Mile End Montreal: A complete guide to the best neighbourhood

These local restaurants, bars, activities, streets, bagels spots and cafés offer the best Mile End Montreal things to do. Soak In! Mile End Montreal is a 10 block neighbourhood conveniently sandwiched between Le Plateau du Mont-Royal and Little Italy. Despite its small size, this neighbourhood is a microcosm of all the best parts of Montreal. A community primarily based on excellent coffee, enviable fashion and underground artists. Can you think of anything better?  This sector is a melting pot for musicians, artists and a community of Hasidic jews. All these unique lifestyles manage to live parallel to one another, shoulder to shoulder, making for a unique district.  To give you a tour, we’ve put together a list of local favourites that offer the best “Mile End Montreal Experience”.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Grub Galore

Inside Green Panther on Saint-Viateur
Inside Green Panther, 160 Saint-Viateur E.

Not only is Mile End saturated with vegetarian options, but a few vegan restaurants chains have taken root in the area over the last few years. Check these spots out to find out why they’re all the rage in this city.

La Panthère Verte: First of all, their falafel is voted #1 by Cult Mtl year after year. Next up, their Mile End spot attains casual dining perfection: spacious yet cozy, adorned with furniture made from repurposed materials. Still not convinced? Let the friendly staff and outdoor seating do the rest. Oh and, pssst! ingredients are organic and mostly local! 160 St-Viateur East

SoupeSoup: This Plateau-native chain has recently opened their new flagship location on Casgrain near Maguire, in a minimalist/ industrial space. Come tame your veggie hunger in this elegant locale with one of the Mile End’s best soup and salad combos. Though it is not entirely vegan or vegetarian, vegetarians will find no shortage of insanely delicious soup and salad combos. 7020 Casgrain

Fairmount Street

Fairmount Kem Coba Mile End Montreal
Kem Coba 60 Avenue Fairmount O
Mile End Montreal ice cream Montreal
Kem Coba ice cream on the colourful benches outside

Our recommendation for your mandatory trip to Fairmont street is the following: stop by La Dhrogeria Fine for some homemade gnocchi, served with what is arguably Montreal’s best pasta sauce, la salsa de la nonna. The owner serves these out of a walk-up window where you can order your gnocchi to go. Then, savour this saucy delight on one of the many benches that line Fairmont. Finally, end your delicious adventure next door at Kem Coba, the artisanal ice cream shop that’s so popular there’s a Twitter account dedicated to the length of its lineup.

Bonus: Now that you’re nice and full, you can venture into Fairmont Bagels, and grab a dozen to bring back home, or maybe just one, so  you can sample St-Viateur’s favourite bagel rival.

Bernard Street

Depaneur cafe artist practice Mile End Montreal
A local artist performing at Café Dépanneur, 206 Bernard W.
Drawn and Quarterly Mile End Montreal
Drawn Quarterly Mile End Montreal
Inside Drawn & Quarterly, 211 Bernard W.

Drawn & Quarterly: This is the bookshop that keeps on giving. The Montreal based graphic novel publisher has not only contributed to the city’s literary scene, but is an active creator of community in the Mile End. Monthly graphic novel book club meetups, frequent book launches, as well as special events are all hosted by this wonderfully curated bookstore. Walk in here and peruse only the finest titles of the moment, graphic novels, along with some of the classics. 211 Bernard West

Dépanneur Café: Aching to discover the Mile End’s local musicians? Le Dépanneur swaps out tired playlists for local acts, almost all day long. Locals can sign up to play, so it’s definitely an authentic sample of Mile End musicians! The quirky mismatched decor will either leave you charmed or slightly confused. Us charmed folk will want to linger a while, order a bagel sandwich, a latte, and probably come here repeatedly. 206 Bernard West

Dragon Flowers: Bernard street is where you will find the enchanted world of Tamey Lau. Pretty white bird cages and flowers adorn the shop’s exterior, creating a miniature paradise nestled between shops and restaurants. Iconic businesses often become so due to the people behind them, and Dragon Flowers is no exception. The shop’s owner,  Tamey Lau, is known for her passion, hard work, and generosity. The Mile End community is very happy to have her, as well as her miniature paradise, be part of it. 159 Bernard East

Take a Mile End Montreal Food Tour!

Kem Coba Mile End Montreal
Kem Coba ice cream being enjoyed outside Kem Coba on Fairmont ave.

Whether it’s because you’re strapped for time, or because you’re the kind to enjoy a cavalcade of food and culture, or maybe because there aren’t many ways to experience 6 food stops for about 55$. The Mile End Food Tour is an amazing deal and the perfect way to spend 3 hours in the Mile End. Stopping at St-Viateur Bagel, The Green Panther, Kem Coba ice cream, even the Rialto… It covers the culinary as well as cultural essentials while a guide tells you about the area’s history, and quirky tidbits. A must-try! Read about it and book your tickets here.

Dieu du Ciel

Dieux du ciel brewpub terrasse Mile End Montreal
Dieu du Ciel terrasse, 29 Laurier ave W.

The name Dieu du Ciel translates to God of the Sky, which I suppose may appear like a grandiose claim but is in fact quite accurate. The brewery has been named, now for ten years in a row, best brasserie in Canada by! With a highly coveted outdoor terrace, it’s a total Mile End treat you must experience. 29 Laurier West

St-Viateur: Bagels and Coffee Wars

Olympico cafe Montreal Montreal
Café Olimpico, 124 St-Viateur W.

St-Viateur is perhaps the most quintessentially Mile End Montreal street. Vintage clothing stores, eateries, coffee shops, handmade benches… it’s all here.

Community spirit takes on the form of furniture with the Givebox, a tall wooden armoire where people leave what they no longer want for others to take. One man’s trash is another man’s gold, yes? Find it right outside Latina’s grocery store, on St-Viateur and Waverly.

