A List of the Must-Visit Mile End Montreal Restaurants, wine bars, counters and breweries

Mile End’s hipdom begins somewhere between its bagel battles and its latte wars, both found on St-Viateur street. It then spreads through street art paste-ups, cute spray-painted quotes (such as “welcome home”), and inevitably, the latest ironic streetwear. The vibes of this chic neighborhood are indeed held together by these visual treats and iconic establishments, but as with all communities, its restaurants are arguably what keep the people coming back for more. Whether you’re visiting this lively district for the first time, or a local simply looking to experience its amazing foodie scene, here are 13+ Mile End eateries you simply can’t miss.

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14. Nita tout garni


Nita Tout Garni is a fantastic sandwich and wine bar located in the Mile End neighborhood! The passionate and talented team behind this establishment has created a space that is appealing to everyone, no matter what time of day you visit. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch or settling in for a relaxing evening with friends, Nita Tout Garni offers an atmosphere that is sure to please. Their diverse menu and carefully curated wine selection make this spot a must-visit for food and wine enthusiasts alike.

13. Kabinet


Ah, Le Kabinet in Mile End Montreal – a true feast for both the eyes and the taste buds! As you walk in, you’ll be enveloped by the cozy yet stylish ambiance that makes you feel right at home. The dim lighting, plush velvet seating, and eclectic decor will transport you to a Parisian speakeasy.

Now let’s talk about the food – it’s nothing short of exceptional. Le Kabinet’s menu boasts an array of delectable dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. From the fresh Smoked acadian sturgeon rillette to the Half cornish hen  »à la jerque’, each dish is expertly crafted with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that burst with flavor.

But what truly sets Le Kabinet apart is their innovative cocktail program. The skilled mixologists behind the bar create concoctions that are both inventive and delicious, using house-made bitters and fresh herbs to add depth and complexity to each sip.


12. Butterblume

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Jessica Hargrove

German for buttercup, Butterblume is exactly what you’d expect of a resto-café by its name: pretty dishes, artisanal pastries, flowers, an Instagrammable decor… it’s basically a breath of fresh garden air in eatery form. The food is just as breezy: pretzel BLT (whaaa!?), zucchini, ricotta and duck tart, along with many flowery dessert options for your sweet tooth. It’s well worth the trip to this new Mile End cafégarden. You might even leave with a few decor ideas!

11. The Mile End Montreal Food Tour

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Photo credit: Montreal Local Tours

The Mile End Montreal Food Tour is a great way to learn about the district’s rich cultural history. The three hour tour includes 6 unique tasting stops where participants can sample and savour the best food of the area. During the walk, the tour guide explains the fascinating history surrounding the many ethnicities that call the Mile End home and how some of the staple boutiques, shops and restaurants came to be. Discover the ins of the neighbourhood with your local tour guide, and experience the Mile End’s culinary heritage like never before.

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10. Kouzina Niata

Credit: Tastet

Kouzina Niata is a hidden gem in the heart of Mile End that transports you to the sun-drenched shores of Greece with its authentic Mediterranean flavors and warm hospitality. As you enter the cozy and welcoming space, you’re immediately greeted by the mouth-watering aroma of freshly grilled meats and spices.

Kouzina Niata’s menu is bursting with classic Greek dishes that are prepared with love and care using only the freshest ingredients. From the juicy souvlaki to the crispy spanakopita, each dish is full of bold flavors and authentic Mediterranean spices.

9. Île Flottante

Île Flottante’s menu features contemporary French cuisine with a creative twist, using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both visually stunning and delicious. This upscale restaurant offers a seasonal tasting menu that changes through out the season.

8. Drogheria Fine + Kem Coba

mile end restaurants
Photo credit: LaPresse

Who needs a sit down experience when the Mile End has some of the best mom&pop food in town? For dinner, head to Drogheria Fine on Fairmount street. It’s a tiny Italian store that serves the best homemade gnocchi in a delicious and freshly prepared tomato sauce. The tomato sauce recipe was brought over from the south of Italy by the store owner’s mother, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever been able to make at home. Using only the simplest of ingredients–tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper–Drogheria Fine manages to get the best flavour out of every crushed tomato. For 5 dollars, you can get a box of their hot, fresh gnocchi, and savour it on the short walk to Kem Coba for dessert.

Kem Coba‘s ice cream and sorbet is famous all around Montreal. Their artisanal soft ice cream, with a rotating roster of new flavours, is made without any artificial flavours or preservatives. Finish your dining night out with a cone of cold creative goodness!

