Montreal Food Trucks: 12 Trucks to Try this Summer

2013 saw the end of a horribly dark era: Montreal’s Great Food Truck Ban. The Montreal food trucks have now been welcomed back, but with some guidelines and restrictions. To run, the trucks must get certified as “gourmet”, and commit to promoting local ingredients. Not too bad, as far as rules go. What’s more, is that they’re all associated with an established restaurant or catering service, meaning that if you’re reading this outside of food truck season, don’t panic! They’re hiding, but they’re around.

Check out the list below for our selection of the 12 best Montreal food trucks you’ll find in Montreal this year.

12. Queen B Bol Burrito

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: Queen B Bol Burrito

Get a taste of the world in one bowl. Queen B’s burrito bowls are inspired by a myriad of world cuisines, the best of which are mixed into their bowls. They believe in generous portions, eco-friendly commitments, and serve only the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to try their ginger and hibiscus lemonade!

11. Le Cheese Truck

Montreal Food Trucks Le Cheese Truck
Photo: Le Cheese Truck

What’s that saying…? You’re better off doing one thing well than doing many things not so well? Anyway, we’re really happy that Le Cheese has shunned everything except for one thing, because they do it supremely well. Showcasing our local cheeses and presenting them in simple but flattering ways, this restaurant on wheels is a gift from the Grilled Cheese Gods. The menu is a shrine to the classic grilled cheese: tomato soup, tater tots, mac ‘n cheese with green peas… Local ingredient goodness from mom’s kitchen? Yes, but on wheels.

10. Damon

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: Damon

Damon Food Truck serves-up Indian fares hotter than Matt Damon. If spicy is your cup of tea, try their fan-favourite butter chicken poutine. Soak it up with the fresh naan bread and wash it down with a mango lassi on a hot summer day.

9. Landry & filles

montreal food trucks landry1

Landry & filles came in with a bang, winning over food critics’ hearts in 2013. Rumour has it that their stay at the Just For Laughs Festival had comics lining up for their grub, too. Taking Quebec’s traditional grub and refreshing it for today’s foodies by way of few twists, it’s easy to see why these “filles” (French for “girls”) are easy to fall in love with. Their meatloaf sandwich is so good that sometimes, an unsuspecting meatloaf lover will try one and never be able to eat a meatloaf from anywhere else again.

8. Dim Sum Montreal

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: MTL Food Trucks

Dim Sum stands for “touch the heart,” and this food truck does so through their delicious, melt-in-your-mouth dumplings. Watch them steam your dumplings to perfection, and choose to pair your hot dumplings with a spring or imperial roll. They also throw in Chinese cookies and a portion of rice for good measure. Let Dim Sum touch your heart with their dumplings once, and you’ll be back for more!

7. Le Tuk Tuk

montreal food trucks tuktuk

Le Tuk Tuk is fun because it seeks to recreate an authentic Thai street food experience right here on the streets of Montreal. Mango salad, papaya salad, pad thai… complex Thai flavours aren’t compromised by this eat-on-the-go concept. Eating at Tuk Tuk is an effectively refreshing oasis for your mouth, as you navigate the huffing and puffing of city cars.

6. Mobile Europea

Food trucks montreal
Photo credit: Europea

Forget the white tablecloths, Mobile Europea is hitting the road once again to bring classic French bistro dishes to the streets of Montreal. Quebec chef Jérôme Ferrer’s culinary creations are heading out of their upscale restaurant home to grace Montreal’s streets and festivals. Think shrimp risotto or a fancy poutine with foie gras and a mushroom gravy. Who doesn’t want to experience French gastronomic delights while enjoying a summer festival?

5. Phoenix 1

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: Artistic Agitators

Humanity could probably agree that naan bread is one of the best sides you could ask for. Well, we’re in luck! Phoenix 1 makes naan bread wraps and sandwiches (also known as naanwiches) that’ll satisfy your deepest cravings. It’s comfort food that draws from a myriad of cuisines, giving each naanwich a delicious, eclectic taste. It’s definitely a food truck to get wrapped up in!

4. Das Food Truck

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: Das Food Truck

What happens when German ingredients combine with Quebec classic eats? You get Das Food Truck that’s reinventing poutine with German flares. They take a classic french fry base and add crispy fried chicken, sausages and sauerkraut. You can also get schnitzel, bacon and burgers if a heavy-load poutine isn’t for you. Have a taste of deutschland at your next festival escapade!

 3. Grumman 78

food trucks montreal grummanIn only three years, this lime green truck has become something of a famous vehicle. For Montrealers, the Grumman name has become synonymous with irresistible tacos. Spottable from a mile away, its fluorescent color helps taco lovers follow their hungry belly’s desires. Featuring innovative tacos such as the Bahn Mi pork, lamb curry, and a veggie feta pimento concoction,  you’ve got tons of reasons to come to Grumman’s and be part of the (well earned) food buzz.

2. Winneburger

Montreal food trucks
Photo credit: Winneburger

From Montreal’s Nouveau Palais comes a food truck with simple comfort foods. Winneburger’s cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and marinated tofu are straightforward, fresh and delicious dishes. Choose a combo that includes a milkshake–vanilla, praline or strawberry–and you’ll feel as though you’ve jumped back to the 1950s.

1. Ô Soeurs Volantes

food trucks montreal o deux

Ô Soeurs Volantes is impressive because it pleases the meat lover, the vegetarian, the sweet toother, and the token gluten-free person. Unlike most restaurants with such a diverse menu, Ô Soeurs hits the nail on the head for everyone.  Meatball options include tofu, organic, gluten-free and some are named after our city’s beloved streets, like the Jeanne-Mance. They’ve also got quite the salad menu, where you’ll find quinoa, kale, pork, trout…  all served with tortilla. Maybe for a DIY burrito? Hmm..

**BONUS** Montreal Food Truck Thursdays at Mme. Lee

food trucks montreal mme lee

Mme. Lee is far from a food truck but… food trucks aren’t far from Mme. Lee! Nestled in the Quartier des Spectacles, a trip to Mme. Lee on a Thursday night now has more perks than their sophisticated atmosphere and proximity to Montreal’s festivals. Les Jeudis Food Truck invites a different truck every Thursday, allowing you to sample the mobile gastronomy on site.