11+ Exciting Montreal Museums to Visit this Year!

There’s nothing like learning some new facts and taking in some art on a leisurely Sunday afternoon spent at a Montreal museum. Museums are especially great for escaping a rainy day or taking advantage of their air conditioning. We’ve compiled a list of Montreal’s best museums to visit, whether you enjoy art, history, science, architecture or any other topic!

Beyond museums, there are so many Super Exciting Things to Do in Montreal that are worth checking out this season.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

montreal tourist attractions pointe a calliere
Photo credit: eventseeker.com

This Old Montreal museum explores the history behind Quebec’s settlements, from Indigenous people to present day. It’s located on the very site where the French settlers first stepped foot on the island of Montreal. It’s an archaeological museum that’ll take you underneath the building to see the old fortifications that used to stand in Old Montreal.

Current Exhibitions: In addition to their permanent exhibition there are temporary exhibitions including “Into the Wonder Room” (On until Jan. 5, 2020) which invites you into the strange and surprising world of collectors and their cabinets of curiosity.

350 Place Royale

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

montreal museums
Photo credit: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal’s Fine Arts museum welcomes over 1 million visitors per year and is the 12th most popular art museum in North America. It covers a wide range of disciplines from music, art, cinema and design.

Current exhibitions: Their current major exposition is called “Thierry Mugler: Couturissime” (on until Sept 8, 2019). This is the first exhibition to present the work of Mugler, a couturier, director, photographer and perfumer. Captured by some of the world’s most renowned photographers, his work is dazzling, intricate, and always unexpected. 

1380 Sherbrooke St W

Biodome of Montreal

Montreal museums
Photo credit: Montreal Biodome

Montreal’s Biodome, located at the Olympic park, offers visitors a look into the different habitats of animals across the globe. From the birds of tropical climates to the animals who prefer subzero temperatures, the Biodome invites you to explore our planet’s wildlife in their diverse habitats. See the penguins in their Labrador coast climate, the monkeys of the tropical rainforest, the beavers in the Laurentian maple forest, and much more!

4777 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave


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Photo credit: OpenBuildings

The Biosphere was built by the American architect Buckminster Fuller and is located in the Jean-Drapeau park. You’re invited to learn about the major environmental issues that our planet faces today, from issues with air, water, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable development and more. They offer activities to help guests learn more about the issues and offer solutions to the complicated hurdles the planet needs to overcome, starting with the city of Montreal.

Current exhibitions: “Echo 67” dives into the history and significance of Montreal’s Expo 67. The award-winning exhibition “Design the Future” is a 360-degree, immersive experience that looks at how nature can inspire our design decisions. “Planet MTL,” meanwhile, looks at how Montreal deals with environmental issues from having a healthy urban ecosystem to problems of traffic, snowstorms, and much more.

160 Chemin du Tour de l’isle

Redpath Museum

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Photo credit: Mad Blike

Belonging to McGill University, the Redpath museum boasts a collection of findings in natural history from taxidermied animals to dinosaur skeletons to stunning gems and minerals. The museum explores the fields of palaeontology, zoology, mineralogy and ethology. See the skeleton of a Gorgosaurus dinosaur and the Egyptian mummies from circa 1500 BCE.

859 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal

Montreal Science Centre

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Photo credit: Wikipedia

This museum is dedicated to science and technology and makes these fields accessible to guests through their fun, interactive exhibits. They also feature the latest IMAX movies in their state of the art theatre.

Current exhibitions: Some exhibitions are made specifically for kids, but many are for all ages. For example, their “The Windmills of the Imaginations” exhibition is for all ages and looks at a hydroelectric generator that works backwards. It produces water from electric energy, inspired by the world’s growing concern for the planet’s water shortages. Their IMAX theatre is also currently screening “Volcanoes 3D” which looks deep into the fiery underground forces that shape the Earth as we know it.

2 de la Commune St W

Arsenal Montreal

Montreal museums
Photo credit: Arsenal Montreal

Arsenal is located in the old industrial district of Montreal called Griffintown. The space was built in 1853 as a shipyard workspace but now features 50,000 square feet of exhibition space for local and international contemporary artists.

2020 William St

Museum of Jewish Montreal + Fletchers 

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Photo credit: La Presse

The space that houses The Museum of Jewish Montreal has both a museum and a lunch counter. The museum part looks at the impact that Jewish communities had on Montreal, especially in the Plateau area where it’s located. Fletcher’s invites visitors to try traditional Jewish food and learn about its history while you savour the flavours of the community.

#R01 4040 Saint Laurent Boulevard

The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art

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Photo credit: macm.org

Located in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district, the MAC houses the works of local and international contemporary artists in a sleek, modern setting.

Note: This museum is currently closed in preparation for upcoming exhibitions.

185 Saint-Catherine St W

McCord Museum

Montreal museums
Photo credit: McCord Museum

This quaint museum is dedicated to researching and teaching about Canada’s rich history from its Indigenous people to its colonial settlements. Their permanent exhibition features pieces of Indigenous dress and how it played a role in their identity.

Current exhibitions: Kent Monkman’s work is on display in “Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience” until May 5, 2019. The exhibition showcases the work of the celebrated Canadian, Indigenous artist and his explorations into Canadian history from a queer, Indigenous perspective. 

690 Sherbrooke St W

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Montreal museums
Photo credit: staging. canadianart.ca

This research institution invites guests to learn about the role that architecture plays in our society. The CCA building itself was built in the 1980s on a road that leads to one of the city’s major highways, which is a bit of an unusual place. It also features a garden with interesting sculptures to check out.

Current exhibitions: “Second Life” (March 27 to November 24, 2019) explores different ways of escaping everyday life through digital and imagined alternate realities that transcend time and space. 

1920 Baile St