The much talked about St-Viateur Bagel shop is a must. This bagel institution is a favourite amongst locals, celebrities, and Mr. Anthony Bourdain himself. Come find out what the buzz is about! And if you really want to get into it, cross over to Fairmont bagel and compare! Which one wins the infamous bagel war?
158 St-Viateur West

Wake yourself back up from your carb coma by taking part in another war, the coffee wars. Café Olimpico on the corner of St-Viateur and Waverly has been said to serve up the best Italian cappuccinos, but so does the Social Club, only one block away. In the summer, locals flock to both of these joints’ terraces to get caffeinated and enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the Mile End vibes.

Olimpico: 124 St-Viateur West
Social Club: 180 St-Viateur West

Bonus: Take a Plateau & Mile-End Montreal Bike Tour

Montreal has become a magical place to visit by bike. The Plateau, Mile-End & Jean-Talon Market Montreal Bike Tour invites participants to explore the neighbourhoods vibrant scene by learning about the multicultural history of the area and digging into the hidden gems it has to offer. Go off the beaten path as you will ride quiet residential streets and green lanes and get a good dose of the local lifestyle. Check out these Fitz Montreal Bike Tours

Brunch Like a Local

Lawrence restaurant Mile End Montreal
Lawrence restaurant seating Mile End Montreal
Lawrence, 5201 St-Laurent

Arts Café: This spot has a part bohemian, part hip café vibe and is perfect to extend that hazy morning feel way into the outdoors. Rustic decor, neighbourhood vibes, art books and manifestos on the walls.. come enjoy one of their many perfected menu items: shakshuka, bagel sandwiches, scones and jam… it’s a menu made with love and it shows.
201 Fairmont West

Fabergé: This one’s a more decadent, artery clogging option, but it’s done right. Known for their Benny Mac (mac ‘n cheese eggs benedict, yes), their chicken and waffles plate…oh and their Nutella crepes. Come equipped with a severe calorie deficit and eat your little heart out.
25 Fairmont West

LawrenceA favourite amongst not only Mile Enders, but Montrealers in general, Lawrence has been serving up a British-style brunch for a decade. On June 1st, 2018, they are reopening with a mysterious redesign of their entire business…
5201 St-Laurent

Hof Kelsten: A smidgen past the Mile End border, you’ll find Montreal’s darling bread maker, Hof Kelsten, right on the Main. The vibe here is inevitably trendy, but inspires an eat-and-go type meal (you won’t find cushioned seats and romantic candles here, but rather a low-key industrial look, where food is the centerpiece). Snag some pastries to go, and gobble down French toast, eggs, meats… all with the Hof Kelsten signature Jewish and Eastern European twist.
4524 St-Laurent

Mile-End Montreal Lunch Time Buzz

Larry's 9 Fairmount Ave E
Larry’s, 9 Fairmont ave. East

Swinging by the Mile End mid day? Make sure you’re hungry and indulge at one of these eateries.

Larry’s: Lawrence restaurant’s little sister, Larry is the new kid on the block that the Mile End has welcomed with open arms. Come here for outstanding coffee and a tapas-style lunch.
9 Fairmont East

Farine comptoire Mile End Montreal

Brooklyn: Ah, Brooklyn. A charming wooden back patio gives it that authentic neighbourhood vibe, and yet the place remains quite sophisticated. Perhaps it’s their retro furniture for sale section?  Here you’ll find locals and workers on their lunch break, savouring Brooklyn’s delicious and varied menu. 71 St-Viateur East

Farine tomato salad close up Mile End Montreal
Farine restaurant eating Mile End Montreal
Farine, 102 St-Viateur W. *Closed March 2019

Le Champ des Possibles (local’s secret): OR, you can do like the locals and picnic in Le Champ des Possibles! This park is a community-driven project: volunteers maintain it and advocate for it. That’s like having a picnic right in the middle of the big beautiful heart of the Mile End.
Located off of De Gaspé between Bernard and St-Viateur

Where to Dine

Are you around the area later in the evening? Have a look at our blog article, Mile End Montreal Best Restaurants for a complete list of our scrumptious dining recommendations!

Where to Party in Mile-End Montréal

Ping pong club logo Mile End Montreal
Ping pong bar Mile End Montreal
Ping pong club 5788 Boul St-Laurent

Datcha: Datcha is a Russian themed bar with awesome DJ’s and a smokey dance floor. Its sister bar, Kabinet, is located right next door, creating a two-venue experience on the weekends: dance party at Datcha, and sophisticated Russian drinks on the other side. 98 Laurier West

Bar Waverly: Bar Waverly is the Mile End’s quintessential neighbourhood bar. Located on St-Laurent and St-Viateur, it is actually named after a different street in the area, throwing in some irony right off the bat. Come here for a taste of a Mile End summer: open windows, sidewalk terrace seating, and good local vibes. 5550 St-Laurent

Ping Pong Club: Ping Pong Club is pretty much what you’d expect for a Mile End spot by its name: a resto bar with ping pong tables, a hip vibe, and a menu filled with comforting options. Their mac and cheese balls, alphabet soup, and milkshake will cheer you and your friends up along with a game of babyfoot or Jenga. They also have a fully stocked bar, and many slush versions of their cocktails. A definite must-try.

Local’s tip: Le Marché des Possibles

Le Marché des Possibles is a community space and park in the Mile End that’s maintained by locals. Revamped a few years back, it is now a space that holds cultural events throughout the summer, such as shows, BBQ’s, markets, and more! It’s a lovely way to bask in the summer sun and let the neighbourhood love you a little. Check out their program here.

Credits: All pictures were taken by Gaëlle Leroyer