  Heritage Montreal is an encounter you’ll want to have. Their mission is to preserve the history and culture behind old monuments and landmarks, making this one of the most informative Montreal tours. Take a look at their programming for an overview of their tours.

Round Table Tours

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Montreal’s food scene can seem overwhelming when you take into account the sheer number of restaurants and the diversity of cultures that specialize in different kinds of cuisines. Round Table Tours can help guide you through the fog and pinpoint what’s important to taste. The tour explores what they call ‘culinary nostalgia’ which looks at what the variety of communities have brought to the Montreal food scene. The company seeks to uncover the ‘behind the scenes’ of the culinary world by looking at the best chefs, entrepreneurs and through tasting Montreal’s most delicious food.

Kaleidoscope Tours

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Hidden back Alleys in Montreal, the underground of Montreal, the Chinese District, Little Italy, the Red Light District of Montreal… These are only a few Montreal tours offered by the Kaleidoscope Montreal Walking Tour company.   With such a wide selection, this is a great company to choose if you’re looking to learn about a specific aspect of Montreal. Take a look at their list of tours here. Their guides are impressively knowledgeable, and are trained by Ivan Drouin, Kaleidoscope’s founder. His guides are fantastic and we must applaud them for the exceptionally high quality of their tours. Strongly recommended!

The Museum of Jewish Montreal and Wandering Chew’s ‘Beyond the Bagel’

Photo credit: Beyond the Bagel

Beyond the Bagel explores and celebrates the important history of Jewish communities and food in Montreal’s Mile End and Plateau. The tour covers the famous feud between St. Viateur and Fairmount bagels who both compete to gain the title of Montreal’s best bagel. The walk covers Wilensky’s, a Jewish deli that’s known for its trademarked, top secret, Wilensky Special. Of course, the tour stops by Schwartz’s’ deli which houses the best smoked meat in town (and possibly the world). In addition to these staples, the tour explores some off the beaten path routes to guide you through lesser-known aspects of the Jewish community’s history. For instance, what does a homemade pickle have to do with an alley on St-Urbain street? You can find this out and more on the Beyond the Bagel tour Montreal walking tour.

Fitz & Follwell

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Photo credit: Fitz & Follwell

Here’s a tour for those who love adventure. Fitz & Follwell offer biking, walking, and winter activity tours. In the summer, you’ll be able to explore the Northern part of the city by bike, looking at the artsy and up-and-coming neighbourhoods. There are also winter tours, one of which brings you to the top of Mount Royal. This tour takes you through forested paths and to some of Montreal’s most breathtaking views. Weather permitting, snowshoeing, ice-skating and tubing are also offered on this tour. If you’re looking for a little history and adventure, Fitz & Follwell tours are right for you!

Free Old Montreal Walking Tours

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Hey! It’s our sister company, Free Montreal Tours ! How did they make it on here?! Well, for starters we hand picked the most important and impressive spots in Old Montreal ourselves! We believe this Montreal walking tour to be the perfect introduction to Old Montreal. All sites are visited and presented by an awesome guide, rain or shine! With secret tips and anecdotes too. And hey… did we mention it’s free?!

Montreal Craft Beer Tours

Source: Montreal Craft Beer Tours
Source: Montreal Craft Beer Tours

Montreal Craft Beer Tours are the absolute go-to for any beer lover passing through Montreal. It covers the basic key elements of an excellent walking tour by giving an in-depth overview of Montreal’s old Red Light district and much more, all the while focusing on craft beer and food pairings! A great gift, or way to celebrate a craft beer enthusiast’s birthday, too! Take a look at all the delicious details here.

L’Autre Montréal

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L’autre Montreal is an awesome tour company that seeks to make new twists and give new perspectives on Montreal. That means they value current issues, lesser known facts, and thought provoking tours! Their guides are excellent, and if walking isn’t your thing, L’autre Montreal gives some bus tours too. Check ’em out here.