7. Falafel Yoni


Falafel Yoni’s concept is to serve authentic and traditional falafels with flavors from the Middle East. Yoni, who was born in Israel, frequently returns to the region and found all the necessary inspiration to create his own concept in Montreal. « In Israel, a street vendor serving falafels is the equivalent of a hot dog stand in North America. We want to replicate the same quality of falafels found in Tel Aviv’s street food stalls, but with a more modern approach. Therefore, we have expanded our menu while keeping it very concise.

6. Bar Henrietta


Wine Bar Henrietta is a chic and cozy establishment located in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal. This intimate bar is the perfect spot for wine lovers, offering an impressive selection of wines from all over the world. The decor is simple yet elegant, featuring dim lighting, exposed brick walls, and a cozy atmosphere that encourages relaxation and conversation. The menu features a variety of carefully curated wines, ranging from classic Bordeaux to trendy natural wines, all selected by knowledgeable and passionate sommeliers. The bar also offers a selection of small plates, including cheeses and charcuterie, designed to complement the wine selection. Wine Bar Henrietta is the ideal spot for a romantic evening, a night out with friends, or a solo escape to indulge in the art of wine tasting.

 5. Dieu Du Ciel

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Photo credit: Dieux du Ciel

Okay, I’ll be straight up: Dieu Du Ciel isn’t exactly a restaurant. But you know what? It’s been voted Canada’s best brewery 10 years running by ratebeer.com, and their beers win awards year after year. The menu here is of the quintessentially brewpub variety, featuring flatbreads and charcuteries. While they haven’t won any awards yet, they’re still scrumptious delights. Enjoy these savoury bites in between their famous brews, like the Péché Mortel, the Aphrodisiaque, and many others. Come here for a solid 5 à 7 snack or lunch, and rate the beer for yourself!

4. Il Miglio

Italian pasta with tomato sauce and eggplant at Il Miglio in the Mile End
Photo credit: Il Miglio

Calling all pasta lovers! Il Miglio is a chic, cafeteria-style Italian bistro serving up artisanal pastas at reasonable prices. Their menu changes from week to week, but you can expect quality ingredients and authentic Italian fare no matter what day of the month. This week they’re offering up cannelloni with succulent braised beef, ricotta lasagna with eggplant, as well as a shrimp and saffron risotto. Carb heaven? I think so.

3. Larry’s

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: querelles.ca

Café, wine bar, lunch spot, brunch spot… Larry’s is the Mile End’s new neighbourhood go-to. Part of the Lawrence family, this new kid on the block consists of a more casual approach to Brit-inspired dining. A mix and match menu that allows for multiple tastings in one sitting, it caters to foodies and hungry conversationalists. Vegetarians will take refuge in their amazing stewed eggplant or creamed cabbage, while meat appreciators will enjoy fennel salami, oxtail pudding, and tons of other savoury meaty delights.

2. Tsukuyomi

Ramen noodles with pork, egg and fresh herbs at Tsukuyomi in Mile End
Photo credit: Tsukuyomi

Anyone who says they don’t have time to enjoy a hearty lunch hasn’t been to Tsukuyomi. Located in the heart of the Mile End, this eatery offers delicious ramen ready and served in as little as one minute! Their menu makes the choice simple and fast: a Tonkontsu broth or a Vegan option, topped with fresh condiments, and of course, their authentic Japanese noodles which are prepared daily. For those who’ve never tried ramen, Tsukuyomi’s casual atmosphere is a great way to become initiated. They also offer a unique tea selection and a few delicious sides like wasabi flavoured octopus to complete the meal. 

1. La Tamalera

Colourful interior decor at La Tamalera in Mile End
Photo credit: La Presse

Nothing beats a great taco, and La Tamalera is whipping up traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist. As you might expect from their name, the menu offers a great selection of authentic tamales as well as other Mexican classics like carnitas, shrimp tacos, and barbacoa (tender braised beef). Feeling adventurous? Try out their Taco Villamelon with beef, chorizo and cactus. Their yellow tablecloths and teal chairs create that vibrant atmosphere we’re all looking for when we go for tacos, and they’re even open for brunch! Next time you experience a “sunglasses and Advil” kind of morning, some Huevos Rancheros might just be the perfect hangover cure.

Bonus: Siboire Brewery


Siboire Brewery on St. Laurent in Mile End, Montreal is a trendy and lively spot for beer enthusiasts. The brewery is housed in a former auto body shop, giving it an industrial and modern vibe. The interior is spacious and bright, featuring high ceilings, a large bar area, and plenty of seating options. The brewery offers an impressive selection of house-brewed beers, ranging from classic IPAs to experimental sour beers, all brewed with quality ingredients and a passion for the craft.

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